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Saturday, July 07, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted Edition

All I ever wanted
Have to get away
Meant to be spent with you*

Friends, I am ready for vacation, which begins as soon as my work is complete tomorrow. On Monday I leave for Hotlanta and the planning meeting for the RevGalBlogPals Big Event!!! If you live anywhere near Atlanta, check out our dinner plans for Tuesday and join us!

Meanwhile, Naaman the leper is packing for his trip, taking with him "ten talents of silver, six thousand shekels of gold, and ten sets of garments." (2 Kings 5:5) The disciples are hitting the road, too, but they are carrying "no purse, no bag, no sandals." (Luke 10:4) Yes, there is a sermon to be written, Good News to be found and shared, before I can pack my bags and leave on that jet plane.

What can I offer you this morning, my friends? A light traveler's breakfast or a commander's buffet? I'm walking right now to the farmer's market to pick up some strawberries. I'll turn on the coffee pot. Pull up a chair and let's party!

*With apologies to The Go-Gos


  1. Aha... the Preacher Party! It's after 11.30am in the UK so I'm glad of the compnay! :D
    I'm on Galatians 6 and Luke 10 and think I'm going to talk from both passages about Encouragement and Effort. Encouragement from knowing that from what we sow there will be a harvest, and that 'the harvest is plentiful'. And Effort because we must not grow weary or give up in the task before us, and we're to be 'labourers' - toiling for the kingdom!

  2. Yet again I've got Evensong...Genesis 29 (Jacob working for Rachel and getting Leah) and Mark 6 (Salome and J the B)....and not a clue where to start. I'm also trying to think of an alt worshippy thing to do with the youth as their end of year slot, which is after Evensong tomorrow...
    Tis the blankest of blank slates ever.
    Does anyone have ANY thoughts?
    I'm also running around madly today, and presiding at all services I'm just offering muesli bars and lots more coffee.

  3. Chelley, sounds great!
    We have a young visitor here with a group of students from Honduras, where we have a partnership with the Evangelical and Reformed Church. I'm going to talk a bit about how we equip the people we send out (with reference to parents sending their children off in various directions), then bring in how we as the church must equip ourselves, young and old. There was a beautiful poem on The Writer's Almanac today that I may tie in to the theme, "How to Be Old," by May Swenson.

  4. Oy, Kathryn, that's quite a slate for a summer Sunday evening. Maybe a theme about how we may feel so sure of what we're getting and find it doesn't turn out to be what we want? I've heard people speculate about Salome from that point of view, that she got what she asked for, but it was what her mother wanted, and perhaps not what she really wanted at all.

  5. Songbird, I loved that poem this morning!

    Kathryn - wow. Good luck with that. I do like Songbird's suggestion, though.

    I finished my sermon shortly before midnight. It's been my goal to finish before Saturday. Writing with a 3 and 4 year old in the house is more of a challenge than I like to take on, especially if Rosemary is away as she is this weekend. It's great for peace of mind, but I sure do miss out on a lot of good ideas from the preaching party!

    I am off lectionary still. Doing a series on discipleship. Tomorrow's topic: God's call.

    Off to find some breakfast. Cereal, anyone?

  6. Kathryn, have you got a theme or a starting place for the youth alt worshippy bit, or is at an anything goes sort of thing?

  7. checking in and out here. So far everyone seems busy. Will be preaching on Luke 10... and getting some strawberries from the farmers market. For children's message I'll be showing a photo album and talking about our names (and photos) being in the book of life!

  8. It's anything goes, Chelley...though I wondered about using a pop up tent and taking them round the theme of holiday as holy day...time apart...
    But anything you have up your sleeve gratefully received.

  9. I'm off to some fourth of July I'll be gone most of the day. But I'm thinking since I just moved and am still in the process of unpackign to use that as an entry to the directions Jesus gave the disciples. (no sandals...there must have been women in the 70!)
    I also want to talk about his instructions to proclaim peace, to accept hospitality etc....but am having trouble finding a good seguay...suggestoins please?

  10. good morning all! wow, kathryn, you've got a lot on your plate... wish i could help, i'm just sending love. songbird, i too leave after church tomorrow- for a mission trip, but then for four weeks of vacation/study leave!

    so i'm hastily preparing a wedding meditation at the moment for a couple who's 10th anniversary (of being together- this is their first wedding) is next week!

    my sermon on Luke is drafted and here. I'll revise one last time, format and print after the wedding, probably, later today, probably. any feedback is welcome. if the sermon can be helpful to any of you- it's on Jesus' unpacking instructions (check it out grcgrl, if reading sermons as you're writing sermons doesn't screw you up)- it's up and open to borrowing. not that i think it's all that strong... just saying. you all have been so helpful if i can return the favor...

    must. finish. meditation.
    so why am i blogging????

  11. Good morning all! I off lectionary for the summer preaching "The Christian Life". Tomorrow is James 1:17-27 "Hearing and Doing the Word." I have MP3 compatible CDs of the NT to give everyone (the hearing part) and a baby to bless! (part of the doing part.) And I actually have about 1/2 a sermon on paper. A huge head start on my normal Saturday.

    So this morning I'm delivering my old laptop to a struggling computer-less college student and meet with my favorite Geek at the office to eradicate virii on the computer there.

    I've just brewed some coffee and (as almost always) I do have some banuelos to share. Please help yourselves and I'll see you later on.

  12. Kathryn - pop up tent sounds good. I'm not feeling very full of ideas today - but one possible theme that comes to mind: 'Journeying' - using road signs printed off net: crossroads (decision making/end of term), bumpy road (when things are a bit tough), no overtaking (supporting others) etc etc. And having explored those kind of things using the images to pray. (You can also have some printed out and scattered around the place and they go to the one that 'speaks' to them/means something in some way.
    Just a thought, I won't be offended if it's no good! :D

  13. You could find a Bible verse/passage that attaches roughly to each one.

    No U-turns: pressing on for the goal.

    Sorry, I'll stop now!

  14. I overslept this morning. My housemate is watching Wimbleton (she is never up this early!) so I have been exiled to the screen porch to write sermon. It is lovely today with sounds of birds and wind in the trees.

    I am going to work on the Luke passage because I am preaching in a small parish that needs to look beyond itself. Got lots of help from Dylan at Sarah Laughed.

  15. Friends, I have fresh local strawberries to share. They are dark, juicy and intense--delicious!

  16. Good morning preachers!

    Mmm, bunuelos...thanks Rev. Maria.

    It's good to be back at preacher party! Just doing house mass tonight with my local Sophia sister coming. And I finished my Good Sam sermon for Sally's place next week during my visit/retreat with a priest friend earlier this week. (In person preacher party rocks :-) ). Will post that after a little tweaking.

    But the rather choppy draft of my paper on Gertrud of Helfta and Mechthild of Magdeburg for the conference at the University of Leeds needs to be revised--and a lot of packing needs to happen--before I leave for England on Monday. So I'm here with bells on, and about to put on some oatmeal with apples and cinnamon or maybe hot chocolate mix....

    Happy writing, all.

  17. SH*T! I finished a meditation I could live with. Was in the process of saving it, and my battery fell out of my laptop. And it is GONE. completely gone. this is the ONLY time i have ever wished i were using word instead of pages. GRRRRRRR!

  18. I'm working my way through the Luke passage... slowly. I still need more coffee. Anyone else need some while I'm in the kitchen?

  19. More cows, oh no! I hate it when stuff like that happens.

    I'm finally sitting down to it. I had breakfast with Spouse--veggie scramble with a combo of cage-free eggs and eggbeaters. (Keeps the points down, you know.)

    Got my coffee. Had my shower. Am dressed. What am I waiting for?

    Here goes...

  20. this Lutheran loves the book of James, Rev Maria. Have fun on that one. Just got back from strawberryville, with onions and fresh bread besides (need some jam with that?) off to the church to put finishing touches on worhsip matters.

  21. more cows, is this something separate from the draft on our blog?

  22. Ok...had another look at the Mark chunk, and have decided to forget those 2 women and the question of rewards and labours...instead I'm joining those of you preaching in the morning, in that I get to talk about the 12 going out, just as unprepared as the 72. I'll have to find a way of thinking about shaking the dust...but having just got Hugger Steward back from major camping trip in Snowdonia, the idea of travelling light works for me. Now all I have to do is write the darned thing...

  23. Here I am!! I have the whole service tomorrow because our pastor is on vacation. I also have to arrive early to turn on lights, sound, unlock doors, and make coffee for the Sunday School classes. I don't even drink coffee, so how am I suppose to make it (don't worry, I have gotten directions). I have to remember to ring the bell at the end of SS. I also have to teach the youth SS.

    I have 90% of my sermon finished (the 2 Kings passage). And I am going to use the Luke passage for the children's sermon (we'll talk about what we pack for vacation vs. what Jesus told the disciples to take).

    I just hope I remember to flip the switch on the pulpit to start the tape recorder because I have never seen a congregation so worried about their tape ministry to the homebound.

    Say a prayer for me--please!!!!

    Gotta get some lunch now. Maybe my dh will take the kids to the park this afternoon so my sermon can be finished and polished.

  24. Still thinking about what not to pack here. Unfortunately that is for the sermon and not in preparation for vacation which doesn't start until the 22nd.

    Oh and having just got a new toy this week (a djembe) I am trying to think how I can build a children's time around it. I know, drums in the church! Horrors!

  25. Diane - this Lutheran doesn't really care for James, per se, but Luther's "Freedom of a Christian" does say that works flow from genuine faith. Perhaps we can be "doers" after we "hear" the word (the hebrew understanding of "hearing" involves obedience also - work that in?)

    If anyone's going with Luke and needs some quick inspiration, Culpepper's work in the New Interpreter's Bible is really good. He lists ten principles of Jesus' commission to the seventy that would do for a teaching sermon outline in a pinch. I've got some exegetical links on my blog that might help also if anyone needs.

    My title is "Official Lambs" - talking about how we are vulnerable to danger and death, but we also bear the seal of Christ, who himself faced danger and death for our sake. Will write tonight after we get home from watching "Evan Almighty" with some of Beloved's church kids.

    Beloved made blueberry muffins this morning - enjoy!

  26. More Cows, how awful! Praying that the Spirit left the words in your head so you can re-write easily.

    Perhaps a computer prayer will help us all today:

    Creator of all good things,
    we ask your blessing on this computer.
    May all links connect quickly and accurately,
    without spyware or virus or worm infestation.
    And may the knowledge that Jesus Saves protect us from lost documents.

  27. Gord--how exciting that you got a djembe! I want one for my birthday--I have been telling all my family members to just make a donation to my djembe fund instead of giving me presents. there is a guy in Chicago here who imports them from ghana and the ivory coast, and our church musician is a percussionist so she said she'd go pick one out with me. woohoo! I'm jealous that you have one already....

    In other news, we're doing Naaman here and I need a children's time idea....maybe I'll think of something on the way to the farmer's market...

  28. Yes, another lurker finally created a blog. I have "played around" a bit with it but have a ways to go.

    I am not preaching this Sunday as the worship commission is having a hymn sing. But I always appreciate reading the wisdom expressed.

    I am doing the children's time and I think I am going with "telling stories" emphasizing that singing is one way we tell our stories of faith, our theology, our image of God, etc.

    Happy Partying

  29. By which I meant "your" blog...

  30. Welcome, PS! Your blog is looking good!

  31. The day starts off like this... (1) no coffee (2) my jaw aches - seriously aches... (maybe b/c yesterday I ate 1/3 of a pan of rice crispy bars?) yeah and(3) the sermon I thought I had is half-assed, half-baked and seriously not good enough....

    but it's summer and we have a wedding hours away today... lots of time in the car. It's too freakin' HOT.

    Sigh so now that I've crabbed - I'll get on with being an adult... writing a sermon. getting fanied up... curling my hair for the big whang-do wedding.

  32. Hi all, I am up and at them with you all for an 11th hour preacher party. It is the only way, and I do mean the only way I will be able to get ready for tomorrow.
    I have already started the day with a power outage. Don't know why. It took quite a while to get the power back and to be able to get back on line. So here am I with the rest of you all toiling away. Hope all is going well with the rest of you.

    I bring, bagels and cream cheese, as well as chips and dip.(that's what my kids are eating at this time in the morning.)

  33. yes, songbird, something different- this was a wedding meditation for a wedding this afternoon. The Sunday sermon is on the blog... needing final edits and formatting.

    I have rewritten, saved every paragraph. The second draft is more focused than the first. So... perhaps it needed to happen. Perhaps.

    Blessings, everybody. Still so much to do.. thanks for your compassion and for the computer prayer, Rev. Maria!

  34. I love Rev Maria's computer prayer.

    I'm still procrastinating.

    I've got to go to the cell phone store, do some laundry etc. I'll let it percolate for a while.

  35. Good day partiers,

    I wrote an outline yesterday (which I will preach from) so today is about revising and practicing it a couple of times, then on to paperwork that needs to be done.
    I've brought some apple bread from the farmer's market, as well as some fresh peaches. Please enjoy them!

  36. Just got in from our childrens' Praise Party service, it's nearly 6.10pm and I'm no further on than when I posted my thoughts in the first comment this morning!

  37. You know more cows than people, I have been able to find the word doc, after I got my computer up and running. But it may depend on your operating system. I am not sure. But I am praying that the computer has saved it, and if not the computer your brain's comuter has saved it.

    I do also hate when that has happened, and that has happened more times than I want to admit.

    I am unpacking, cleaning, doing laundry etc after the trip home. Safe journeys for those traveling.

  38. Y'all, I'm writing, but I'm no more certain where I'm going or how I'll be received than the 70 were when they got started. It's a real act of courage to get up there and talk every week, isn't it?

  39. Glad you all like the prayer. I wrote that prayer and saved it to my PDA maybe a year ago when every computer in my personal universe was acting up. It has come in handy many times. :-)

    Oddly enough, suddenly the computer in my office is talking to the internet. It wasn't doing that all week. Prayer works? Yes!

  40. I'm 500 or so words in, and still standing on the front porch. This is not good. I'm distracted by the fact that BoyWonder is on his way over, and I think I'll be expected to schlep youngin's around in a little while.

    On the other hand, if I'm here in the office writing while he's here, I'll be just on the other side of the door from Date Central. That's not a bad place to be.

  41. strawberries did someone say strawberries `?

    looking at ps 30

  42. a.lin - I was "in charge" last week while the pastor was on vacation. So besides preaching and leading the worship service, it also meant that i had deactivate the alarm, unlock doors, turn the organ on, set out bulletins and nametags, etc.

    as i was running around in the morning doing all of that, a church member asked if i was nervous about the sermon. i said, "no! i was more stressed all last night and not sleeping, dreading what would happen if the a/c didn't kick on automatically in the sanctuary and it was 90 when i came in on sunday."

    many prayers heading your way for all those "other stressors"

    and holy spirit inspiration to all who preach this week.

  43. Does procrastination seem to help you write your sermon better? Or maybe smell good stuff? Well, the unofficial beauty products store has been opened for your perusal. It is intended to tempt you into wanting some smell good stuff. Not to mention having beautiful skin. Check it out here and if I need to add something let me know.

  44. and oh chelly

    'Journeying' - using road signs printed off net: crossroads (decision making/end of term), bumpy road (when things are a bit tough), no overtaking (supporting others) etc etc.

    This was wondering and I'm keeping that up my sleeve ...

    P.S. anyone what's a popup tent?

  45. Lorna, if you google popup tent and then look at images, you will find pictures of them.

  46. Whew...printed the paper out and began reading it over, which took a lot of courage. The first three pages and a bit, comprising the introduction and a first set up section on a comparative text, have been revised and are now in very good shape. Most importantly I have honed the thesis, so that will make the bigger and scarier tasks of revising the two main sections on Gertrud and Mechthild easier. But time for a break for a phone conversation I have been looking forward to first. Hang in there, all.

  47. Okay, Cathy, I went over and looked. What does the stuff smell like? I want your version and not their's.

    And yes I am procrastinating as well as trying to er write.

    I left the house and came over here to the office. Had a bit of a to do with hubby for ignoring me. Yeah that's right. Don't feel good about it, but its over with. Now if I can get this darn sermon to work.

  48. We promised our 12-year-old a trip to see Transformers, so I am heading out for a bit. Anybody want some popcorn?

  49. sorry to offend you Rev Scott but I interpret hearing and doing in a most Lutheran way! And certainly Rev. Scott the Freedom of a Christian is my most favorite thing that Luther ever wrote!

    bread with jam anyone?

  50. okay 2.5 hours later I'm back from the farmer's market and the grocery store bearing the following goodies: fresh sweet corn, organic strawberries, string beans and zucchini (for dinner), and strange-but-good Trader Joe's Mango Sauce (like apple sauce only better).

    So I'm whipping up some strawberry shortcake (god bless bisquick). Of course I have fat free cool whip and land-o-lakes squirty whipped cream too. Who wants some?

  51. More cows . . . so sorry. By now you are in wedding mode, or maybe completed. But send my empathy for your battery ordeal. That really stinks!

    Sermon here is ready for tweaks and practicing. I'm talking about Naaman and all the excuses he had for not receiving Gods grace and how we often let our own preconceived notions and excuses become obstacles to receiving grace. My title is "How Big is Your BUT?" I love it!!! Just hope the congregation can deal with my humor!

    I am trying earnestly to get the sermon done before Saturday (before friday is the real goal) in my efforts to be able to have a Sabbath each week. I cannot do it if I have an unwritten sermon hanging over my head. I have a new zeal for Sabbath keeping following my extended vacation which ended a couple of weeks ago. I'm finding myself feeling jealous that many of you are preparing for vacation and I'm going nowhere anytime soon. Nevermind that I just had 4 weeks off! I could handle another vacation!

    Good luck to all who are writing! I have some strawberries and blueberries in cream to offer anyone who is interested. They are yummy!

  52. Revdari, I love the sermon title! Very clever - and funny!

    I don't have any vacation scheduled until August, so I am envious of those of you who are heading out. Wish I could join you. Do many of you really take 4 weeks of vacation or study leave in a row? How do your congregations handle that?

  53. Ok...back from bbq to greet the new deacons ordained last weekend...seem to have sprained my wrist without doing anything at all, which is making typing a bit of a challenge...and i've got about 900 words and feel like stopping right now, but I haven't really said anything. Meanwhile, HattieGandhi has just driven safely home from Scotland, so I really want to sit on the sofa with her and listen to traveller's tales...
    Oh, and it's 9.00 pm here - I'm presiding in 11 hours time.
    Hope you survived the wedding, MoreCows...More strawberries on the table, - I bought some back from the bbq.

  54. Okay, back to work....brought some cheddar baked potato soup and good California sourdough and Lindt dark truffles. Should go well with all the yummy berries.

  55. Teri your groceries make me hungry! Hey! Aren't we going to set up a meet up in LG sometime soon? E-mail me!

    I took Wondergirl and BoyWonder out for gelato, and did a little prezzie shopping for the RGBP meetup next week to make myself scarce while the kids made goo-goo eyes at each other. (In town, not here in house alone.)

    I seem to have lost my mojo...

  56. Chocolate?

    Did someone say chocolate?

    I'm still procrastinating. I'm really having a problem getting a move on.

  57. *envious of Teri going to Trader Joe's*

  58. Well, it's finished. Am preaching in a small parish in interim that needs to think about their mission.

    Thanks for all the help today. Coffee, screen porch and a lovely day make writing sermons not quite so hard.

  59. I completely forgot about the whole preacher party thing until now! That's probably because I'm not preaching tomorrow; having a seizure on Sunday night and ending up hospitalized for half the week is a pretty good way to get out of that sort of thing.

    Anyway, I'm going out to dinner (even though this medication is making me totally groggy), and then I'll probably be back later. Hope all your brains are working better than mine.

  60. Opps, forgot because I don't know how to link.

  61. Sorry to hear about that Stacey. Give yourself some time to recupe.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. I have gotten a couple more pages of revision done and good oral practicing of what's set so far, but oh, my brain is so fried....It's very hard to stay on task. Maybe I will push on for a short time, and then switch to beginning to pack, so I am not doing that at the last minute for once....

  64. You take care, Stacey....that's 2 of my friends in ministry who've had similar experiences recently. Don't push yourself...just be kind to you.

    I'm done for tonight (and pretty well done for, too)- sermon posted on the sermon blog . Now all I need is some prayers and that alt worship....but those can wait till tomorrow afternoon, I think.posted on the sermon blog. Now all I need is some prayers and that alt worship....but those can wait till tomorrow afternoon, I think. Hope the rest of you don't have to labour too late. I'm making a jug of hot chocolate with chilli to spur you on, though.

  65. aaargh....too sleepy to edit comments successfully. Sorry about the random repetition in the last one. I'll leave you all in peace now,- blessings for the morrow. x

  66. After a long day I'm checking in. Baptism, done. Laundry, done. Exercise, done. Dogs walked, done. Nails, done (baptism). Church ready for Sunday, done. Sermon, (almost) here I sit, with a tall glass of iced tea waiting for husband to come home. I think I'll read for a few minutes and then make dinner.

    Sounds like you all have been having a delicious day, sorry to have missed so much good food (for body, the mind, and spirit).

  67. Checking in, how's everyone doing? I have a pot of chili and corn muffins to share if anybody needs a dinner break (I know I certainly do). Stacey, ack! I hope your body calms down.

    After a wedding last night and a graveside service this morning, it's been hard to get going (had a Harry Potter break and a brief nap), but since I too am leaving for vacation and conference soon, I may go with the whole "packing light" thing and perhaps use the new carryon I bought as a physical illustration. Diane, may I borrow the idea you posted on Tuesday about emptying things out of a bag? Not quite sure where the Spirit is leading, but it may be in that direction.

    Muthah, thanks for pointing to Dylan...I really like her wider definition of disciple. Maybe there's the sermon right there--what does it mean to be a disciple.

  68. Well, I couldn't face any more paper revisions so I finished editing the Good Sam sermon for next week at Sally's, and finally came up with a title that works. "Justifying Ourselves" is posted at my place

  69. does anyone know a good children's story that basically hits the theme "children can do great things too"??? If not, I'll have to make something up. I think that might be my best "in" for children's time on Naaman. Borders is open til 11. suggestions?

  70. Well, there's that little girl with the lemonade stand to benefit children with cancer who started a whole network of lemonade stands for cancer. (name? Place? Dunno, but I saw it on the tv news recently)
    Maybe google search for it?

  71. Just back from the movies and rushing to start dinner. Are we having some sort of a Lutheran throwdown? Or is it just the Transformers atmosphere traveling back home with me? The latter, I hope. We make an effort to be friendly here at the Preacher Party and to agree to disagree with one another. "In Essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love", okay?

  72. ARgghh here it is almost 5 p.m. Saturday eve and I have minimal ideas! Keep thinking of a friends sermon where she compared the disciples to kids going for an overnight at a friends - no you don't need to take the hair dryer, eat what they serve you, use your manners, etc.

  73. Why is my sermon not aiming at the conclusion properly? It MUST end up in a good place for the Baby Dedication to follow. For that matter, why did I think I was being so clever when I decided to do a summer sermon series? Arggh!

    Of course, I guess I'm pretty much always doing a sermon series - usually titled "What the Lectionary did to me this week." But at least with that one I have company in here.

    I may be staying up with SemFem tonight.

  74. Not preaching tomorrow, in fact not yet recovered from conference (more to follow on that soon).

    But thought I would drop by with a pizza--ham and sweet onion, anyone?

    Blessings to you all!

  75. Despite the very late hour, I'm not doing too bad now.
    Just wondering about the whole "taking nothing for the journey bit" and how directly the response on entering a house is linked to the likelihood of a heart willing to receive the message of the kingdom? If there's a willingness to offer a welcome and hospitality, then there may also be a welcome for the message and vice versa for the negative response?

  76. Well,
    the going to the office paid off, I have written a rough draft. I am letting it sit for awhile. It is the Introduction to Natural Church Development sermon series, beginning with the secret to growth. I am so nervous about tomorrow. Not only am I beginning these series, we are also having our meeting to go over the survey results. So say a prayer for me and for the church.

    Hope everyone else is doing okay. Anybody need some refreshment, something to drink? Eat? Inspiration? Prayers for Stacey.

  77. Yes please... ready for another cup of tea!
    My prayers for Stacey too - I was reading about what's been happening on your blog - hope you start to feel better soon. xx

    [By the way - I love this Preacher Party and find it such a valuable space - so thank you to all of you who make the effort to provide it for us and all of you who roll up!]

  78. Pizza! Thanks RP! I'm preaching Naaman. I'll probably be up late as usual trying to finish it.

  79. I must have missed the Lutheran Throwdown. Is that a movie?

    I've eaten (Lemon Chicken with leftovers in the frig).

    And about 3/4 of the way through. I always wonder why I do a full manuscript when I usually don't use it....

  80. My New Favorite Bible Verse

    Luke 10:7b "Eat what is set before you."

    Amen! I can now tell the kids at the dinner table that's it is in the Bible. No more short order cook for this momma! Yee Ha!

  81. I'm wirh you Reverend Mommy. I almost never use the manuscript. Of course, now that we have a chuch website to publish my sermons on I need the full manuscript for people to read. Guess I gotta keep writing.

  82. revmommy - luv it - eat what's before you. darn I didn't use it before my kids were grown....

    Is it a Lutheran "throwdown" or just "jesting in good fun?" I'm wagering on the latter....(not that I have any experience with Episcopal "throwdown"...sigh...).

    and still, the deliciousness own dinner: smoked pork chops, fresh green salad, homemade potato salad (left over), and asiago cheese bread with rosemary garlic dipping olive oil...It was pretty good.

  83. Popping in to say hi and wish blessings to all. I am not preaching at church this sunday, hubbie gets to preach both services, as I am off to junior camp (3rd-5th grades). I will be giving messages every night during worship. The camp theme is Creation and the curriculum is something like Camp Kaboom. I was hoping to compare creation to Christ's actions. You know, In the begining from Gen, In the beginning from John. God creates water; Jesus has power over wind and waves. God creates plants; Jesus curses the fig tree. God creates fish; Jesus and the miraculous catch or the feeding of the 5,000. I thought it would be a great idea ending with the those who are in Christ are a new creation.
    Well, the camp director told me yesterday that the curriculum (which he would never get to me to review) does all of those things. So now I'm stuck! I think I'll sit through the first lesson with the kids, add lib and steal the curriculm SUnday night and cram for the rest of the weeks worship.
    Pcking is almost done for camp, we leave the day after camp ends for a vacation. Thursday will be spent in the laundry!
    Blessings once again!

  84. Friends, how goes it?
    I am sort of stuck, really wishing vacation were now and not tomorrow. I've got some stories, but they don't seem to be going anywhere. It doesn't feel like the right day to do something heavy, but this is a pretty serious text!

  85. Hello all.

    I've never chimed in on the 'preacher party' before... So I figured I would, considering I'm preaching tomorrow.

    My next door neighbor -- who's a Presbyterian minister, serving a Dutch Reformed church (long story there) -- is out of town, so he convinced me to do the service tomorrow.

    The church is taking a break from the lectionary during the summer... so I don't really have much to say about that; I'm preaching on Matt. 14:22-23 (where Simon Peter walks on water and sinks).

    It's the first time I've done an entire service by myself...


    I'm still working on my sermon. But the sermon's not the problem... I'm more worried about what to wear/where to stand/what to do with my hands when I give the benediction!! Haha...

    Yay for the 11th hour preacher party!


  86. This weekend is the annual Fireman's Picnic (today) and Parade (tomorrow) and we have a entry in the parade. This means VERY short church so we can get to the line up. So after a very short service we will adjourn to a large front porch on the parade route for a potluck while we watch the parade and cheer for our youth group. But sometimes short sermons are harder for me than longer ones! Trying to make every word count here, so five minutes says all that needs to be said!

  87. I don't think we're having a serious throwdown. But now I am chuckling at the image of Transformer Lutherans.

    SB, was the movie any good? I was a fan of the old school Transformers and am curious about the new movie.

    May have a way forward now with the parallel between Jesus and Moses commissioning the seventy (why does the lectionary not put these together?). Rev Maria, please do stay up with Vicar of Hogsmeade and I, and party the wee hours away (it will be easier for you given your time zone).

  88. The little girl who ran the lemonade stand... Alex's Lemonade. She started a lemonade stand to raise money to find a cure for dancer. Alex unfortunately died at age 8, but had raised 1 million by that time. Kids still do Alex's Lemonade, at least in my town. look at

  89. I certainly intend no Lutheran "throwdown".

    and Songbird...what you said.

  90. okay, so how about for a children's sermon that is only mildly awful, this:
    *name some people who are very important or very powerful.
    *name some people (or groups of people) who are "not very important."
    *sum up the Naaman story
    *talk about how the least important person in the story is the one God chose to use
    *everyone is important to God and God's work in the world.

    That could work, right?

  91. The whole idea of a Lutheran throwdown is amusing me....makes me think of one of my family's reunions gone awry.

    On a separate note, it's like 9:30, and I'm about ready to call it a night. This medication really is doing a number on me.

  92. Finished!
    It's not so very good, but it's done!
    (like 11 pages done, but I print in really really big letters.)

    Blessings on you Natalie. I want to hear all about it.

  93. Well, someone expressed a concern, so I just wanted to be sure we were all in good humor.
    I went out for a walk with husband and dog, and I'm trying to get finished so there is time for a good night's sleep. Somehow I managed to squeeze in two walks, much laundry, meal preparation and a movie, but my sermon remains incomplete. Ah, well. How many more minutes until vacation starts?

  94. A last a glimmer of light before heading to bed. Looking at Naaman and how he rejects help when it does not come in the form we recognize or have planned. The old transformers theme song started - Transformers - more than meets the eyes. here are the rest.

  95. I have procrastinated all day long. Every time I sat down at the computer, my little boy climbed up in my lap; and I couldn't get any work done. So I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns instead of working on the rest of my sermon.

    Now the boys are in bed, but it is 10 PM. I have 1,001 butterflies in my stomach I think because I am so nervous about a lot of firsts tomorrow. First sermon at this church, first time to do the whole service in any church, first time to make coffee. Ugh! And like takemyhand said at 8:46, what do I do with my hands during the benediction?

    Oh, well, I think that this congregation is very forgiving, so maybe a few mistakes won't hurt me. Nervousness is good--it is here because I want to do a good job.

    Still, I think along with finishing my sermon, I need to write out all my prayers and the benediction for tomorrow. I don't need a dose of stage fright to go along with my butterflies.

  96. Singing Owl, I empathize with your 5 minute homily. That's what I do every Sunday in the summer because of our outdoor service and the distractions of being is really tough to be sucinct and thorough to the text. I end up writing more than I need and then editing it down to the bare essentials. A one point sermon, to follow up on the theme of three point sermons earlier in the week...hee hee.

    All the while hoping it still makes sense, and maybe interesting?

    Here's hoping that those leaving soon for vacation are able to finish (well enough) their semons and get a good nights sleep. Safe trips all. Me, I'm still counting the weeks until August...sigh...

  97. I wish I was going on vacation tomorrow. Instead, VBS begins. Then mission trip. Then preaching conference. no vacation here until Aug. 28. ugh. how can I make it until then???

    okay, I'm going back to work now, I swear. strawberry shortcake is on the counter--help yourself. it's "grandma style" with pureed strawberries AND sliced ones, with bisquick biscuits for "shortcake." cool whip's in the fridge. assemble away!

  98. a. lin and Natalie, you'll be fine! If you do something unexpected, it may well delight those with whom you worship. Why, they may even stop to wonder why it's always done a particular way!

  99. I'll add my rhubarb cake to Teri's strawberry shortcake to assuage anybody's dessert-y needs.

    Diane...if you are still out there...unless I hear otherwise from you, I think I will use your packing illustration, because I got nothing else story-wise for tomorrow. Hope that's okay. (Thanks!)

  100. I just made the 100th comment without realizing it ahead of time! Woohoo!

  101. okay, prayers written, children's time basically thought through (though right now I'm wishing for a copy of "Giraffes Can't Dance"), fireworks going off in neighborhood next door, cats freaking out, temperature not going down, bed calling.

    night, friends.

  102. Y'all, I'm done. And done in. I hope you'll feel free to keep partying, and don't worry, we're all sound sleepers around here! Just turn things off when you finish.
    Good night, and God be with you.

  103. Semfem and Vicar, I'll be here for a while. I'm writing while checking in here and watching the Harry Potter movie marathon on tv.

    Rhubarb cake sounds realllllly good right now!

  104. Hi you late night, Saturday Night live sermon writers. I am still up. Man so many of you accomplish great things in the middle of your sermon writing. I can't get over it. You who are preaching tomorrow are in my prayers, you all will be fine.

    I love images of Lutheran Transformer, Transformers, Throwdowns. My son would love that. Wow what an exciting preacher's party we have had.

    I'll have some of the strawberry shortcake, its my favorite.

  105. Revabi, I don't really qualify as a "late nighter" since it's only 8:30 here. :-) But then, by the time I get up at 4 am some of the rest are on their way to church, or in the case of our UK sisters, even finished preaching.

  106. okay all this talk of strawberries has me remembering the strawberry-rubarb pie of my youth. Anyone know where to get that in DFW? I haven't seen any in Texas since Tippin's closed.

    sermon's done but I'm still hanging out for awhile. It's not printed yet and I don't have the prayers together either. And besides I'm watching Live Earth

    FWIW: What I do with my hands during the benediction -- hold the hymnal

  107. Vicar, you live in DFW? I will be in Fort Worth July 21-25 for our General Assembly. Maybe we can get together while I'm there?

  108. Ahhh, yes, Transformer Lutherans: More than meets the eye!

    No throwdown on my end, either; just posted and ran off to watch Evan Almighty with Beloved's church group. Now I'm finishing up the sermon before closing shop for the night (I do my best work at 11:00pm).

    Diane - didn't mean to make you think I was offended. Sorry 'bout that. Since we agree on Freedom of a Christian, what more do we need to worry about? :-)

    Since it's late, I'll promise eggs and toast for anyone around tomorrow morning before they head off to church. Oh, and strong, black, fair trade coffee.

  109. Rev Maria I have commitments to my kids and Harry Potter until the 23. But I'd love to meet up sometime 23-25

  110. Great! My email address is in my profile. Email and we can make a date, ok?

    And I just realized my Harry Potter book will arrive while I'm in Texas. Grr.

  111. EEEKK!! Found out on the way to see Spamalot that I get to do the CHildren's Sermon tomorrow - Can I work the Killer Bunny into the Gospel?!
    I'm not dead yet...

  112. Ooooh, ElastiGirl, I think you're being repressed! Help! Help! Come see the violence inherent in the system!

  113. rev maria, I'm either asleep or blind. I can't find your email. You can reach me at thereverendmom at gmail dot com

  114. Vicar, you're not blind - I guess I took it off my profile for some reason. Silly me. I've emailed you and put my address back on the profile.

    I have about 3/4 of a sermon which is finally heading in the right direction. So I think I'll sleep on the rest of it.

    Oops durn - we're going to have children in church tomorrow. I should think of something to do with them.

    But I'm sleepy, so I'm going to pull a Scarlett O'Hara and think about it tomorrow. Goodnight all.

  115. Done! Read my efforts at my blog if you like. I'll still bring coffee for the early risers tomorrow morning. A blessed Sabbath to all.

  116. Psst...anybody still here perchance? I unplugged from the net in order to actually get something done, so missed the late flurry of posts.

    I've got one solid page, one wavering page, and one as yet nonexistent page. Staying awake with an ice-cold Coke.

    Glad to hear my other late-night compatriots are finished or nearly so.

  117. Okay, I think I'm done! Just going to brush my teeth, do a quick readover, assemble my props, and catch a few hours of sleep.

    Blessings on everyone's proclamation!

  118. I really think we should have a Transformers Sunday, you know, sort of like Reformation Sunday?
    "Transformation Sunday: More Than Meets the Eye!"
    Blessings to you all this morning. I'm taking a quick look at my manuscript, then off to church. The earlier summer service time is killer when you have a 45 minute commute. But after church and a hospital call, VACATION!!!!!

  119. I usually have great stories and illustrations to go along with my sermon. Not this time. I am letting the text speak for itself and letting the characters be their own illustrations and stories.

    I also usually have a great ending to wrap everything up. Not this time. I finish with the word "go" so it should be enough anyway.

    I am NAUSEOUS! How will I ever get through the next four hours?

    Breathe, breathe, breathe. The Holy Spirit has got my back. I can do this.

    Thanks for letting me get some anxiety out. The voice exercises I plan to do on the way to church may help, too.

  120. Transformation Sunday, I like that. Maybe we can make that an official rgbp's Sunday.
    Question for you Songbird, What age group would you let see the Transformers?
    RevScott did you like the movie, Evan Almighty?

    Blessings to all today, the preachers, worship leaders, children sermon preachers (Dead bunnies and all) and hearers of the word. May the Holy Spirit do her might work. And walk that dog no matter what kind of dog you got. I think I got a dog, but not sure what kind I have. It looks good on paper, but we will see when I open my mouth.....

  121. I think we already have those Songbird. We just different names -- like Transfiguration, or Easter, or Pentecost....

  122. Morning all! Congrats on finishing and blessings on proclamation.

    Shortly after I posted the sermon my local Sophia sister arrived....we walked the beach and brainstormed her next steps in formation and education, did house mass and dinner with the family, and she reiki-d me for a long time while I sank sleepily into the couch. Wasn't about to push myself to write at that point so I got a good night's sleep instead, and will trust I can revise the second half of the paper today without too much anxiety.

    This ministry path is joyous but so lonely sometimes and I am so very glad this community is here....

  123. It is over. Lunch is eaten. Now I crash. All went well, and I remembered everything I was supposed to. Whew!

  124. It's late on Sunday afternoon but I just had to say - my worship service was made even better than it already was by the unexpected sight of Mother Laura sitting in the 2nd pew. :-)

  125. And I need to say that the fact that the paper got done, at 1 am, with some exhaustion but no trauma, was greatly helped by the joyous meetup and prayer together....Praise God for RevGal power! And many blessings on the work of the team planning the big meetup this week.


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