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Friday, July 06, 2007

MeetUp Opportunity in Atlanta (well, Lawrenceville)

Attention Atlanta Area RevGals and BlogPals: On Tuesday July 10, 2007 (that is, if the rapture does not occur tomorrow), the RevGals who are meeting in Lawrenceville, Georgia to plan the Big Event will be eating at Dominick's on the Square (the one in Lawrenceville, not the one in Norcross) around 6:00-ish. If you want to meetup with us, please email me at to let me know how many we will need to seat.

Attendees will probably include:
Songbird, St. Casserole, Cheesehead, Will Smama, MaryBeth, Quotidan Grace, Questing Parson, reverend mommy, Rev. Abi and Natalie of Take my Hand. (Have I forgotten anyone?)
Come one, come all! Email for more information.


  1. hmm, RM, your email address lacks a letter, from what I remember--doesn't it have an l?

    (just checking to make sure in case someone wants to go play!)

  2. wow. have a great meet up and fun time. wish I could join you...but I don't get vacation for another 4 weeks. maybe I could claim this as a business meeting...happy planning and looking forward to hearing all about the creative ideas. Also, please give WS a hug (well I imagine you all will anyway, just add cyber hugs)...

  3. yes, lots of cyber hugs for WS!)

  4. Holy ccw! That's like 15 minutes from my hometown of Winder. Where I'll be in, like, 2 weeks. Darnit!

  5. Wow! I would love to come. So close, yet so far.
    I am only 3 1/2 hours away, but I already have a meeting that evening at 7:30, so impossible to do two things at once.
    Would lvoe to see St. Cass, Cheese, QP, Rev Abi and meet the rest of you in person.
    Melech is wondering if Fish is coming or noy?

  6. Yes, I would love to come also, but wonder what road would 1-4 Grace takes to only take 3 1/2 hours ?? ;)

    It's about 4+ hours for me, and had planned on going, but Mom is having a medical procedure done that day. It DOES sound like fun y'all!

  7. Have a wonderful meetup!!

    btw- there will be a minor meet-up this side of the pond as Mother Laura and I get together- we will visit Walsingham, and then on Sunday I will lead the service and Laura will preach! Is this a first?

  8. Ohhhh.....if only! Have a lovely time, all of you, deliver copious hugs from me in every direction, and I'll think longingly of you (probably at completely the wrong time of day, as I still struggle pathetically with time zones)
    It does make me smile, though, the impact of small island effect on my world view--- can't imagine anyone here who would seriously consider 3 to 4 hours travel for a supper date...that would be pushing it for a whole day together! We'd expect to sleep over, for sure :-) Just interesting..x

  9. PS Sally - you're brave to visit Walsingham. I've not been since I was priested, as I hate the fact that I have to leave that part of myself at home...which I just can't manage.
    Have a lovely time together, anyway .

  10. It's not the first; I had the privilege of preaching for St. Casserole while she served as worship leader, a real blessing and a special memory.

  11. FIRST this side of the pond Sally :) and Laura is travelling a l-o-n-g way
    so extra points for that :)

    Kathryn says "can't imagine anyone here who would seriously consider 3 to 4 hours travel for a supper date" ... maybe it says something about our greediness but yeah we'd want a WHOLE day meeting to recover from driving so far.

    ONCE I drove from Derbyshire to London for a dinner date (2½ hours) and my friend came up from south (1½ train) to meet - well US friends! :) and everyone thought I was mad. I didn't and we had a splendid time.

    extra big hugs to WS ...the timing of this couldn't be better from that respect ... lots of love to you all and thanks too. You do a wonderful job and you are very very much appreciated :)

  12. I hope you have a wonderful time together. Thanks so much for all you do to keep this community up and running!

  13. Blessings on this gathering! Wish I could be there. Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

  14. Whoops. I can't even spell my own email address.

  15. I would so be taking an autograph book and an extra special Sharpie if I was going to get to meet ya'll.

    I hope that ya'll have such a wonderful time!!!

  16. sounds like wonderful fun... but no, sadly, I won't drive down from DC...


  17. I'm getting some snicky snacks for Tuesday and Wednesday. Any requests?

  18. Carrot sticks?
    94% fat free popcorn?
    (Can you tell I'm doing Weight Watchers?)

  19. ok. Posted.

  20. Have a great meetup. Wish I could be there. Hugs and shoulder chucks for everyone, especially WS.

  21. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate/worry about my sermon because I'm so excited about seeing the RevGals.

  22. Yes, driving 3-4 hours is a stretch for sure, however, if I had gone, I would have spent the night in hopes of a slumber party :).

    I would have been killing several birds with one stone if I took the trip, so there would have been more reason than just the trip!!!

    I DO wish I could be there, and hope we can get all kinds of great posts and pictures of toes (and are we going to get another menu shot??? Come on show us at least some HAIR!

  23. Already back in Jersey.
    Have fun!


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