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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Top 10 Reasons To Read A Vision Of Light

A VISION OF LIGHT by Judith Merkle Riley

10. You need a book to read on vacation that is diverting, but not ploddingly predictable or a bodice ripper that you will want to hide from the children or the disapproving gaze of your in-laws.

9. The author is a professor of political science, but the book is NOT about politics.

8. Historical fiction depicting women with appropriate sensibilities to the era of the novel is hard to find. There’s no “ Gweynth begged her father for a suit of armor so she could joust like her brother Garth” type stuff in this book. That sort of thing makes QG toss a book away in disgust.

7. Margaret of Asbury is one of the best characters in modern historical fiction—she’s complex, charming and intriguing.

6. God makes an appearance (or two or three) in the story.

5. If you thought your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend were Bad News, read about Margaret’s First Husband From Hell and be comforted.

4. One of the themes of the book is the power of knowledge and the importance of reading and writing.

3. A second theme is the ways in which the church of the Middle Ages failed to meet the spiritual needs of the people.

2. The most important theme is that God can choose an ordinary person, like Margaret, to heal people injured in body and spirit.

And the number 1 reason to read A VISION OF LIGHT is:

It’s the topic for the RevGalBookPals discussion on July 25 and you still have time to order it from the RevGals Amazon store (see link on the sideboard), read it and join our discussion that day!

BONUS RGBP INC. UPDATE: The RGBP Inc. board is meeting in Atlanta next Tuesday, July 10. The main purpose of the meeting is to begin planning a RGBP meetup/conference for 2008!


  1. I am tickled red white and blue to say that I ordered this book yesterday and am lookig forward to it SOON with my free trial of Amazon Prime! Hope it arrives in time to keep me company on Atlanta trip...!

    also ordered the new Harry be delivered on 7/21 release date, guaranteed! Then realized I will be out of town on that date, poop! Ah well, I'll hit the home recliner reading!

  2. Mary Beth,
    I have had prime for over a year now and all I can say is --- I LOVE IT!

    Another reason to read the book: I have only read the prologue of the book, but any book that references time by the church year (in this case, Epiphany), can't be all bad!
    Wish I could be in Atlanta!

  3. you all have sold me on this book!
    I am ordering it right now!

  4. I think this forum is a great opportunity to participate in a book club if one is not available to a person locally.

    It's also a great way to find books to recommend to a church book club or even one that is not church related!

  5. would love to read it ... but it's not going to happen.

    Glad you gals on the board are getting to meet. We want details and photos ...

    and Cathy we all wish we could be in Atlanta

  6. I am reading it now. I am not sure how I feel about it. She hasn't gotten married yet, but you can see the evil first husband coming.

    It just seems like today's sensibilites retroed back into the Middle Ages.

    Today I am trying to teach a cat how to use a pet door. He knows how to tear out the screen to get out, but the pet door seems to be beyond him. Grrrr.

    Happy 5th

  7. It is in my local library system, on the shelves. I figured that was a Sign or Wonder, so I reserved it!

  8. Mine came from Amazon, just in time for me to take it on retreat my "diverting" reading (last year I went off bookless, to end up in what Kathryn would call a "hideous bookless crisis", and which my director solved by marching me to the library and getting me a novel to read)

  9. this book sounds excellent- it is now on my list!

  10. OK, got the book, and also the second one in the series. I have been contending with medical things and a stray cat and I SO need to stay up tonight and read this book.

  11. I odered the book...did we (RGBP) already review/discuss Anne Lammot (and did I miss it, snivel????) I think the 2008 conference is great. I'm even considering learning to blog...gail in california

  12. Gail, the fact that you made a comment in this blog means you CAN blog!!! There are a lot of us who will be glad to help you when you decide to.

    I think the Lamott book is for August.

  13. The Lamott book is scheduled for August--August 27, in fact. Mark your calendar!

  14. Got it all checked ou, hooray.
    Was in Atlanta today.
    Will be long gone by July 10.

  15. I'm just going to see if it's available on Amazon UK...not allowed to spend ANY money really this month, but it does sound like just the thing for next month's holiday (by which time, of course, you'll all have read it and talked about it....but I really mustn't think of reading it before then :-()
    I'm currently in the polar opposite of a hideous bookless crisis, because the piles waiting to be read are almost ready to engulf the house finally and totally...If I did my way out, please may I come to the RGBPmeet next year? xx


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