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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monday Meet n' Greet - August 20, 2007


Soul and Culture: pondering my role in a bigger story - learning how creativity and spirituality go together as i journey along. what i'm reading, pondering, or listening to on the iPod. Amy describes herself as, "Left-brained by day, right-brained by night. An insurance professional by day, I am energized by all things creative. I also work with a group in Denver called Urban Skye, a network of small communities joined in a common quest for friendship, personal meaning, and spiritual exploration... My true passions lie in reading, writing, photography, and knitting."

Prairie Light: The reflections of a late-blooming bivocational psychologist and priest, unexpectedly relocated by the Spirit, finding endless enchantment in the life that had been waiting all along for me to find it. Meet RevDrKate, "Late-blooming bivocational psychologist and priest unexpectedly transplanted by the Spirit, finding endless enchantment in the joys of the life that had been waiting all along for me to find it."

Wonderings and Wanderings: The wonderings and wanderings of a very busy pastor in the Midwest. It's Melissa Hatfield back and more bloggerful than ever!

Join us next week for August's book discussion -
Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott. Good news for me since finally we are hitting a book that I have actually read.



  1. Welcome to our new members and those who are coming back on a new blog!

    I have read the book also. Yippeeee....

  2. Thanks, Kathryn!
    I'm loving the Anne LaMott book, can't wait for the discussion next week.

  3. WS this is a great welcome. Welcome to all our new members.
    Come join us for the discussion.

    I read this book too and really enjoyed it. Look forward to the discussion led by somebody. Hey that's me. I better get cracking!


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