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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Music Video

Chris Tomlin is considered by some to be (specifically Parade Magazine) the most popular artist in contemporary Christian music because “he wrote or co-wrote three of the 10 most popular songs sung in churches each week, including ‘How Great Is Our God’ – which puts his reach beyond that of most rock stars.”

Contemporary Christian music is often called repetitious, simplistic, theologically shallow and even evil. I will agree that there are songs that are not grounded in solid doctrine, but most of this body of music flows from people's hearts -- and the emotion and passion that they feel cannot be discounted.

This song is one of those that I can sing every Sunday. It is simple and repetitious -- but the feeling of this song is so contemplative, reflective and worship-full. I wish I could have found a "live" recording of this, but please enjoy this slide-show that I found on You-Tube and may you be blessed by this simple song as I have been.

Blessings to all this Sunday afternoon.


  1. Beautiful images to accompany this hymn. Thanks. Amen.

  2. Ummmm, did you REALLY mean to type "ChrisT Tomilin?"

    'Cause we like the guy and all, but that might be overstepping it a bit. :-)

  3. Thanks, Scott. I fixed it.
    That's the sort of a typo us religious types tend to do....

  4. Not crazy about this. Perhaps I am just getting too old.

  5. I love this song... and enjoyed the video. Good thing Rev. Scott is around to proof for us. ;)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. RM - I just thought it was humorous, and it's a typo I've done a million times myself. Hope you weren't offended that I brought it up!

  8. Hmmm i disagree about every sunday. Our church has effectively killed this song and I now despise it. (note here to worship leaders - please don't over do a song just because it is good! )

    Don't get me wrong it is a great song, but when a churches song list consists of about 25 songs that are repeated over and over for 9 months it gets incredibly boring and you have to wonder whether people are really singing the song passionately, when it is sung every sunday.


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