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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Sacred Music Video

This video combines the music of Hildegard (from her Vision album) and the art work of Caspar David Friedrich

Do not forget tomorrow Revgalbookpals book discussion of Anne Lamott's Grace Eventually. Tomorrow's discussion will be led by our own RevAbi. I look forward to the discussion, especially since I have finished the book on time!! However, do not feel as though you cannot participate because you have not read all of the book - chime in even if it is only to say hello. See you Monday!


  1. Good video,

    I have a great admiration of Hildegard having studied her at university in an introduction to western music paper about 5 years ago. Fantastic woman.

    I like the artwork for this video.

  2. Wonderful video. Thanks Cathy.
    I like Hildegard too. Thanks for posting this.


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