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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Event Cruise Deposits due by THIS Saturday, October 13!!

Here is the information for making your $25 deposit for the RevGals Big Event Cruise!

You will need to have ready the following:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Mailing Address
  • Home And Cell Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contact Number
Decisions to be made include:

The travel agent can take your credit card number over the phone, or you may fax them a copy of the front and back of your credit card. Please include a statement authorizing them to charge your card $25 for the deposit, a phone number where they can call you with any questions, and SIGN IT.

Call or fax information in to:
Triple H Travel
Wadley, AL

877-401-8889 toll free
256-395-9029 fax

256-395-4199 office (Sandy Harris)

Questions? Leave them in the comments, or email us at


  1. Is "Yay!" an acceptable comment?

  2. Okay, embarrassed. If anyone knows how to make the ugliness go away from this post (all the html garbage) will they please let me know?

    Also, some have asked for roomie matching. If you need a roomie, please email and so state. Also indicate special requirements or needs and whether you want oceanview or inside cabin.




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