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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Festival: Fast Forward!

Zoom! Isn't this year just flying by!? How did it get to be mid-October? The blogging goes on apace; enjoy.

Don't you dare forget the upcoming RevGals Book Discussion on Monday, October 22! The book is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingsolver. Cathy and I will lead this discussion, and it will be a great one! You may buy the book from the RevGals Amazon store by clicking this link. Or visit your library. But get reading, Gals & Pals!

Melissa posted a video and comments about
the newest video from the Real Beauty Campaign of Dove. She says, "It is powerful and everyone needs to see it!"

"No-one should end up friendless simply because no-one noticed or explained the differences in local culture!" says Lorna over at See-Through Faith. Great illustration, Lorna!

Nobody went to Mitch's church on Sunday, but they were not sad! Go read about why!

More Cows is seeing dead people and she wonders what you're seeing. Check it out.

Christine at Abbey of the Arts invites you over to her bi-weekly Poetry Party. There's a photo for inspiration, just bring your poetic words. There's even a prize for one lucky participant.

Hee hee, Rev Anjel contemplates the pressures of consumerist culture on the church: Why Church Really is Like a Sewer

A post from PamBG: If God is Love, Then I'm Confused

Thanks be to God! for the encouraging report on Sally's Chris, here. Sally is thinking also about the costly nature of grace.

Milton wrote this week about one of his favorite hymns (and mine too).

Helen over at gallycat has had not
one but two essays published at the Daily Episcopalian: one about gen x acting as a bridge between the Boomers and the Milliennials with specific insights on reaching the unchurched, the other about what happened when she stopped being just plain ol' Gallycat (among other personas) online and reverted to using her real name because she HAD to, in spite of her reservations.

The Mollinator has shared an awesome video celebrating Moms and all they do. Go see!

Deb is struggling with a sermon; she says, "
I am really struggling with the strict 'Haddon Robinson' style outline I am required to do for this assignment." Go check it out.

Tawonda says:
At my place, you can read a Cute Kid Comment overheard in church...see some travel and dog-blog photos...and read a crabby little parable that may resonate with other readers' workplace experience.

Wishing you all a lovely day.


  1. Check out my latest post. Its about Mental Illness Awareness Week.

  2. As always, lovely job, Mary Beth.

  3. excellent compilation as always, mb--thanks! now to find more time to blog more...

  4. Haddon sometimes gets a bad rap for that type of outline. Actually, he's pretty open when it comes to narrative and other forms, more than people realize!


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