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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Election Announcement


It is time to elect a new slate of officers for the RevGalBlogPals!!
Corporation members are eligible to vote. An official ballot will be e-mailed to all corporation members later in the month, marked with a return date.

If you have not renewed your membership, please do so following the instructions in the sidebar.

The following RGBPs have been nominated:

Songbird at Set Free
Cathy at Cathy's Grace Notes
St. Casserole at St Casserole
Quotidian Grace at Quotidian Grace
More Cows at You've Really Got to Love Your People
Teri at Clever Title Here

If you have a favorite blogger who has not been nominated, here is your chance! You may submit nominations to this e-mail address:

Please mark the e-mail with "nominations" and "Cheesehead" in the subject line. Nominations will close at midnight in the Central Time Zone on October 23rd.

Oh--please make sure the person you are nominating is willing to serve if elected!!



  1. Do people who are renewing their membership need to fill out another application form, or just send the payment?

  2. Just send the payment. But if anything has, etc., please let me know.

    And please, along with your payment, let me know your bloggy handle - in the memo line of your check or on a note, or in the comments section of Paypal.

    It can get very very confusing trying to match up new members with their blogidentities!


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