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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday Festival - whoopsie edition

It's really because I wanted to give Cheesehead plenty of room at the top that I waited to post this late (well not really, but it sounds good). But it's still Wednesday by my calendar so here we go!

Who doesn't love a good disaster story? Mitch shares a couple of stories here with us.

When Baptism Goes Bad and Communion Disasters

and... he believes we need to be an equal opportunity pet community so he recommends the start of RevCatsBlogKittens ? (I think it is purrrrrfect for the cat lovers in this ring.) Any takers?


And from Desert Spirit Fire are two of the graphics she's submitting to the digital art competition one of the local churches is sponsoring; the first illustrates a phrase from Hillsong's "Shout to the Lord"; the second illlustrates God's covenant promise from Genesis 9:13.


Gord had a column to write this week on one of my favorite things to do:Sing to the Lord, Sing out a new song.


Know the expression "if the shoe fits, wear it"? - Well, Deb has a spin on that

If the survey fits, wear it!

She has linked to Christians for Biblical Equality's blog, "The Scroll". There's a phD candidate who needs help with a survey. She is trying to find Christians who have recovered from experiences of emotional and spiritual distress under authoritarian and controlling church leaders. The results of her survey will provide her with a critical piece of research and will help her on her way to the completion of her dissertation. Check it out!


Carrot Top invites you to come over to her place and peruse the questions she has on this post addressing visual arts in the church. She really would like your feedback.


Motherhood is full of little lessons. Chartreuseova offers us in her blog posting a much needed reminder about goal setting and success. And as a bonus, it includes photos. (Cute I might add!)


Presbyterian Gal offers us a new story of Living with Familiar Strangers. It's about how those we see every day can still surprise us. And is the "unseen" really all that unfamiliar?


Do you have a "seize the day" attitude? Pam offers a suggestion to the Carpe diem in us!

Sometimes feeling small isn't always a bad thing - read Lorna's post on Feeling Small.

Sally asks WWJD with the church. She is syncroblogging! In addition, she had a Harvest Service with beautiful pictures to share.

Good in Parts shares with us about Blog Action Day for the Environment - and she asks...if you don't know about something till after it has happened, are you still late? ( I sure hope not!)


As you know if you use Google, one can get the strangest results. Well, More Cows did and she said her post got buried. You should be dying to see it!


Now..... go to these blogs and read the posting and then comment and say hello - I mean, it's good manners to do that! Get to know your neighbors! And then come back and let us know you commented.


Well that's about it for Lake Revgalblogpals - where all the women are good looking and above average! (apologies to Garrison Keillor).


  1. looks like my email didn't get through, so here's a sample of what i've been doing, with two of the graphics I'm submitting to the digital art competition at one of the local churches. the first illustrates a phrase from Hillsong's "Shout to the Lord"; the second illustrates God's covenant promise from genesis 9:13.

    mountains bow down, seas will roar

    genesis 9:13

  2. Leah Sophia, I am sorry, the email did come, when I saw your comment, I immediately remembered it and went back.

    My way of doing Wednesday Festival is probably not the most logistical way of doing it but it works for me (well, most of the time). Y'all go see Leah Sophia's web site, plus I put her in the posting too.

  3. Did y'all know that today wsa teh international day for the eradication of poverty???

    I went to a rally for it, see the pledge we shared at my place

  4. good choices, but I never remember to do this.

  5. I talk about my trip to New Orleans here and here.


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