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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To all the Saints

To all the saints …

Hallowe’en has never been part of my lifestyle – but I have to admit I love the colours at this time of year (and all those mouth-watering pumpkin and apple recipes from last Friday’s Five and especially all those glowing Jack o’lantens. ) A friend of mine here in Finland had a party last weekend and it featured spider-web cake and bloody fingers on the menu. The mind boggles!

In England we celebrate Guy Fawkes night on November 5th – more about that next week (perhaps!)

Anyway for starters ... let’s go hunting around in the RevGal and Pals’ pumpkin patches and see what we can find.

The best of the batch (awarded by yours truly) goes to LutheranChik who writes about an event at the pumpkin market last week - and yeah this makes me want to be a better person a do-er of the Word too.

QuotidianGrace throws out a Hallowe’en challenge for all of us. “Why not join El Jefe and I in making a donation to IJM to help children who suffer unspeakable evil not from imaginary ghosts, witches, and ghouls, but at the hands of their fellow man?” Why not, indeed!

While still on the Hallowe’en theme Presbyterian Frog poses for the camera as Miss California or something ...

In response to great public RevGal demand the winged man presents A recipe to Woo with. Apparently this dish won him his wife …and it looks absolutely delicious. Wonder if I could persuade hubby to take up cooking or is this recipe only for angels? Mmmm

Talking of angels -because we were a bit thin on the ground (when I first looked!) I poked around our webring of saints and bring you five entries at random that caught my eye

Emily at Hazelnut reflections writes there’s something about this prayer thing.

Pure Christian I think at Rebel without a Pew writes about something that’s new for her

Susan Rose at Musings of a Discerning woman talks about how the Pope approves of the blogsphere. Does he really? mmm wonder if he’d like to join us here at RevGals and Pals? No , maybe not, I think he might not meet our criteria!

Writing as Jo(e) has “gone in search of sheep, real life sheep, to throw at my facebook friends. I'm tired of cheap imitations.” Check where here

Last but not least: Hey Jules over at Maced with Grace is pumped up – no infused – as she reads blogger RWK’s book Today at the Mission. (He’s a great blogger in his own right so you could also check out his blog and send him a wonderfully friendly Rev Gal greeting!)

I know there are really very many other good posts out there on the ring, so during the next few days if you come across something that catches your eye, makes you think, or even makes your blood boil - nominate it for next week’s festival so that the rest of us don’t miss it. Simply send the link and a brief blurb to And don’t forget you can nominate yourself too.

Now back to the nominations we did get this week ...

Being a Reverend is of course a calling and a ministry. In Kathryn’s (good in parts) church in England there’s been an annual service for bereaved families....she’s blogged about it here
(with a link to the words she preached this evening, which are posted over on her sermon blog)

She writes “it was such a holy and healing evening, I'm anxious to share it with you. See what you think.Thanks. Kathryn xx

Know what I think? I wish I’d been part of Kathryn's congregation when my dad died ten years ago. You see as part of the service Kathryn gave each mourner something tangible – a real sign of hope – to hang onto –and that I think will have made all the difference to them!

There are many different paths /stages along the road to ministry - and ReadHead Reverend (and hubby) have their ordination interviews this week Thursday. Stop by her place and wish her luck and also send up a prayer or two for clarity of mind and calling during the interview itself. Must be nerve-racking! Let us know how you got on Red!

Songbird (Set Free) shares a beautiful dream

Lutheranhusker’s been to a special Red Sox confirmation banquet

And on a very different note Mother Laura (Junia’s daughter) is miffed about the way we address women including those in ministry: “Female pastors in denominations which have had women clergy for longer face fewer explicit and conscious attacks, but many is the congregation where in common parlance "Jill" carries out her ministry of Word and Sacrament beside "Pastor Dan." This sends a clear message to her and all the laywomen and girls of the congregation that some pastors--and some Christians--are more equal than others.”

She then asks if "Susie? This is Fr. Joe," is the correct way for a young male priest to address an older female in the congregation, and if not, what is the politically/spiritually correct respectful way to address females both clergy and laity? Add your 2c to the discussion over here

If you are thinking how to answer that – skip over to following Frodo and help Gord out. You see he’s struggling with a different dilemma –how to re-design the order of worship and wants suggestions.

And PPB’s running late. Have you ever been in a similar situation? (She posts a great link to Fidelia Sisters- part of the Young Clergy Women Project be sure to check that out too!)

Deb over at Another Unfinished Symphony is musing and thinking about the end of the "growing season" - - and what it means in a spiritual sense…

At Cheaper than Chocolate's (what a great name for a blog!) Queen Mum asks for your help in retreat ideas. Skip over there and see if she’s missing anything. Thanks! Don't forget Queenie to let us know how it goes !

Philosophy over Coffee wants to know if you think he should go for a DMin or not. Why do people pursue D.Mins, anyway? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Talk about a Skewed View though ... I’m wondering just what SpookyRach is going to put on her own tombstone!

Lastly a farewell to Mary at a raid on the inarticulate. She’s recently been ordained as a deacon (congrats!) but at the same time thrown in the towel for blogging. Heaps of Blessings to you Mary, we’ll miss you!

That’s all for this week saints. Have a great start to November!

Blessings and love,

Lorna (see-through faith) who's written about seemingly un spiritual things this week such as saunas (pronounced SOW-NAH) and tattoos. (shudder) .


  1. I have a post up here asking if others have a problem with meaning to type one word and another, faith-related word popping up instead.

  2. Thanks Lorna--what a round up! The Pastor Dan and Jill example was a disparity in addressing pastors but the Susie called by Fr. Joe is actually a laywoman--I think clergy who expect titles from laypeople should try to be equally respectful. (Especially if Susie could be Fr. Joe's grandmother....).

  3. WOW! What a roundup, Lorna! Thanks so much for doing this! I'll be reading these throughout the day!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    This was my first time and I apologise for the lack of colour or pictures ... it does look a bit boring ... but the variety out there in the writing around the ring is fabulous!


  5. Laura, I now changed the text a little so it reflects what you meant (sorry I got it a bit wrong the first time around)

    Blessings xx



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