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Saturday, December 08, 2007

11th Hour Preacher Party: Take a Walk on the Wild Side Edition

It's time for a walk on the wild side, friends. Whether you are wending your way amongst the unlikely animal friends of Isaiah or hiking out to the wilderness to take a closer look at John the Baptist, you will be out on the edge!

I discovered this morning that Renaissance artists conflated John with imagery related to Dionysus! What will they think of next? I guess that is one kind of wild, but not the kind I associated with John.

Where are you headed today? Who is the John you seek to portray, or are you going there at all?

Let us know what you're up to, and have a cup of coffee, too. I'll get the water started for tea.

(The two-dimensional work of art by James Tissot depicted in this image is in the public domain in the United States and in those countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 100 years. )


  1. Good morning Songbird! I'll have some tea please! Good morning fellow seekers and preachers! I'm up early as hubbie has men's fellowship therefore I'm on babygirl duty. Potty training hard core day 3! I've got my sermon posted here. I couldn't wait to talk about John, now if I can only get as interested in all the other stuff that has to happen! Prayers and blessings. Oh, and bacon, egg, tomato, and toast for anyone whose hungry!

  2. Gals and Pals, I actually have two sermons to write today, as I am preaching at a service for bereaved people and families tomorrow afternoon. But let me drink my coffee first, okay?
    cpc, the kettle is whistling!

  3. Blessing on that double duty Songbird. We do a longest night service that always seems to be very holy ground. I am up--not necessaarily at'em yet...Bring on the caffeine IV!

  4. I'm here! And going wild... right now I am stuck at too many thoughts and chaos but the research is done, it is mainly time to outline, push, prod and hopefully write.

    Of course I have The Boy today so we shall see, we shall see.

  5. Quaker Pastor, it is good coffee, I promise, and it's even Fair Trade!
    will smama, I am dreaming of a long nap for your boy, and possibly some really good video, too.

  6. Hi all to you preaching types, from the pew sitter here. This morning I am waiting for the plumber (who works as a teacher in real life) and 10 year old daughter and I will watch Amahl and the Night Visitors - I linked it to Amazon for more information.

    Not to distract you from your work, but please remember if you are doing any shopping on Amazon this month, to go through the link on Revgalblogpals and the organization will benefit.

    Now back to the regular scheduled preacher party.

    I have some muesli if anyone wants some.

  7. I'm doing John the Baptist and the Isaiah text for mine - all bundled up in a choice challenge drawn from John's challenge about bearing fruit:
    Are you a Christmas tree (displaying your gifts) or a yule log (without growth and destined for the fire!) which is all rather radical for me - I might have to go out shopping and see what they have in my size in the camel hair range!!

  8. Good morning! I'm doing Isaiah and Romans focusing on hope. I've finished a draft (I try to write on Thursday) but I'm unhappy with the sappy story I used. I need to find another story or two. I'm going to see if I can find anything in Mandela's biography.

    I blew off jogging on Thursday and didn't make up for my lazyness on Friday, so I'm sitting here dressed in my running clothes so I'll get out. I hate jogging. But, it is the only thing I do that I will do with enough intensity to get my heart rate up.

    And I have got to get the kitchen cleaned up. And vacuum the living room.

  9. Ecumenical celebration at my place today.

  10. Well I'm out there with John. Our Advent theme this year is "journeying," so I will probably focus on the "What did you go out there to see?" angle--what are we looking for?

    Feeling slow this morning--out too late last night!

    I'll have some coffee! And I have fresh sesame bagels to share, although I forgot the cream cheese.

  11. Oh and I have a wedding at noon, plus some shopping to do on the way home. So let me know if anyone needs anything!

  12. Off to a rocky start today, and the weather forecast looks like snow / freezing rain today and tomorrow. This always makes me nervous. When do I make the call? I don't want my folks driving in this stuff any more than I want to. Meanwhile, hubby is laid up with a bad leg - keep it elevated until Wednesday (Cabin fever city, here), Daughter is off taking the ACT, Son is doing what son does. I'm supposed to go to a fiber artist friend's open house this afternoon, but may cancel because of the weather. So many decisions. And what to preach if I do....? Comfort food is definitely in order. Biscuits and gravy anyone?

  13. Commandeering my cat's account for a while.

    I have leftover birthday cake, and some really bad takeout chinese. Oh, and milk. Farmfresh milk, even!

    I'm doing Isaiah for sure (and freely acknowledge I'm going to re-use an illustration that I used a year ago for a sermon on 1 Cor 13)and I might end up throwing in a little John the Baptist, although that will probably irritate the congregation since it isn't going to be read. This would be the downside of selecting your sermon texts in September.

    I don't know.
    I really have nothing, so it's time to get at 'em.

    If you click through to the cat's page, you can see his Christmas outfit.

  14. Mmmmmm ... biscuits and gravy. Yuuuummmm.

    But I can't. My driveway is masquerading as a hockey rink, so I must de-ice it before more snow comes tonight and tomorrow.

    Then I'll be back to "walking on the wildside, just like John." Or something like that.

  15. I'm Amahl-ing too! Our choir presents Amahl and the Night Visitors tomorrow as the message, so all I have to do is pray for the people. It's so nice to have a Sunday with only two (instead of three) services and where I have to do very gives time for some of that other Advent stuff to get done. But have I taken advantage of that this week? not really. Do I have prayers written that might potentially draw on some Amahl themes? nope. Have I finished the confirmation lesson plan for tomorrow? nope. What did I do all week? unsure. ;-)
    okay, I'm getting up...thanks for the tea and coffee--I am in need...must. get. friendly. as we have the church cookie walk this morning (our largest fundraiser, draws in community people and the newspaper...ugh...)....

  16. Biscuits and gravy and other brunch items sound LOVELY. I continue to plug along with a potentially very intense, highly emotional morning ahead of me tomorrow.

    For those who follow my blog it seems THAT family will be joining us in worship tomorrow. Right now my sermon is heavily leaning towards encouraging us to make the hard choices in order to lead a new life in Christ. For tomorrow, this may not be a bad message at all.

    I love Advent... so relaxing.

  17. I got my sermon done early since this weekend is the play that my choir puts on for the community is last night and tonight. I have some virtual oat scones to share. My daily dose of Grape Nuts wasn't enough.

    I went with the Boy Scout theme of Be Prepared and addressed repentance. You can see it here.

  18. I am so lacking motivation. Anyone have any to share? I have to preach the first time in about 7 hours and only have about a quarter of what I need and it's all fluff so far. Guess I should try to get a main point in there.

  19. Good morning! What a beautiful day. The long-awaited rain has cleared the sky, so there are little puffy clouds and below them the snow capped mountains. Here in the valley it's sweater weather. A perfect day for coffee on the patio with Mr. Whiskers the Bunny.

    I'm using Isaiah today and jumping off from the Lion and Lamb story in A Meditation on Peace that I gave at a retirement home earlier in the week. The question I will pose to the congregation is "What are the lions that keep your heart from being peaceful?"

    Have some errands to run this morning and an obligation party later today - yuck - but I'll be popping in and out. Songbird, is it too late for some of that breakfast you're offering?

  20. Alas, nothing that exciting culinary coming from our household, just good old maple brown sugar oatmeal. Which is good on a -6 degree day!
    The last time we came around to these texts, I used Edward Hicks' incredible "Peacable Kingdom" paintings and life story to highlight the Isaiah text. I commend him and them to you! This year, I am captivated by wild man John. I think I'm going to connect to the Luke 1 text, where he kicks his mom, while still in womb, in recognition of Jesus when Mary comes to visit them. He's still doing what he can to point us to Christ, which means waking us up and shaking us up.

  21. p.s., I did the same thing three years ago. I wasn't planning to this time, but I *am* in a different setting, so it's certainly possible to add them to the Time with the Children.
    I have a lot of threads, but they are not as yet a piece of fabric.
    My goal is to get to work on Sunday morning's sermon now, get out for a walk mid-afternoon, then come back and do the piece for the bereavement service.
    Anyone ready for a fresh pot of coffee?

  22. I'm on a quest to make the perfect scone, and today's effort is pretty darn good...

    The sermon's all about John. I'm starting with that classic rock song "Wild Thing" and focusing on John's preaching that points to why we need Emmanuel...

    and now off to make a birthday cake for the other priest at my church...

  23. So I'm trying to write this sermon with no motivation and not much time while my cheap husband is trying to blow up our house. Okay, it's not quite that bad, but we got a new stove (gas) and he wouldn't pay $65 to get it delivered/installed, so now he can't get the old one fully disconnected and the new one in place. And he's frustrated and so I'm frustrated. It would have been worth much more than $65 to have this done right!

  24. I'm going with John, but that's it so far. I'm hoping to do something with the image of refining fire - after spending alot of time in Yellowstone this year, I learned alot about the massive fire there back in 1986. The policy had alwayas been to fight the fires, but this one was so massive and out-of-control that they just decided to let it burn itself out. All of the experts thought the park was devastated and was done for. But they found that the aspens and pines rebounded much faster than expected - something about intensive heat causing the pine cones to explode and scatter seeds. They discovered that bears graze more frequently in burned areas than unburned areas. The grasses that the elk eat were more nutritious after the fire. Cavity-nesting birds, like bluebirds, found more nesting areas. When we were just there we saw many beautiful valleys and contours to the landscape that we wouldn't have been able to see without the fire.

    I have homemade cocoa mix and homemade marshmallows (which are incredibly easy to make).

  25. So I was excited to get to preach about john the baptist as he is one of my favorites and this is my first advent preaching.. but I'm on page and stuck and I need one more page at least. Maybe some home turkey rice soup for lunch will getting me going again.. anyone want some?

  26. No manuscript this week. I'm going to take fruit to church (enough to share)... and talk about how many people it takes to get the fruit prepared for us to eat... from seed to table. The text from Matthew calls us to bear fruit... and I think that fruit isn't just about our individual work/lives... but how it takes all of us working together... to bring seeds of salvation to the table of others.

    It's probably obvious from this blurb... I'm not there yet... but I will be soon. For each of you... I have brought all sorts of fruit to share. Peace...

  27. Good day, all!

    I am not preaching tomorrow. The choir is singing and my associate is delivering a short meditation. It should be nice.

    So, I am baking in stead. You can go here to see what I'm up to. Forgive my dweebish foolishness. I am having fun with the digital camera.

  28. Rev Kim - I wanna try some of the homemade marshmallows - I would never even think to try and make them!!

    I'm focusing on the wilderness and the hope - This is the second year in a row that our parish is experienceing an actively dying very vital member. Last year it was the rector's wife, today it is our senior warden. I believe that we are in the wilderness here and we need to hear the invitation of "Prepare the way - the Kingdom of God is Near." I feel the need to acknowledge the grief and desolation of our wilderness and offer a peek into the hope of the Kingdom...

    Can I do it? I will trym with God's help... any thought you all have are appreciated.

  29. Elastigirl, with God's help, you will bring a word of grace, I feel sure.

    Is it time for lunch yet?

  30. rev kim--I want your marshmallow recipe. I made them last year but I thought it was not so easy. Your recipe must be better than mine! Please share! Wouldn't mind seeing your hot cocoa mix recipe either; I'm tired of mine.
    I'm with John, contrasting him with Jesus. The title is "THe Last of the Old-Time Prophets" and the theme is the contrast between how God chooses to reach us thru JOhn and then Jesus...same message, different means. It's half done, which is good as we have afternoon festivities and then I am doing a candlelight "remembrance service" at the local cemetry for the Girl Scouts. Let you know how that turns out...I agreed to do it with the understanding that someone would tell me what had been done before, but no one has. So I'm winging it. One GS leader did suggest singing "Jingle Bells" as the younger scouts really like it.
    I'm not going to do that!

  31. I'm feeling like it's time for the human to stop looking at the computer and play with MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyone have any greenies? toys? string?

  32. I am at the church now, waiting for the Christmas tea to begin. I love the hive of busyness and laughter coming up from the kitchen as folks prepare to greet our guests.

    I've been here awhile as the liturgical dancers came to rehearse their dance for tomorrow's service. They are brilliant. They are dancing to Il Divo's "Rejoice".

    The song starts with these words: "Where did I misplace my faith? Where did I set it down?" and goes on to sing of the joy of searching for and then finding a renewed relationship with God.

    I'm thinking I will tie that in with the sermon - the fact that John didn't just show up on people's doorsteps. BBT talks about how the people really had to *want* to find John out in the wilderness. The dancers are embodying the joy of that seeking, and I will add a few words to back it up.

    It feels like the dancers are the preachers tomorrow, and I LOVE that. I love hearing the word in a new way.

    Clearly they have ministered to me today, and I'm so excited that they will be ministering to all of us tomorrow.

    In the meantime, I'll have some tea.

  33. Elastigirl & revanne - I wish I could say they are "mine", but they're not. Here's the cocoa recipe and here's the marshmallow recipe. On the marshmallows, I don't do the toasted coconut part - just spray the bottom of the pan with non-stick spray and dust it with confectioner's sugar. Also, with the cocoa I mix mine w/milk - very rich! Don't know what I would do without this particular website!

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

  34. Hi all,

    I'm at church where there is a lot going on--cookie sale, Christmas music played by orchestra members from the nearby high school, chili/hot dog sale for lunch, and the Alternative Christmas fair.

    I started my sermon yesterday, and about 2/3 the way through, and will finish it tonight. John is "out there" and I'm hanging out with him.

  35. well, i wrote my sermon on wednesday/thursday, but i lost the original last paragraph and the whole thing was WAY too long. it was a kitchen sink kind of week. a friend helped me figure out what i could cut and i'm polishing now.

    i'm very hungry... cpclergymama's breakfast sounds like it would hit the spot.

    we had a three hour community choir rehearsal this morning so i'm finishing the sermon later than usual.

  36. Thanks, rev kim!
    I am in the church now, meaning to work on my sermon, and of course, I don't have the battery to my laptop, and of course, I played games last night while Ben watched tv. So I'll be in and out...but while I'm in, I can listen to the organist play Christmas carols on the pipe organ. Not a bad day at all!

  37. Phew! One down, at least as a draft!!
    We're going out to walk the dogs and then I'll have a crack at number two!

    Can I get anything for anyone while I'm out?

  38. previous comment makes more sense if I note that it's the battery charger I'm missing...and headed home for right now.

  39. The Boy is played out and napping... back to work!

    Ooh, look - something sparkly!

    NO! Must. focus.


  40. It is our church's 60th birthday tomorrow, so our BISHOP is preaching, and we have only ONE service, which means I get to sleep in past 6:00 tomorrow.

    This morning, I had a meeting with some "inreach" callers (long story) and visited a man in hospice care.

    Now we are engaging in that advent activity: cleaning. Dishes, laundry, clutter, sick dog.

    My best image for the Isaiah text ever came from a parish member who relayed the time they had to cut down a red maple, as it had a disease. But her husband took his time dealing with the stump. And a little while later some shoots appeared on the stump. Except it wasn't a red maple; now it was a green maple. It is still in their yard, by their reports, the tallest tree, and the last to lose its leaves in the fall.

  41. Thanks to you Rev Gals and the Tues. Lectionary chit chat, and Songbird's sermon title, I am done! I'm using Isaiah and then going to Matt. for John the Baptist and wildness stuff. I decided to use a picture from "Where the Wild Things Are"--hope folks are okay with that. I drew the line at playing "Wild Thing." LOL!

    I'm baking today, and will do a bit of polishing on the sermon later on.

    Meanwhile, there is a large pot of pizza soup on the stove. (Tomato, with onions, mushrooms, meatballs, macoroni, etc. and cheese on top). And there are some slices of garlic bread if anyone wants to pop them under a broiler to heat up. My oven is busy with cookies.

  42. My house really needs to be straightened up, you know. And those CDs have not been alphabetized in YEARS.

    I majored in distraction in college.


  43. Couple is married! Very sweet and nice, but theologically on a different page than I took some negotiating, but all went well.

    Afterwards, to a fundraising candle sale (for medical bills for my musician), to our local 10,000 Villages for Christmas presents, and to the local record shop for my personal gift to myself. And imagine my delight when the cashier was a new friend I had made just last night! The drummer in the band I went to hear, whose CD I was buying to give myself for Christmas...:)

    Anyway, half my Christmas shopping is done now, I'm immersed in the new CD, and I'm focusing on finishing up, as I want to be done so I can read a novel, eat popcorn, drink wine and listen to the new CD (again) tonight.

  44. Joining you from the Minneapolis airport, where I'm praying that weather and airline stupidity doesn't keep me from getting home tonight, and also that I can get some progress made on this sermon. Struggling yet again with lack of motivation. Repeat with me: I will get this sermon done, I will get this sermon done, it will not be a piece of crap, it will not be a piece of crap...

  45. Greetings all--I'm finding the party this week extremely helpful! I'm focusing on the stump/shoot imagery in Isaiah (although I would like to bring in J-Bap somewhere if possible) and there are some beautiful images here to add to the few I already thought of.

    Slept in, skipped the tree decorating that was supposed to happen (did it happen? no clue, we'll find out tomorrow), finally convinced myself to put down the Christmas knitting and get started.

    I often wish I served churches or a church where more was going on...but reading all these comments makes me a bit glad there ISN'T more going on in Advent here! Whew!

  46. Stacey, so glad you've discovered my mantra. It's great for keeping me up on Saturday nights.
    Can you steal, I mean, borrow someone's sermon to get you though? I'll offer mine, such as it is, as soon as I finish it.

  47. Folks, we're quoting John Lennon. This is a true sign that it's time to break out the collars and leashes. Sigh.

    In the meantime, the animals in my house are doing their best to help me preach peace by not fighting for the first time in days.


  48. first draft is ready, if anyone's interested in it. I'm off to do the Girl Scout Remembrance thingy.

  49. Hadn't thought of that one, SB. Maybe there's time to add that one it, too!

  50. Just joining the party- it is late here, and today has been a struggle- my few words are here comments welcome... comments needed!!!

  51. pizza soup singing owl- really?

  52. I forgot to say that, thanks to Rainbow Pastor, I got inspired, sorta. Recently she shared a verse called "A Candle is Burning" which was from the Uniting Church of Canada and was to be sung to the tune of "Away in a Mager." I wanted to sing it this Sunday, but it was too short, and it just didn't work to sing "Away in a Manger." So I added two more verses. Here they are:


    A candle is burning,
    A flame warm and bright,
    A candle of hope in December's dark night.
    While angels sing blessings from heaven's starry sky,
    Our hearts we prepare now,
    for Jesus is nigh.

    A candle is burning,
    A flame warm and bright,
    A candle of joy in the Bethlehem night,
    The shepherds rejoice as they worship the Son,
    The darkness is vanquished,
    The victory won.

    A candle is burning,
    A flame warm and bright,
    A candle of love in the darkness tonight,
    The Father sent Jesus, to save us from sin,
    The Light of the World,
    Won't you let Him come in?

  53. Yep. :-) I know it sounds goofy, but it is really good. Basically just a basic tomato soup that I make with diced tomatoes, and then add the other stuff.

  54. btw- was looking up the lyrics for Jeus loves me this I know for Hannah's funeral next week and found this somehow I think we'll be dropping a few verses!!!

  55. ppb - cd's haven't been alphabetized, hee, hee, hee.

    I have a first draft. Phew. To the showers for me and then a re-read. I might actually be able to go to the party tonight for two hours instead of my normal one.

    Of course my house is totally trashed but... whatever.

    You all sound like you are making some GREAT headway.

    Okay, and NEW RULE - if you are one of the first ummm, let's say 20 people to comment at the preacher party you are not allowed to say you are done. Lie if you have to 'cause when semfem or rp or I read that 12 hours PLUS later it makes us want to cry.
    And covet.
    And steal.

    And potentially say the Lord's name in vain.

    Murder? eh... we'll leave it at cry, covet and steal.

    will smama. out.

  56. ummm, I hope the tone of joking and light hearted came out in the above comment.

    Yes, I am cutting off the caffeine.
    right. now.

  57. Sally some of those verses are just, well. Words fail me, for once.

    Yeah, what WS said.

    Draft pretty much done. Packing it in anyway. Will polish tonight or in the morning.

    I like the new verses to CiB, SO!

  58. I am done with my message and enjoying A Prairie Home Companion with a glass of doesn't get any better than this ;)

  59. Remembrance service was not good. I cried. Note to self: when you suspect you may have some unresolved grief-type stuff, don't go to the candlelight service at the cemetery and try to tell other people it'll be okay.
    Actually I think the service didn't suck. It's not how I'd ordinarily try to convey a sense of authenticity, but it worked.
    I will probably say "no" if they ask me again next year...but I bet they won't.

  60. Here is partly where I’m headed – my twin’s godparents are missionaries in Uganda. They had heard about a group pf pygmies called the Batwa pygmies who had been ordered to leave their home in a particular forest, called the Deep Impenetrable Forest, so that the country could better service tourists who were coming to look at a certain type of gorilla.

    The pygmies presence interfered with tourist trade. This had ben their home ever since they appeared on this planet and when they left, and scattered to various places, they were dying of things like the common cold. They had no resistance to diseases that others had built up immunities to. So Dr. Scott Kellerman and his wife Carol set off to build communities for pygmies to live in together, and began bringing in vaccinations, refrigeration for medicine, etc.

    This is an email I got from Scott a few months ago -

    Dear Rob and Debra, Greetings from the Bwindi.

    We recently had a visit from Seth, (their son) who is now an Episcopal pastor in Dallas. He brought a youth team of 14 with him. They built two houses for the Batwa, participated at a mobile medical clinic, played with the kids at the schools and did dramatizations of the parable "the Good Samaritan".

    Saturday we worked at a Batwa settlement atop a steep hill. All were exhausted after the climb and weather threatened to terminate the home building efforts early. Little progress was being made, the mobile clinic proceeded slowly and the clouds continued to gather. The kids volunteered that they needed to do some ministry before the rain chased us off the mountain. After several worship songs they performed the "Good Samaritan", they substituted a Mutwa (pygmy) for the Samaritan and then asked for questions. The Batwa became very animated and vocal and talked about the demons that they worshiped when they lived in the forest but over the last few years they had found out about a Ruhanga (God) who loved them.

    Seth told them that Ruhanga loved them so much that He sent His Son to die for them. This produced another series of questions and then one Mutwa asked what was necessary to accept Jesus Christ. Seth told him that it was a free gift and he just needed to open his heart in prayer. The man immediately ran off and Seth was a bit chagrined… but… he shortly retuned with his son so that he also could have Jesus. A large portion of the village of Mpungu became Christians that day and after the last person was prayed for, rolling thunder began, and everyone praised God as all descended from the mountain top.
    The following day I had arranged for Seth to preach in church. The local pastor was unavailable but I assured Seth that they could communicate prior to the service. The usual crowd of around 500 turned up but the pastor was strangely absent. The choir began lively worship songs and after a half hour the pastor appeared, gave a hand shake to Seth and sat down a distance away. Seth felt a bit nervous as the youth group introduced themselves in the local language and then several gave testimonies about their lives. They then performed a dramatization of the Good Samaritan which was very well received. Seth did have a brief discussion with the pastor during the singing prior to his sermon and mentioned that he might ask for folks to come forward, the pastor seemed confused but agreed. Seth gave an inspired sermon focusing on how we are all called to be like the Good Samaritan but in reality the Good Samaritan is Jesus bidding us to physical and spiritual health. Seth then asked if there was anyone in the congregation who wanted to give their life to Jesus or needed to be healed of spiritual or physical afflictions. There was a long pause after the request was translated but eventually a few folks stood up. Suddenly there was an explosive response as a crowd of 200+ surged to the altar. The pastor asked Seth what they were to do next. Seth said he wasn’t sure as he had never done this before but that these people needed to be prayed for. The pastor suggested that perhaps a group prayer would be expeditious but Seth thought that individual prayer would be more appropriate. “That would take a long time” responded the pastor but he agreed. There ensued over two hours of prayers with three teams praying with individuals for physical or spiritual healing while the congregation sang worship songs. The service continued for almost 5 hours eventuating with multiple offertories and a lively auction where the youth group bought a goat and many other items. The youth group agreed that it was the most inspirational service that they had ever attended and suggested that the US Episcopal churches should replicate it but considered that it would take the average pew sitter a while to get used to.

    Wish that you were here!!

  61. RevAnne - I think maybe it's okay that you cried. Of course I wasn't there. But when you are in a wilderness of's good to know that the person giving you a message of hope isn't all "pie in the sky, I'm just fine thanks."

    This goes along with Elastigirl's sermon tomorrow. It will be very difficult and while she will be borne up by our prayers, I also expect to hear that she, too, is in pain over the situation. (Did I mention I get to hear it first hand?)

    Blessings all.

  62. Re-joining you from O'Hare airport, with more (not to be confused with all, or even most) of a sermon finished. I really want to be home now. Since I'm not, I'm going to go back to transferring my longhand sermon into typed sermon. Over and out, until 11 or so when I'll finally be home and can join the late-birds in that truly 11th hour writing.

  63. Well, I guess I'm not preaching tomorrow after all. The ice is getting worse, and supposed to keep on all night. I've talked to the head trustee at each church, and we all agreed to call it. Now to get it on the TV stations. Somewhere I have an email that gives the secret code... Meanwhile, Turkey and dumplings for dinner..there's plenty for all. Blessings on your sharing of the Word tomorrow.

  64. (((RevAnne)))
    I'll be telling a personal story of loss as part of the message at the service for the bereaved tomorrow, and may well be in the same boat.
    Meanwhile, I have a draft of my a.m. sermon up on my blog. will smama, is it okay when it's almost 8 p.m. Eastern? ;-)

  65. Okay, I wonder if I held on to the Edward Hicks thing subconsciously, because after throwing out the entirety of draft 1,I went with Hicks. I wonder if I remembered it or not. (I came to it while googleing how to spell peaceable.) Hmmmm....

    Still not done. Am I the only person who regularly writes and destroys ENTIRE sermons? Right now the only phrase in common is "amen." Why am I so inefficient?

  66. crappity, crappity, crappity crap.

    Am I the only one still working?

  67. ppb--nope, you're not the only one at all.
    I'm polishing...and making monkey bread for tomorrow's Sunday School breadfast. Mmm...cinnamon!

  68. PPB--no, of course you are not the last one left working!

    Although I, strangely enough, may actually be finished. (And it's not even midnight yet!) The ending kind of sucks, so it needs a bit of work, but it's miles ahead of where I usually am at 9:30 pm.

    (Maybe I'll work on my short reflection for tomorrow night? Ack.)

    will smama, I lightheartedly and jokingly agree with you. And I support all who have the courage to bring deep personal stories into the pulpit. It's not easy.

  69. I'm still here, too. With a long way to go yet. I have been sitting at this computer ALL DAY, but it's amazing how many distractions one can find. I keep hoping the ice storms might head my way, but to no avail. Yikes!

  70. Oh, what a day...finally, a chance to drop in at the party... mostly just in time to say good night...I have posted my sermon here.

    I'll be back in few days...please pray for me on this trip and round of interviews...

    ok. party on...

  71. oh, yeah, that is if the "mixed wintery weather" forecast allows us to fly...the threat of ice storms makes it all rather tenuous....sigh...I'm hoping it either rains or snows but no ice and sleet...

  72. Is "stumpy" a word?
    And does it matter?
    Can I use it in my sermon?

    As in, "To many people, the situation looked pretty stumpy."

  73. Ooh, can I say "kiss their butts" in my sermon?

    As in, "Maybe there WAS a king coming to free them from the Romans, not just kiss their butts!"

  74. Stumpy is a word.
    And sleepy is a condition.
    And good night is a way of saying farewell for now.
    Last one up, turn out the light?

  75. semfem, "stumpy" is a new word in my lexicon, but I like it! If I'm interpreting right, it means the situation was not altogether good. Sort of like a tree that is now a stump. Am I on the right track?

    My sermon is done, but it sucketh. They can't all be winners. As I mentioned earlier, the liturgical dancers are really bringing the word tomorrow anyway. Thanks be!

  76. All right! "Stumpy" is in, thanks to Songbird and Sue.

    Now, somebody pleeeease say I can use "kiss their butts"? Pretty pretty please?

  77. I could easily get away with saying "kiss their butts" at my church, so I say GO FOR IT!

    And I like the word "stumpy" too. I am feeling rather stumpy right now.

  78. Woohoo! presby babe said I could! "kiss their butts" is in!

    Really, the only people who will get upset (I think/hope) are the people who can't hear me anyway and won't move away from the back of the church. And it might be just what we need, 3/4 of the way through, to keep everyone engaged. Politically I think many will be able to relate to the desire for a leader, not a butt-kisser.

    If it flops...well, lesson learned, I guess! Sermon printing right now, glory be.

    Prayers for all those feeling stumpy. And blessings on all preaching, proclamation, pondering and preparation tomorrow. I'm off to shower, knit and sleep.

  79. You said butt!
    hee hee !

    Every 5th grader in church will applaud.

    Actually, could you say kiss their sweet patooties instead? I've always wanted to work "sweet patooties" into a sermon and haven't had a chance.


  80. Okay, I am closer to being finished. At least I have a beginning and an ending. Still need some more meat in the middle. I think I'll go spend some time on tomorrow's Bible study lesson and then head to bed. The early alarm will provide some time to finish up.

  81. PPB: we have a volunteer receptionist at the church who greets many people, myself included, with "Hey, sweet patootie!"
    I don't know whether to be insulted or flattered.
    I'm settling for a sort of gentle bewilderment.
    Bread is done. Sermon is done. Time for sleeping.
    Peace and blessings, all. And thanks for the hugs tonight.

  82. I'm back at last, and I think I finished my sermon on the plane, so I'm printing and reviewing. However, I'm not sticking around, because I left the power cord for my laptop in Minnesota. Crap, crap, crap. It's definitely not time to use up my last hour of power, so it must be time for bed. Blessings, all.


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