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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Prayer

God of our Advent waiting, bless every searching heart as we make our way toward the celebration of Christmas. Thank you for the blessings of the season – gatherings that bring smiles and embraces – and souls that have found peace in the sense of your presence even amidst the chaos we know as Christmas.

For those who have food, shelter and love in abundance, may there be gratitude and sharing. For those whose struggle in life is too deep for words, may there be unexpected blessings and a sign of hope for the future.

God, we pray for all we have named here today and all we know to have need of your healing presence. We pray especially for those who are grieving at this time of the year, for those who are ill, or any who will be traveling.

We pray for all who are seeking a sense of purpose in this life, that their thirsty souls will be filled with a deep sense of your goodness and grace. God of our Advent searching, be with all who venture into the wilderness of the heart’s tenderness. May we find you wherever we go, and may we have strength to prepare the way for the One who came to show us your Way, Jesus Christ, who taught his friends to pray together saying…



  1. Thank you Sue. Beautiful words for my heart to hear this morning.

  2. That is a beautiful prayer, Sue.
    Thanks for sharing it. Hope is
    what we all need at these times.

    As we pray at my church, New Life,
    I'll include some of your thoughts.


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