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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Little Celebration

I don't know what is in the air for January, but there has been a flurry of activity of book purchases through Amazon. The Lenten book Bread and Wine has been very popular!!! Go to Amazon or to the links on the sidebar whenever you purchase ANY item and RGBP will benefit. THANK YOU for all who go through our links to purchase items. Hopefully in the near future, we will share some great books purchased - and don't forget if you are purchasing multiple copies (as for a book group), we benefit from that also.

Keep it up! What have you purchased through Amazon lately??


  1. Too much to be listed...
    (better stated: What have I NOT purchased from Amazon??)

    But also I've sold 255 books (as of today) on Amazon since September. It's part of my decluttering the house....

  2. lol - my answer is like RM's but I buy through because the postage to Finland from .com is way too high! (too bad Rev Gals can't benefit from that yet! I'm sure Sally (eternal echoes) and I could make a significant contribution to the revgal economy - but maybe less than RM.

  3. I buy thro' chiefly...and I've bought "God's Advocates" (Rupert Shortt), "The Stream & the Sapphire" (Denise Levertov) -- thanks to Come to the Table for the recommendation; and Quotidian Mysteries (Norris).

  4. Hijacking the celebration for a celebration of my own...
    I got my personal art!!

    I now return you to the Amazon book discussion....

  5. I live in a big city where I can get most anything I want, so I haven't purchased anything on Amazon lately. But, I have both Bread and Wine, and Listening for God, and am working on them.

    I admire reverend mommy and hope to aspire to emulate her someday.

  6. I try to keep our locally owned bookstore in business - but pre-ordered Phyllis Tickle's new book Words of Jesus. Also Stephen Mitchell's Psalms.


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