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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Many Things

I'm hanging fire at Katherine's place, waiting for the advent of the NEW! BABY! GIRL! Please go on over and visit the new nursery, and give K. an encouraging word...

Sally shares "New Name, New Voice," a reflection on John 4.

I know you all know Leah Sophia, who joins us frequently from her blog, Desert Spirit's Fire. She is an amazingly talented graphic designer, and at her testimony blog, This Far By Faith, she shares a graphics series of Bob Dylan's song, "Father of Night." She says, "I'm also entering it in the spring liturgical arts exhibit and competition at one of our local churches." Good luck, and we will enjoy it in our far-flung blog locations, too. It's a series of eight posts; view them in order here: Father of night, day, darkness away; birds, rainbows, loneliness, pain; father of love, rain, day; father of night, black, white, mountain so high; cloud, time, dreams; rivers, streams, grain, wheat, cold; father of heat, air, trees; hearts, memories, minutes, days, praise.

If you want to hear Bob Dylan singing the song, "Father of Night," check this out. The movie has nothing to do with LS's designs but is charming on its own.

And further to stretching your creativity, you are cordially invited to join Christine at the Abbey of the Arts 11th Poetry Party!

The Wing├ęd Man is back, with a new post titled Solitude in the City: Merton, Silence, and a New Cell Phone.

Here's a shout out to last week's Friday Five! Mother Laura says, "I was completely inspired by last week’s Friday Five and have made available on the web two of the expansive language liturgical resources I hope to eventually publish. Sophia’s Rosary is explained here and Sophia Compline (Night Prayer) here.
A thousand thanks to RevHRod for the bonus question and to Mrs. M., Diane, and Presbyterian Gal for their eagerness to see the works…"

Finally, many of you will remember Bad Alice and her husband Jeff (Still Jewish), They have had several serious health problems over the past few years, and now their daughter Firecracker is having even more problems, a serious and scary diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis. She will be having brain surgery on February 8, one day before her birthday. Please visit their Caring Bridge site; I'm sure they'd appreciate knowing that the RevGals are holding them up in prayer.

What are you doing today? what posts would you like to share? Please let us know in the comments.


  1. Oh, come visit and see where my daughter has been!

  2. I believe there's always a spiritual lesson in most of the mundane tasks we do...I invite readers to tell me the lesson to be learned from my recent "fun" in the snow.

  3. I just posted my thoughts on today's Hollywood stars and film! Check it out!

  4. I'm trying to write my annual report, and resisting the double-dog-dare of my son-in-law (aka director of music in the parish) to describe our activities as a series of sitcoms...

  5. I share my experience of being Lutheran for a day here.

  6. I'm sharing my adventures in Africa

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  8. OK, I keep trying to post a link and it doesn't want to work. My blog and Africa adventures are at

  9. Prayers to Firecracker and Bad Alice.
    May God bless and keep you.

  10. I blogged about a teen I know who could use some prayers. You can find out how I know him here.

    Or go directly to his blog where you can leave him a little note of encouragement.

  11. I posted some thoughts after seeing the movie "Amazing Grace". There are other kinds now, refined....what do you think?

    I believe we aren't done with this and that Amazing Grace is needed still.


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