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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Video - Bach Fugue in D major, BWV 532

When I go searching for a music video to place on Sunday afternoons, I usually begin with the hymns recommended for the particular Sunday in the lectionary. As Youtube is forever adding new videos, it's always interesting to see what is out there. Well, on the side of the videos there are related videos you can visit, which may be something you would be of interest. Well, being that I did no sit in any pew this Sunday, but the BENCH with the ivories in this case, I gravitated to the organ selections.

Please, believe me, I am only an imposter when I sit in front of the 2 manuals. And the manual at my feet? Mercy. I don't do feet. (oh how I wish I did!). Anyway, I share with you a video of a Bach Fugue and keep your eyes on this video as Alison Luedecke plays, especially towards the end - how DOES she do it(and my goodness, she does do feet!)? You can also find this in a recording here (support her and RGBP!)

Needless to say, this is NOT what I played for this Sunday, though I did play a Handel Voluntary (which I could not find on the video scene), so I leave you with this. Again, this will be one you will want to watch - she is very talented.

So, with that being watched and said, what did you sing, play, or hear in worship today?


  1. I choose the hymns, and even sing them on Sunday's....but I'll be darned if I can remember what they are when I leave...but let me try...

    We sang a "Gloria in excelsis deo" from the authorized Supplemental service music for includes a "clap" and is fun to sing. The Offertory was from our Cursillo hymn book, "I've Decided to Follow Jesus"...and "As with gladness men of old." (#119)

    although we should have sung, "The people who in darkness walked" (#126).

  2. OMG...I just watched the must be exhausted by the end of that one piece....

  3. I'm a hymn chooser, too. I picked a favorite that was featured here a couple of weeks ago -- "Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore". We also sang "Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love". I'm not as familiar with the praise music, but loved the one the ensemble director chose. It's going to make a reappearance at my installation in a few weeks, I decided. I think it was called "River of God", but I can't find anything that sounds like it on the internet. I'll have to ask the director where she found it. Good stuff.

  4. We sang,"Lord, You Have Come to the Lakeshore" too. Our anthem was the Whittier poem, "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" with music by Parry, and our wonderful accompanist played a Chopin prelude as the offertory, with an arrangement of "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus" as the postlude. How's that for diversity?

  5. We sang Crown Him with Many Crowns, Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples and Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service. That last one we sung to Nettleton (Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing) because the tune in the Pres. Hymnal was not familiar to our congregation. The choir sang Go Light Your World (Chris Rice), a trumpet player played Amazing Grace for the offertory, and we did This Little Light of Mine for the postlude (last minute inspirational change) for the 3rd service. Over all, a good music morning.

    Oh, and the best - the kids choirs sang beautifully. I was watching them from behind as I was sitting at the organ, but apparently at the 11:00 service, one of the little guys was doing something really funny 'cause the congregation could hardly contain their laughter. I saw one dad almost in tears he was trying so hard not to laugh. Turns out, our shyest little guy decided to start dancing instead of singing. What joy!

  6. Hymn Chooser myself as well. WE sang (#'s refer to Voices United, the United Church of Canada Hymn Book)

    402 We Are One
    602 Blest Be the TIe the Binds
    562 Jesus Calls Us
    567 Will You Come and Follow Me

  7. We sang:
    From Songs of fellowship:
    261 I Want to Walk with Jesus Christ
    1377 Jesus be the centre
    595 When I look into your holiness x2
    597 When Morning gilds the skies
    1120 Will you Come and Follow me
    21 And Can it Be

    That fugue is amazing!!! Thanks Cathy

  8. Our organist played that same fugue today! Wow!
    I'm a hymn selector.
    We sang "Two Fishermen", "God is My Strong Salvation" and "The Summons."
    The choirs (chancel and children's and handbells) sang/played "Set the Sun Dancing" (one of my favorites.....)
    A great morning for music!

  9. I just watched the fugue again, and HOW DOES SHE DO THAT???? (ummmm... lots and lots of practice) and the ability to get those hands and feet to work together.

    We also sang "The people who in darkness walked" and O Zion haste, and I for the life of me can't remember any others - I know their tunes, but can't come up with their first line.

  10. Jiff - you have a very talented organist!

    Sally, that fugue is amazing.

    I just watched Virgil Fox play it (another on Youtube) and HE played it and it was memorized. MEMORIZED!

  11. wow.
    that's all I can say about this video.

    We sang the celtic "I Owe My Lord A Morning Song" (from the Iona Community Worship Book), Lord You Have come to the Lakeshore, and God Whose Giving Knows No Ending. At the contemporary service we sang...umm...a Casting Crowns song (I can't remember the title right now...), another song I can't remember...this is going well...and "Kyrie Eleison" (from the 80's--"kyrie eleison down the road that I must travel..."). And we had the Ginny Owens song Be Still at all three services.

    Our choir sang We Rejoice to Be God's Chosen (John Bell) for the offertory at one service and it worked surprisingly well.

  12. I posted here about the song offered right before communion. It's based on Psalm 103:12.

    And I even offered a link to a video (sorry no blazing feet and hands and yards of Bach... but check it out anyway!)


  13. She Rev --
    I thnk I know a version of the song you are looking for. It's by Andy Park and is called "The River is Here"...

    Try this link for chords.

    It's a very joyful song!

  14. late this afternoon i attended a wonderful organ recital, and the featured artist played JSB's D Major prelude and fugue--one of my favorite recital pieces, too, and i almost was inspired to imagine serving again formally as a church musician, but in the long run, it would take lots more than that...sigh...

  15. but cathy--i just now noted your note--i also play the Big D BWV 532 from memory as well as at least a dozen more of JSB's major P&F's (and all the catechism chorales, the 18 great chorales, the 6 schubler chorales, etc.) and this is the 3rd town in a row the local AGO refuses to list me on their substitute organist the olden days, i believed my ability to play the organ, which includes exceptional leadership of hymns and liturgy, would be my ace in the hole, but that has proven a lie. off to read a little more in renita weems' book in order to psot a blog some time monday. sweet dreams, everyone!

  16. I'm a youth director, but fill in playing for services here and there. This Sunday was one of those days.

    Hymn of the Day was the hymn that I've selected as my processional hymn for my funeral (someday...hopefully not anytime soon): "Thy Strong Word." There was a baptism, so we did "Children of the Heavenly Father." Opening hymn was "We Are Walking in the Light of God." Closing hymn was "Praise the Light That Breaks the Darkness."

    For prelude I did an improvised "theme and variations" on one of my favorite hymns, "Canticle of the Turning." And for postlude, another improvisation...on "Holy, Holy Holy."

  17. Holy smokin' organ ranks! That's awesome.

    I'm usually just a singer, but I did help chose the processional: "Not here for high and holy things." Woot!

    Also sang "The people who in darkness walked." Anthems were "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" and the Mozart "Ave Verum Corpus." Closed with "Christ for the World we Sing"

  18. Wow, I could have gone to any of your services and found at least one hymn I knew and liked, I think. Mary Beth, I love Woodbine Willie's Song (Not here for high and holy things) -- in the Pilgrim Hymnal we just have the verses starting "Awake, awake to love and work." We sang that at my elder daughter's baptism and now she is preparing to be a RevGal! We had an odd service in some ways, farewell to a pastor with some conflict over the decision, so music reflected that. Bellringers did something called "Canticle of Hope," then we sang Taize "Lord Jesus Christ, Your Light Shines within Us" as introit. The choir sang three things: Ubi Caritas by Durufle, O How Amiable by R. Vaughan Williams, and A Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace...) by the ubiquitous John Rutter. Only 2 hymns for the congregation, The Church's One Foundation and Called as Partners in Christ's Service, which I consider one of the clunkier lyrics there is ("in a small or global sense," puh-lease!) but did serve as useful reminders that the church is not just the paid minister(s). Our organist right now is a college student, the regular one being on sabbatical, and my, she does a great job, at least to my untutored ears. This week she played a piece unfamiliar to me, Prelude sur chacun ton by Nicolas de Grigny. I am happy to see young people (such as the YouTube woman and our young lady) taking up the organ; past experience with other churches where I've worked and worshipped suggest that good organists are in shorter and shorter supply. Leah Sophia, maybe you should move to Minneapolis!

  19. Lots of treats at our place yesterday,musically speaking: "In Christ There Is No East or West" at the processional, gradual was "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" (too long for its place, I think), the offertory "Take My Life and Let It Be" and the Recessional was "Jesus Shall Reign," with the "peculiar honours" and all. Music Director picked the during-communion hymn, "Strengthen for Service, Lord", such a good eucharistic meditation. And the Postlude was the Bach "Fantasia in G Minor". Yum
    AHHHHHH the anthem -- "King Jesus Hath a Garden," which I've half-known forever but never before had all the words... "There naught is heard but Paradise bird,/ Harp, dulcimer, lute,/With cymbal, trump and tymbal,/And the tender, soothing flute." and in spite of the bitter cold and snow we had 17 in the choir...lovely

  20. Deb-
    You found it. That song was GREAT! We're going to use it again at my installation on Feb. 24. I'm going with a river theme since the beautiful river in town is one of the things that struck me first about this place as I was coming to visit to discern the call. We'll also sing "Shall We Gather at the River" in that service.


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