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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Prayer

Loving and Most Holy One, as we come to the end of this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we thank you for all of our sisters and brothers in faith, here in our city and all around the globe.

Help us to pray without ceasing for a coming together of all the friends and followers of Jesus, that we might together make all the difference in the world.

May our prayers take the form of peaceful living, lack of judgment against others, and shared celebration of our faith in you, O God. May we never cease to pray for those who seek to live in relationship with you as believers in your Way of peace, love and justice.

Bless those who need your holy, healing touch this day. For the wounds, visible and unseen, that we all carry – God, bring healing and hope. Bless us with your power and your presence, most Wondrous God, for it is by your grace that we live, love and follow in faith the One who calls us forward, Jesus Christ, who taught his friends to pray together saying…


  1. Morning is breaking through the darkness, a new day begins. Amen...amen (Ok, I know that is not where you were leading us, but...well, that's where I went)...morning!

  2. Hi Bloggy Friends, another quick comment from the church computer before I head home for the holy nap. I hope I get my homcomputer back by later today.
    Short version: Good church service! Afterwards visitors departed and church folks returned to the sanctuary and I read my resignation, not without a catch in my voice. I then read a sort of FAQ list of things I knew they would want to know. One of the deacons gave a very encouraging little impromptu speech, and then started crying when he said I was the best pastor he'd ever had. And, oh....oh...oh....EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the church gave me a hug, and every single one except one teenaged boy CRIED!

    I am astounded that so many seemed to have no clue this was coming. It was sweet to know they love me, but talk about HARD! A few people were sobbing openly....ACK! Anyway, it is done. And I am glad, and I am heading home for a nap. Thank you for the prayers and good wishes.

  3. ((((Singing Owl)))

    I was thinking of you today. I'm glad you received so many hugs and so much support.

    I hope you had a holy nap.


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