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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Prayer

God of all Goodness and Grace, we come before you with thankful hearts. Even in the midst of life’s difficulties, we find room to give thanks for the very power of your Spirit’s presence. We are not alone. You are with us. And so we give you thanks.

Thank you for this warm place to protect ourselves from winter’s harshness. Thank you for this sanctuary of our faith family, in whose warmth we are comforted, supported and challenged.

Bless our congregation, we pray. Guide us forward into our future, whatever that may bring. Bless all of your people, O God, who live and work for your church in the world. Help us to always keep our eyes and spirits focused on your invitation to serve in the name of Jesus. May we serve with honour and integrity at every turn.

God of Compassion, bless those who need your warm and healing touch upon them. Bring peace, comfort and strength to your children who suffer right now...

...the grieving, the lost, the angry, the lonely, the hungry, the homeless, the cold, the abandoned, the desperate, the despairing and the dying...all these and so many more..are in need of your hand upon them. May they know your presence and feel your power.

Bless us God as we lean into the days and weeks ahead of us, for we do so at the invitation of the One who calls us forward in faith, Jesus Christ – who taught us to pray together saying…

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  1. Sue...thank you for this lovely prayer! It's windy here today and the image of leaning into God was so evocative.


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