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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, RevGals and Pals! Hoping that 2008 has started out for you with promise and joy.

We are all out of the habit of nominating posts for the Wednesday Festival, so let's get back to it! For today, of course, you can just share in the comments. In future weeks, please send your nominations from ring members' blogs in by Monday night to

For today, a few choice and lovely items:

Oh what a wonderful Night Visitor Story! You will not be disappointed reading this from Reverenda Rosa.

And if you need a laugh, you should see Natalie's great story of her visit to an Episcopal church. Natalie, it's not usually THAT my limited experience.

Songbird is musing over the new year ahead of her, and St. Casserole gives us a New Year Blessing.

How about you?

ps: If you'd like to pitch in to help with Wednesday Festivals this year, please send an email. For those of you continuing on the rotation, the new schedule will be sent out later this week! THANKS!)


  1. I just posted my top ten of 2007! Enjoy!

  2. my optimistic layout for 2008, though I didn't include the necessary and essential grant writing, program development stuff that helps make a lot of the other possible...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Here's
    QG's A New Year's Rhyme, II

    Sorry, the link in the previous comment didn't work.

  5. It's not very exciting,but I've posted 3 not quite resolutions at mine, which I'd be glad to be held accountable for...
    Back to work tomorrow, so there may be some fuel for more exciting blogging then too. Here's hoping, anyway

  6. I'll play. I'm back to work, still a little sick but feeling incredibly called to poetry at the moment. It appears to be writing itself.

    First here and then here and finally here. The words are flying thick as the snow at the moment, after a fairly dry December it is a welcome return.

  7. I just posted my book list from 07, and am looking for suggestions for 08 if anyone knows a good book or 20!

  8. stf asks what would you do to save your brother (or sister's) life?

    And MaryBeth I'm happy to stay on the Weds Festival team if you'll have me.


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