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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Festival

How does it keep getting to be Wednesday so fast!? I suppose there's one every week...but still! Gosh. "Listen closely...time is fleeting! (Madness...takes its toll!)"

Many of us 'round the ring are taking the "what cocktail are you" quiz, making New Year's resolutions, and participating in Besomami's Book Challenge.
Mitch has such an unique perspective on clergy life, being The Pastor's Husband! He shares with us this week two gems: "Hi, I'm here to argue with the Pastor" and a new kind of candles for kids in church. Thanks, Mitch...Altar Guilds everywhere will bless you!

Leah Sophia shares a graphic representation of the Isaiah 60 passage from this past Sunday, and it will gladden your heart!

She has also received, again, a Church Prayer Rug, and shares her commentary on that. I am in awe at such an elaborate...item.

Songbird's preparing for (considering?) a class reunion and shares some sad news of a friend.

Sue at InnerDorothy shares a thought on dancing (even when you can't dance) and invites us all to dance today.

Betsy from Fasting from TV, Feasting on Life has had THE TALK with her kids. You know, that one. Go, Betsy!

Splendid! A new year, a new Poetry Party at Abbey of the Arts! Go play!

Sally shares a grand reflection on the Methodist Covenant Prayer, and a poem titled, "Questioning Mary."

Gallycat shares the great news that Dylan's Lectionary Blog is back in business! Go take a look!

Mother Laura has made some changes due to new opportunities, and has processed out of her CPE program with a lovely woman-centered liturgy shared with the group.

and as for me, I have big plans for the Spring. I'm excited!

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I do promise to get a new schedule for Weds Festival posters (returning and new!) out THIS week.


  1. I am looking for input on two issues:
    Annual Reports (the purpose thereof)
    and Scripture suggestions for my Lenten Worship series

    --Gord (posting from teh church)

  2. Looking forward to reading these...

  3. Our church has been opened as a shelter...I'll keep you posted.

  4. Points for Rocky Horror reference!

    I am still gun shy about posting at my blogger. But I encourage any and all RevGalPals to friend me on Facebook--just add a note to your friends request that it's how you know me.

  5. Just back from Israel and Palestine, with lots and lots of stories (and photos) to share. I'm sure its going to take a few weeks to get them all written and posted, but the first few are up at: Pilgrimage Reflections

  6. I'm whining about politics. That's all.

  7. Thanks for the link Mary Beth! I was just regretting that I was out of the Wednestival habit...


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