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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here I stand

This beautiful song from Iona is one of my favourites, it speaks of the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of the Wild Goose, a wonderful picture from Celtic Chrisitanity. I hope you enjoy it (apologies for the text running across the bottom).

So what did you sing in worship today? We sang Blessed Assurance, and also Will you Come and Follow me. Did any of the music inspire or challenge you? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I'm waiting for hymn choice complaints to start coming in. Maybe they won't come since I'm still so new. I would not be off the hook if I had been here for a while. I picked some pretty heavy, but reassuring hymns today. The first was Loving Spirit. Our Presbyterian hymnal doesn't have that verse about "friend and lover". We're so scared of sex! Anyway, this one worked well for the John passage and it's reference to the spirit, and also, I think for the baptism we celebrated.

    The hymn after the sermon I can't recall. It was a new one to me, too, and it had a lot of protection language in it - my theme with Psalm 121. The final hymn was a setting of 121.

    We also sang "Child of Blessing, Child of Promise" at the baptism.

    The worship team did one that left me feeling ambivalent. Oh well. Better luck next time!

  2. Beautiful video! Thank you.

    We sang "Come and Journey with Me", "The God of Abraham Praise" and "Breathe on Me, Breath of God".
    My colleague preached and I thought the hymns he chose were very fitting. It was a good, thoughtful and reassuring service.

  3. I don't know either of those hymns- it would be interesting to do a comparrison on who sings what someday!!!
    Praying that you get praise rather than complaint.

  4. Sally - that was a beautiful video - thank you for sharing.

    We sang The God of Abraham's Praise, My Faith looks up to thee, Lift High the Cross and a few others which escape me at the moment. I took my order of worship over to a friend, so don't have the hymns listed in front of me.

  5. A new hymn for me and a lovely choice...

    we sang "God of Day, God of Darkness" which is set to a Celtic tune, and quite challenging; but have stripped muhc of the singing out of the service for Lent.

    Thanks for this!

  6. We sang "Womb of Life" for the John passage; also "Just as I Am" for mo very good reason except it's a Lenten hymn.

  7. We sang three hymns -- The God of Abraham praise (the Yigdal), Take My Life and Let It Be, and Be Now My Vision (Be Thou My Vision, rewritten to get rid of male/king language...not too bad but I prefer the older one). The choir sang "Witness" (the spiritual, "Who'll be a witness for my Lord" - if you look it up on YouTube, try the Dillard University choir version). Bellringers did Lloyd Webber's Pie Jesu as prelude, and the postlude was Bach. So we had quite a diversity of music, which I like.

  8. I love "Will You Come and Follow Me," Sally!
    We sang, like many others, The God of Abraham Praise.
    To go with a Children's Time about finding your way on a dark night, we sang All Praise to Thee, My God This Night.
    And at the end, we sang "I Want Jesus to Go With Me," which we are singing each week throughout Lent.

  9. We sang Lift High the Cross and The God of Abraham Praise, too. Also Come With Us, O Blessed Jesus (setting of Bach's Jesu, Joy).

  10. We sang "O God, Beyond All Face and Form" -- "The God of Abraham Praise" -- "He Comes to Us as One Unknown" -- and "Fight the Good Fight"... and the hymn during communion was "Unto the Hills" (Sandon) to echo the Psalm.
    But I'm just back from a choral concert...a nice piece of Telemann for the little baroque string orchestra, and then Bach"s "Christ Lag in Todes Banden" and finally the Handel "Dixit Dominus"...with the whole ensemble practically LEVITATING on the "in saecula saeculorum, AMEN." BLISSFUL SIGH!!!

  11. we also, not surprisingly, sang The God of Abraham Praise. And "Would I Have Answered When You Called" (which is actually about the calling of the first disciples, but fit with the theme of leaving home and security to follow the road of God's promise) and "Will You Come and Follow Me." Also every week in Lent we are singing two verses from "Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer." There's a tune that sticks with you.
    At the contemporary service we sang "O For A Thousand Tongues," "My Hope Is You," "Breathe," and "I Walk By Faith" (which sounds a little like Brown Sugar...).
    It was a pretty good day for us in worship, though numbers were down due to ice and indoor flooding (our middle school classroom has water damage...awesome). As the SP sometimes says, "the Word was proclaimed, the Lord was worshiped...what more can you ask for?"

  12. Crimson Rambler - where ever you live, you sure do have lots of choral concerts. WOW!!!

  13. I had such a treat, because I was preaching in Cambridge (at Maggi Dawn's college chapel) on George Herbert, and all the music was settings of his words...
    So, we had Teach me my God and King
    King of Glory King of Peace
    Let all the World in every corner sing
    "The God of love my shepherd is".
    Lovely place, lovely people, amazing atmosphere :-)

  14. Kathryn, how absolutely delicious...I sneak the George Herbert hymns into our liturgy as often as I dare!
    Cathy...yes we do!!! Prairie Metropolis has choirs the way Wrigley's has's a great blessing!


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