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Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Meet & Greet

It's time to meet some of the newest joiners to the RevGal ring! Please go by these blogs and leave a welcoming comment if you can (that'll be our greeting for the day!) New folks, comments at others' blogs are the way this community grows. Don't be shy!!

First, let's say hey to 23 Acres of Black Dirt (a.k.a. "Sharecropper" - what great blognames!) Her profile says, "From a 23 acre farm in Mississippi to a peaceful creekside retirement - a long trip with many ponderings and snags. My epitaph will be 'she lived, she loved'." She's a knitter, too, folks. I'm putting her on my list of new friends to visit!

Here's another blog from a friend we know well, Leah Sophia of Desert Spirit's Fire (where she keeps the more formal theology). This Far by Faith is her testimony blog, with "theological, graphic design and other outtakes on my current life.

Welcome to You're Not in Kansas Anymore (Godgurrl). She's a new pastor serving her first church, and says, "Ministry is full of joy and surprises. In seminary they barely scratched the surface on everything I needed to know to do ministry. I hope to process some of what I am learning through sharing my story on this blog." We are delighted to have you along for the journey, friend!

Susan De George writes at Noon on the Gaza Road, where she's "blogging about church, teaching, and life." According to her profile, she's a Presbyterian minister/college professor/lawyer, so I can't wait to read more!

Good Monday wishes to another longtime friend, Becky Ardell Downs, who has restarted her church blog, "Monday Morning Letters." She calls it "a quick note from me to the Session of Southminster Presbyterian Church, and whoever else might be interested in seeing news of the church and my daily activities."

Happy visiting!


  1. Thank you Marybeth for taking care of M&G - and, welcome everyone new and those who are starting anew. Taking a short break from purging and collating for the BIG MOVE...but can't sit for long...


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