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Monday, April 21, 2008

Huge and Mongo Meet 'N Greet

A Huge and Mongo Welcome to our latest members:

Choralgirl who blogs at Choral Reef: music under the surface. She hails from Minneapolis, MN. She says, "I'm a 40something choral geek, book lover, theology junkie, partnered lesbian Lutheran. Thanks for your kind attention. Shalom!"

Liz blogs at "journalling" and says her "ambition is to major in delinquency and mirror the vicar of dibley in laughing at myself." We'll smile along with you!

Pastor Asher. His blog is Ziz-N-Zat. He says that he's ethnically Jewish, raised as an athiest near the former Soviet Union. He found God in 1985 and is now a UM Minister. He also says that he's older than dirt. Wow! I thought I was! A plus in my book -- he love cats and he has a great sense of humor.

Amy who blogs at Wind and Mercy. She says, "First a woman, also a wife, pastor, and soon-to-be mom. Wishing the church was strategic. Love the wind. Hate winter. Always more and more amazed by God's mercy and grace."

Brother Cody who blogs at Confessions of a Student Clergy. He says, "Welcome to my blog! I am a student layman (for now) who is very seriously considering a vocation in the Christian clergy. These are my thoughts along the way."

She Rev
who Writes. She says, "I am first a child of God. Then I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and sister. I am also a pastor, a minister in the Presbyterian tradition. I grew up in the southeast, but now live and serve in the upper Midwest. My husband grew up a farm boy, but now works in economics. He's frugal, to say the least. I'm trying to learn to be cheap, uh, I mean frugal. We love raising our two kids (at least most of the time), and are adjusting to family life in a new place and new call."

Molly at Holy Trouble. She's a United Methodist who says that she's not a troublemaker, but a trouble identifier -- she just points it out. Hmm... That could be useful...

PK at Jeans, Flops and Jesus, from Not at the Beach, in the South US. She says, "I'm am the wife of a sugar pie honey bun geek; a girl mom; a boy mom; and a girl mom-in-law to be. I am also my mother's favorite daughter (I'm her only daughter!) The most challenging part of my life... right now... is trying to figure out how to be a Lutheran pastor. OBTW... PK doesn't mean I'm a preacher's kid."

Grace by the Sea who the BE folks will know. She's a minister who lives, well, by the sea and she writes beautifully about her journey.

Katie Z. who writes at Salvaged Faith. She writes, "newly married. recent divinity grad. small town pastor. new kitty - Turbo. trying to live simply. exploring emerging church. newb gamer. aspiring gardener. "

jpgrmeck from Montana who blogs at Grace in the Chaos. She says she's "a small town girl who has lived in several states over the past years but who has now returned home to await a call in the Lutheran church. I'm a daughter, sister, auntie who lives with way too many people at the moment. I love the Beatles, I love to read, I love my nieces, but I would love to have a bathroom to myself."

Lee and Kerry Smith who blog about their beautiful family with theological musings interspersed. Lovely pictures.

Please do visit and introduce yourselves!


  1. So glad to be a part of this community! (And envious of those who went on the cruise!) I'm blessed to be an Elder in the United Methodist Church, currently serving part-time to focus on the kiddos documented in the blog. Glad to be a part of the blog ring!

  2. I belive that there is a different blog listed with "choral girl." for some reason.

  3. You guys are wizard! Thanks for all the welcomes!

  4. If you are happy and you know it a bit.

    If you are happy and you know it a bit.

    If life sucks and you need to show it a bit.

    Loving being a part of this wonderful group! I promise I will not write/post anymore songs... ever!

  5. Great job, RevMommy! Lots of new folks, great to meet you all!

  6. thanks everyone! it's great to find a community to be a part of!


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