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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Afternoon music video- A strange way

This song by Martyn Joseph is not one for congregational singing, but it certainly echoes for me the questions raised by this mornings gospel reading ( John 14: 1-10).

Here are just some of the lyrics to mull over:

Strange dissident of meekness,
And nurse of tangled souls,
And so unlike the holy,
To end up full of holes
Strange way.

Strange way indeed.... I did use one of my favourite hymns "Just as I am" as a response to the sermon, and was pleased that it seemed just right. We also sang Thine be the glory...I'm all for continuing to celebrate Easter!

How about you, what did you sing today? Were you moved or challenged by the music? It would be great to hear, let us know in the comments...


  1. We sang "When Stephen Full of Power and Grace" and "How Firm a Foundation," both noted with melodies from American folk tunes (shape note singing). Wonderful!
    And one (new to me) called "He is the Way," text an Auden poem.

    I wrote about it at my place.

  2. We sang a kind of southern gospel song one of our members wrote a long time ago, "It's All Right" and "Your Love is Amazing," "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "Breathe on Me." Our keyboardist was absent and our usually guitar-playing worship leader played the keyboard for the first time in church. Not professional, but good anyhow, and people were happy and singing. Sunshine does that to us up here.

  3. We sang "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today", "I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry" (which was new to about 80% of the congregation) and like MB, "How Firm A Foundation" which is one of my favorites as long as it is not sung like a dirge. This morning it wasn't!

  4. We started with Christ is made the sure foundation and ended with Come away to the skies. In between was Be thou my vision and a wonderful bass solo of Vaughn Williams' The Call. How I would have loved to sing He is the Way (was the tune Hall?) but the congregation doesn't know it yet. Maybe the choir can use it as an anthem one day.

  5. We sang "Thine is the Glory, Ris'n, Conquering Son" and "Now All the Vault of Heav'n Resounds". At our contemporary service, we closed with "Big House", on which our older son sings the lead.

    It was a joy-filled morning.

  6. Oh my is that a good song on the video - thanks for sharing it -- I had to put it on my blog too.

    I don't pick the music so it is always a surprise -We had Love Divine for the gospel hymn, during communion we ended up with Jesus, Name above all names - I had forgotten that I knew all the words. Had not sung it for several years - took me back to another point in my journey.


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