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Monday, April 14, 2008

Musical Musings: Healing Love

During this fourth week of Easter, when many of heard the Good Shepherd Gospel on Sunday, I offer a Musical Musings with some songs opening us to the tender, healing love of God.

A big thank-you to Rainbow Pastor for recalling my attention to Bobby McFerrin's wonderful expansive setting of the Psalm 23 , dedicated to his mother. RP is facing a biopsy on Tuesday so please drop by her place and assure her of your support and prayers...

Next is David Haas's "You Are Mine," which we sang at Katie's baptism on Transfiguration Sunday. I sang it to Matt as we brainstormed the music for the liturgy in a middle of the night nursing session when she was very tiny.

The next two songs are not explicitly religious, but many of us find their expression of unconditional love to be a connection with God's compassion as experienced in nurturing relationships with others and our own inner selves.

"How Could Anyone," by Libby Roderick, has been mentioned by both Mary Beth and Songbird. I learned of it in Shaina Noll's version, on her wonderful album, Songs for the Inner Child (link).

Another powerful song found on Shaina Noll's album is Fred Small's Everything Possible. (Unfortunately, she removes the explicitly LGBT affirming lines--the plethora of healing songs and lullabies means that the album is still worth getting, though, for yourself, your child, and leading retreats or workshops). A longtime folksinger, Small is now a UU minister. A good friend bought his album No Limit my senior year of college, and bequeathed it to me when he entered the Jesuits; this song was the first thing he played when I returned from my college graduation. I sing it often to my kids, and sang it on the boat from which we scattered my Grandma Pat's ashes into the Pacific as well.

Coming full circle, I offer Carey Landry's Isaiah 49/I Will Not Forget You My People,. This is a very simple song and reflects its roots in the 70s, but it made a big impact on me in college and is still one of the few to explicitly engage the scriptural images of God as Mother. Like the others, it is a beloved bedtime song for my kids, and Katie brought it to mind by requesting it tonight.

What are your favorite songs for experiencing God's love?


  1. An early date with Math Man was a Fred Small concert...he'll get a kick out of seeing this other part of my life circle into a bit of his!

    A loving set of songs....thanks!

  2. Thank you for the props, ML--but I was reminded of Bobby McFerrin's wonderful piece by Revabi on the RevGalPrayerPals blog....I can't take all the credit, much as I'd like to! ;-)

    Thanks to all of you for the many messages of prayers and support for tomorrow. They mean more than you may ever know.

  3. One contemporary song that has really spoken to me of late is Michael W. Smith's "Never Been Unloved."

  4. Oh, Mother Laura, those songs were wonderful. Every one was new for me...and so powerful. I'm feeling a bit bereaved this morning...many reasons...and this was so healing to my heart. Thank you.

    I was going to mention "Never Been Unloved" as well.

  5. Thanks, Rev. Honey and Singing Owl--I didn't know the cool Michael Smith song! I found it on Youtube at

    Hugs and prayers to you, SO.

    And thanks RevAbi--I had missed the Psalm 23 on the Prayer Blog.

  6. I love Mondays because I really get to absorb some of the things I like. Music for me is still rooted in the classics. You can't get any better than the Mozart's Requiem or Brahms' German Requiem or for that matter the Rutter's works.

    The more contemporary works are nice but don't speak to my soul the way that Mozart, Vivaldi, or even A. Lloyd Webber can.

  7. My husband wears his t-shirt with the Libby Roderick lyrics often, and they never fail to touch me.

  8. OK. My vote for experiencing God's love is Come Thou Fount. Love it. Love it. Love it. I need that song. You know what I mean?

    I found a couple of videos of it.

    The animals in this one don't do much for me. I mean, I like animals, but the connection to this song isn't there for me. Anyway, I loved the sound which is why I chose this one to post.

    I also chose this one because I loved the guitar work.

    I've loved the trip through the music today!

  9. I've never heard any of these. Thank you SO much for the music today and always!


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