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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Videos: Surrexit Christus

Surrexit Christus! Christ is Risen! As we move further into the Easter season, the sound of trumpets fade out, and a gentler sense of joy often settles into our music. This short piece by Hungarian composer Lajos Bardos encourages us to take a breather before the Spirit comes blowing through our lives in a few weeks. Or - if like me, the Spirit is setting things aflame in your life right now, listening might create a moment in which to take a deep breath. Like Avro Pärt, Bardos is another modern composer who draws on the rich traditions of medieval and rennaisance polyphony.

Is your community still "trumpeting" Easter joy, or have you settled into something gentler and more pastoral for the Good Shepherd this week? Tell us what you've been singing and hearing...


  1. we sang the Easter song "Good Christian Friends," as well as the gentler "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead us."

    Also, at our contemporary service, we sang "Step by Step", and "The Summons," by John Bell.

  2. we were a bit more pastoral this week... which really i guess was reflected in our hymns - we didn't open with an allelulia hymn. We sang "He Leadeth Me" "savior, like a shepherd lead us" and well, i can't remember the last one.

    note to self (and others who might be this silly) - don't schedule the all night youth lock in the night before church if you are the sole leader of worship! The kids went home before church anyways because they were so exhausted and all that resulted was a very tired, very hoarse preacher. On the other hand, it meant my voice was about half an octave lower and the older folks could hear me better.

    We are continuing with our "live the resurrection" theme however. Our prayers depicted much more "risen christ" language.

  3. Katie z,
    My colleague once had an all-night lock-in before preaching and we now have a "infamous" quote from that sermon, "Shopping sucks...(pause for breath) the life out of Christmas." Needless to say the shock and/or laughing began before the 2nd half of the sentence got out. lesson learned.

  4. Our choir did a piece that didn't have anything to do with the rest of the service (the choir director set the pieces for the spring before I started in January so we haven't gotten to coordinate yet), but is a FAVORITE for me! It didn't have anything to do with the sermon theme, but it ended up being very providential.

    A member of the church showed up this morning who hasn't been in worship since Christmas Eve. On Dec. 23 she received a leukemia diagnosis pretty much out of the blue. It's a rare and VERY serious form. She was checked in ot the hosptial on Dec. 26 for her first day of chemo. She had just about ever possible "worst case scenario" side effect and we truly almost lost her after cardiac arrest and weeks on a ventilator. She has been an angel to this church as it has overcome serious divisions. As a counselor she was integral in facilitating the peace process they went through to heal. She voluteers in the community by teaching parenting classes, doing free counseling with adolescents and their families, and helping families fulfill their court appointed therapy requirements. She's an angel. She was also on the Pastor Nominating Committee that called me and she hadn't yet been in worship since I started Jan. 1. In fact she had only been out of the hospital a total of 2 weeks the entire time I have been here.

    Anyway! The song the choir sang was PERFECT for her first Sunday back and none of us could have planned that if we tried. The choir saw her in the congregation as they were coming up to sing and they sang it for her and for God. It was awesome!!! A plethora of holy applause, Amens, and one "Tough act to follow, Pastor!" abounded when they finished!

  5. We had LOTS of music today -- everything from Buxtehude to Bill Staines (the kids sang "All God's Critters" as it was Heifer Project offering day). We in the pews sang Miriam Therese Winter's rewrite of Francis of Assisi (can't recall exact name, the one with the beaming sun and the moon with softer gleam), My Shepherd is the Living God, to Consolation(my favorite of the shepherd songs although I love them all), and O How Glorious, Full of Wonder (a relatively modern hymn by a UCC minister, to the tune In Babilone). The choir was down front with us instead of up in the loft so it was nice and spirited at least where we were. Thanks, she rev, for posting that song, I enjoyed it so much and I can see how it was really appropriate for your church today.

  6. Our entrance hymn was "Good Christian Friends" - last hymn was to the tune of Sicilian Mariners - "Savior, like a shepherd lead us" - not sure why a 2 verse hymn is chosen for the last hymn when it makes it crazy to process out in a rush. But that's ok, it's a nice hymn!

  7. We sang "The King of Love My Shepherd Is" and "Be Thou My Vision" (our standard can't-think-of-an-appropriate-hymn fill in) and "We Rejoice to Be God's Chosen" at our traditional services. The choir sang The Lord Is My Shepherd from the Vicar of Dibley! It made me so happy.
    at our alternative service we sang Rising, Psalm 23, Grace Like Rain, The Heights (which the band graciously stayed and turned into an introit for the first traditional service--such a great start), and Your Grace is Enough. Those last two are David Crowder--I always think it's funny when we have two or more songs by the same band in a morning. It makes me laugh. But I really love both of those!


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