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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Meet 'N Greet

Today let us meet these new members!

Rev Nancy Fitz of Pastor's Post. Her blog is a place to "comment on the journey of faith and the texts we cherish." She says, "I'm a second career pastor in the Church of the Brethren. I went to seminary after spending 12 years in outdoor ministry. I love spending time with my adult children and enjoy computer technology. Blogging is my interest of the year."

Sunny's Musings on Ministry A female minister (Sunny B. Ridings) in the rural south shares with you: some thoughts on ministry, a collection of sermons, theological musings and of course, random thoughts. She says, "I'm a minister in small town Tennessee. I love my co-pastor and we work well together. I'm loving married life but am brand-new to that. I love my job, I love Jesus, I love my church (this is the mantra I repeat to remind myself when things aren't going well!)"

Lynne Morrow at LMM Sermons: A seminarian's journey through preaching experiences. A seminarian's journey through preaching and ministry experiences. Welcome, Lynne!

Kate at ...and they were afraid Trying to make my voice heard over the noise of the crowd. Thoughts on life, God, religion, education, and anything else I want to mull over. She says, "My newest passion is bookmaking, as is reflected on my blogs and in my photography. I still love Jesus, but sometimes it feels a little wrong to share something like that in such an anonymous forum."

Ringelstruempfe My life is like my socks, full of stripes and color, sometimes with holes - but never boring. She says, "Mein Leben ist wie meine Strümpfe: geringelt, bunt und manchmal ein paar Löcher. Aber niemals langweilig!" (OK, that was the first statement in German. I'm glad she provides translations -- her blogging is delightful!) Welcome!

Sophie's Daughter at Seeking Sophie. One woman's search for wisdom through the guidance of Sts. Sophie Barat and Philippine Duchesne. She says, "I am a 20-something* professional woman, who is searching for the right path in life! I am seriously considering religious life, in the Society of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ). The society was founded in revolutionary France over 200 years ago, by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. It was brought to North America by St. Rose Philippine Duchesne in 1818. Why them? I am attracted to their love for all creation and humanity, their intense spirituality to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the desire to educate others. *I'm closer to 30, but I will say "20-something" for as long as I can!"

Karaoke Rev at Seeking a Foothold on Holy Ground God's call is what happens while you're busy making other plans. She says, "I am a 30-year-old clergywoman who has decided that calling is a lifelong journey, not a destination. I am discerning my next stop along the way. I am joined on this pilgrimage by my husband, also a pastor, and many other clergy and non-clergy friends and family. I love tv, movies, plays, karaoke, basketball, football, Facebook, writing, reading, traveling, and taking naps on the couch."

The Muser at Musings Musings Musing. A blog about spirituality, theology, motherhood, the recovery from postpartum depression, pop culture, and anything else I'm in the mood to muse about! Welcome!

Elizabeth Ann (but you can call me Beth) at So Many Thoughts - So Little Time Making some noise about faith, gender, culture, and leadership...with an occasional bit of jazz thrown in! She says, "In every woman’s life, there comes a time when she must raise her voice and make a little noise. This blog is my attempt to do just that. And while my major focus is exploring the intersection of faith and gender, topics of leadership, theology, culture, relationships and music are sure to surface. See...just too many dang thoughts."

And a big Welcome Back to Net!
Grace Happens "Grace is a touch of truth that lets you see the world in a new way. Grace is a gift that can only be felt when you are open enough to accept it." - Joan of Arcadia Just rambling through ministry, wondering as I wander. Same beautiful Net, same blog, different address.

And Meet this existing member:
Sally Coleman of Eternal Echoes!

Where do you blog? My main blog is called Eternal Echoes, but I also blog at Emerging Feminist, do the Revgals Friday 5’s and make occasional guest blogger appearances.

What are your favourite non-revgal blog pal blogs? Oh- are there other blogs? No seriously I really like Matt Stone’s Journeys In between , he brings some interesting challenges to traditional thought! I also enjoy Mark Berry’s Way Out West again for the interesting resources and conversation.

What gives you joy? Watching young children respond to the wonders of the gospel story, here in the UK we are privileged to be able to go into state schools to take assemblies and Religious Education lessons. I lead a story-telling team and we act out the stories often involving the children. My own children also give me joy, watching them grow into young adulthood has been amazing, and I stand in awe at the grace of God sown in and through their lives. Finally ( yes I know you didn’t ask for a list…) I love seeing signs of spring, buds on the trees, snowdrops pushing through frosty/ snow covered ground.

What is your favourite sound? Waves on the beach whether they are gentle lapping waves on a calm day or fierce storm driven crashing waves. In fact I love all of the sounds sights and smells of the sea.

What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates? Well done good and faithful servant. Followed by; come and see the place I have prepared for you….

You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone? She ran the race!

What colour do you prefer your pen? Blue ink, when I use a pen it is always an ink cartridge pen!

What is something you want to achieve in this decade? I would love to complete a PhD on aspects of the Divine Feminine, looking at contemporary imagery/ art, and the Goddess movement, finding echoes in the Scriptures and building on a fuller vision of who God is. This does not mean denying my Christian faith, but springs from a recognition that too often we limit God.

Why are you cool? I am a bit of a hippy, I don’t really wear formal suits if I can help it, I have invested in a couple of embroidered silk jackets so that when I need to look smart I can still be me! And because I want to learn kite boarding!

What is one of your favourite memories? Standing on top of Enchanted Rock (Texas) at the end of a hot day; it was 1998 and we were on a family camping trip, it was our last family holiday with all of us together, and so it is a special memory!

Anything else you've always wanted to be asked? Hmmm (tongue in cheek answer here)…. Mum, would you like to put your feet up while we make dinner? Yup that sounds like something I’d like to be asked J !

(Editorial note: Yes, Sally is from the UK, so I have maintained the British spellings.)


  1. Welcome everyone! I look forward to visiting all of you! And Sally, isn't that a question we'd all LOVE to be asked!

  2. yes, welcome to everyone! In my free time, I'll be over to say "hello".

  3. Thank you for the lovely welcome! I am very glad to be part of such a great community.

  4. Thanks for the welcome, but I'm actually a member from way back. I just happened to change my blog and had to rejoin the ring.

  5. Welcome to all, what a joy to have you as part of the revgals. Look forward to your postings.

  6. Thanks! It's good to be back!


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