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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Video

Today's posting is a switch in gears for me today. All yesterday, my daughter and I were picking out wedding music for the upcoming BIG DAY in June. Overdosed a little bit in great organ music - so much from which to choose, but one must narrow down to what is doable and appropriate.

So... this is a medley of two hymn tunes - "How Firm a Foundation" and "Rock of Ages" - with nice scenery and a calm relaxing arrangement.

Were these tunes heard at your worship today? What music did you sing? And how did music touch you today during worship?


  1. Enjoyed this, Cathy!

    I sat in a pew this morning instead of standing in a pulpit. The worship service had three hymns two of which no one seemed to know. Not.Good.

    In my heart, I'm singing some goofy jingle from a commercial. Can't get it out of my head...

  2. in two services today we sang Come Thou Fount--yay!
    At two services (not the same two--though one overlapped) we had Ordinary Miracle (the song from Charlotte's Web) which made me a little teary because it's an SP song, and this is his first Sunday after announcing he's the line about how "things just work out after all" made me think of how he sold his house before it got put on the market, how his wife got offered three jobs last week in the new city, how he got scholarship/fellowship money for the entire 3.5 years he has left on his PhD....sigh.

    Also it's a really pretty song!

  3. pretty video, very calming so I sent it to some stressed friends. I too sat in pew today at a lutheran church so I could get a good dose of liturgy. I love it, but was very appreciative that I don't have to sing/intone from the pulpit in my tradition. thanks for the tour of a non-tornado west.

  4. I was in Jackson Hole to preach - site of many of those photos in the video. The 10 a.m. had great music - the organist/music director used to work on Broadway and does a great job a mixing it up. We had South African and Celtic music today - the one that shot a jolt of electricity through the whole congregation was from Wonder, Love and Praise Hymnal - "Peace before us, peace behind us, peace under our feet."

  5. Music today was a bit of tension. We sang Children of the Heavenly Father for one of the hymns--But the service music is still tense. I have an organist who drags--or more precisely, really believes that hymns and serivce music should be slower than I do. Grrr! and her ribato at the end of the Kyrie drives me nuts.

    I was once a music director and so have some fairly clear understanding of what I think the liturgy should sound like. But I have to let that go as pastor. Also I am not working within my own tradition when it comes to the hymns and it is a bit of a frustration.

    But after only a couple of weeks the congregation is beginning to pick up the new service music so I am not too worried.


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