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Saturday, August 02, 2008

11th Hour Preacher Party: Hungry and Thirsty Edition

Come and eat, come and eat
Bread of heaven, Given for you!
Come and Drink, Come and Drink
Wine eternal and true!
(refrain from a communion song written by my husband)

This morning we are inviting you to "come and eat" in more ways than one! Yes, it's the 11th hour preacher party: and there are lots of hungry and thirsty people out there. There are the hungry crowds in Matthew's gospel, the thirsty Israelites listening to Isaiah's message, and there's Jacob, hungry for a blessing from the stranger at the river. And then there's Paul: ok, I don't really know where to put him. Then there are lovely lovely invitations: Come to the waters, come and eat, come and share your bread with the hungry, come and incline your ear.

And there is an invitation from me today as well: Come and eat! Come and share your words, your wisdom, your worries, your prayers. Come and share your virtual food; we'll have a virtual feast today, and a real one someday, in the kingdom. All are welcome.

I have Good Earth Tea, Fair Trade Coffee, banana chocolate chip muffins and some REALLY GOOD Danish. I'll auto post early for those overseas, and then check in in the morning.

If you are hungry, come and eat!


  1. Oh! First comment! THAT never happens to me!

    I'm preaching on the gospel, and also psalm 17 - part one of August's focus on praying the psalms.

    So, my question is - what are your fave resources on preaching the psalms? Or praying them?

    Looking forward to reading all your eating ideas.....

  2. Good Morning all. Up early working on an assignment, not a sermon. Hubby will have to get to that later, although based on the piles surrounding the computer area, I suspect he was working while I slept. Have a great party!

  3. Diane is part of the contingent having trouble getting blogs to load in Internet Explorer, so I'm here to help with the party this morning!
    I'm planning a sermon on Matthew, and I'm posting a poem at my place that is on the bulletin cover for tomorrow, as well as where it took me for a Call to Worship.
    This week I ordered Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I'm going to try dictating my sermon rather than typing today, although that's saying a lot since I haven't even opened the box yet. We shall see.
    Meanwhile, Diane has laid a bountiful table; the coffee is fresh and the teakettle is whistling! Let me know if I can get you anything!

  4. Hi, I'm here, but I don't know for how long. I'm preaching on Isaiah 55, bringing in the invitation of the priest when we were in Notre Dame, and I'm a little stuck.

    I downloaded another browser, as Internet explorer is not letting me see any blogs right now, including my own.

    It's making me feel a little -- isolated.

    anyway, I'm glad Songbird is here, too, because I'm not really sure when I will be back.

    But I'll try.

    I'm trying to concentrate on theology, not technology!

  5. read this as Fair Trade coffee bananas and thought, yeah why not :)

  6. I used the same David Whyte poem for the bulletin cover. doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo (I used the same poem 3 years ago--don't tell)

    I finished my sermon yesterday (don't hit me--I am taking off for the young women's preacher conference directly from preaching. I had to finish in order to pack and clean!) but as always, I despair of a children's sermon. have we mentioned how much I HATE children's sermons and how much I double, triple loathe them as a guest preacher?

    Good news: my last children's sermon for a while.
    Bad news: my last sermon for a while.

  7. Going with abundance in the face of scarcity here. Last sermon before holidays so may bring in some ideas around keeping sabbath as part of how we live in abundance (thank you to Bruggemann for that idea).

    ANd Diane, that chorus makes me itch for the whole song...

    IEs refusal to load blogs (seemingly at random I found last night) has led me to change my default browser to firefox.

  8. Um, I appear to have used LMK's log in. I wish it was LMK who wrote that, because that would have meant he was working on the children's sermon instead of working really hard at packing prevention.

    Juniper---anything you can get your hands on that has Ellen Davis and the word Psalm in it is going to be wonderful. I know she has a book coming out on preaching the psalms--the product of her brilliant Beecher Lecture on that topic a few years back. Right now, it seems to be mostly a whole bunch of articles and chapters on Psalms in a lot of books. Hopefully you have one of them!

  9. Gord, where did you read the Bruggemann reference? I'd like to read it. I use firefox always, even tho my mac comes with SAfari.
    I've been out all week leading a Junior High workcamp. Can I make the transition to adults tomorrow? :-)

  10. ppb, I'm going to hand out Goldfish crackers, although I'm not sure yet what I'm going to say about them. I find food always works. Always.

  11. Well, this may be the ultimate procrastination exercise. It seems SiteMeter is in the midst of an upgrade and some of its servers will be down this weekend, and it seems that people viewing blogs in IE 6 are having trouble accessing both and blogs with Site Meters.
    That's as best I can figure after reading various stories on the Internet. I've taken the Site Meter off this blog for now and will return it when things simmer down.

  12. SB,
    it must be affecting IE 7 as well since that is what I have (assuming that is why I was having trouble)

  13. HI, again, I'm thinking about Gord's idea about abundance vs. scarcity and am thinking maybe that will help me in my "stuckness."

    I don't have time to start over, as my first sermon is at 5:00, but this will mean that again, I probably won't preach the whole thing from notes...

  14. I am here. I am working on the Mt reading too since I just preached on the Isaiah reading just a few weeks ago--why does the lectionary do that?

    I have gotten an idea from Barbara Crafton about makeing something out of little or nothing.

    Also something Jerry Neyrey wrote that is available on

    I have not preached on the eucharist since I have been in my church--now is the time.

    It is wonderfully cool this morning sitting on my porch with some of lmk's coffee. I will bring a homemade coffee cake with walnuts. Come buy without money!

  15. I got home last night after a week of mission trip and two weeks in Scotland to find 100 emails in my inbox, two needy kitties, and very few ideas for a children's sermon for tomorrow. It's Senior Pastor's last day as well as being communion Sunday, and he's preaching on Romans. I think I'll probably do something with the kids about either a) saying goodbyes or b) what SP has done and how they can keep doing the things he taught even when he's gone.

    But first: lots of laundry (I was gone three weeks--that's literally ALL the clothes I have, aside from dressy stuff, dirty), some grocery shopping (somehow I don't think I'm going to survive on the can of tomato paste and the bottle of wine I found in the pantry), and loving on my kitties. Also on the list for today: upload photos, locate calendar, charge phone, sort three weeks worth of mail, unpack things that are not dirty clothes (since those will be in or near the washing machine), talk to dad, maybe catch up on the Bible in 90 Days.

    I wish I had snacks to offer, but....well, I have a bottle of wine if anyone needs it later! It's white and that's all I know about it right now...

    off to work on the list...

  16. Daughter and I got back from our massive midwestern road trip last night, and now it's back to teh grind. I'm beginning a sermon series on Schnase's Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, and going with the Matthew text with the subject of Radical Hospitality. Last night I had a dream that 300 people showed up at the little church (26 avg attendance, 36 total membership). They are pretty good at hospitality, but I'm not sure they are that good!

    No food in the house since we just got back. Anybody need anything from the store yet?

  17. Oh good. I was afraid this trouble was just me. Thanks for the fix, Songbird. I had trouble loading this page through the night (don't ask; up at odd hours around here). Then just now, no problem, so I think you might have conquered it. I have IE 7 too, for what it's worth.

    Oh. Sermon, you say? Sermon is pretty close to being done, thinking about Jacob and the angel. I did Jacob and the ladder a few weeks ago and am trying not to rerun that. Jacob is on the threshold between an old life and a new one. God is in the midst of the discomfort of the transition....kind of blah, but there it is.

    Children's sermon, you say? Yikes. Any ideas? I know, I ask this every week. Some day I'll have one on my own. And PPB, I hear you on the guest children's sermon--almost impossible.

  18. Thanks for fixing the problem,Songbird...and I am relieved to hear that the problem wasn't me! I have spent the morning procrastinating on "crack"book, craig's list (looking for some funky furniture for my office), but in spite of I am about half finished with sermon about food and sharing!....Luna bars for everyone....and later, fresh cucumber salad from my garden for lunch!

  19. yay! I a, finally able to join the party. Exploreer was being nasty today.
    So, I am preaching on the Matthew something earlier from Tuesday and was also told by Nutella that the movie Millions has a recreation of the the feeding of multitudes where the little boy gives his bread and then as basket gets passed folks keep putting more in- thus equals the miracle.
    trying to play off the idea of how seeming scarcity can lead to a miralce of great abundance.
    Also, incorporating story of a missioanry couple (in S. Amer.)who are friends of mine.
    Without telling his wife, the missionary man offered for a group of volunteers (from US) to have supper with them.
    As he shows up with an abundant group, his wife and her sister panic as they realize they nothing to serve. But, they begin to open cans and throw in veggies and some meat and various things in the pantry. They had plenty to eat and the guests raved about the stew/soup asking for recipe.
    Abundance can coem from the seemingly most scarce of places.
    Oh, I have fair trade coffee, pop tarts and choc. donut holes.

  20. Hello all, IE 7 has finally let me on this site. I've been feeling very isolated not being able to access you all why embarking on sermon writing.

    I'm having a bit a block, well a huge block.

    I'm going to the garden to weed and hoe, hopefully that will get the sermon writing juices going since the Hebrew text begins with "Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to waters;" maybe I'll get a revalation.

    Come Holy Spirit Come, I'm needing you desperately!

    When I get back would you all like some fresh from the garden cucumber salad for lunch!

    Peace and love,

  21. i'm posting via my cell since my computer is in for repairsj which means i'm also freehanding my sermon this week. i'm talking about the rest of the gospel story, all the people who weren't fed b/c they never showed up, and how like paul, we worry for them and desperately wnt to share. and i'm asking my congregation to think about who they notice is missing - friends, neighbors, relatives - and aking how we can reach them

  22. reading 1-4 Grace's comment reminded me that the stone soup story would work for those of us talking about scarcity and abundance. ANd it makes a really nice children's time....

  23. Good day (morning) all! I have some blueberries for you. Mmm.

    I am working on the third installment of the Gospel According to John Hughes. This week is Weird Science. I am paralleling the movie with the Genesis tale of the Tower of Babel and Matthew's version of the Last Supper. We're moving from false love to true love.

    I have laundry to do today...and a wedding to preside over this evening. The homily is complete for that gathering. That's very good news. Now, if I can get a nap today...oy...

  24. I'm working on sermon 3 in a row! this is a new thing. I have also finished 9 of my 10 CPE weeks and have 2 papers to finish this week end to wrap it up.

    I'm a little behind on lectionary, I'm using Romans 8: 31-39 and tying it with Lamentations 3: 13-26 and talking about building a foundation to remember when crisis hits (a la lessons from CPE).

  25. Teri: Welcome back and Yikes! That's a loaded day tomorrow. Are you getting an interim soon?

    Fresh garden 'cukes sound wonderful.

    I am getting a very late start to my day today. It is after 9:30 here in the flyover.

    I watched Lars and the Real Girl last night, so I have those images of community and how we act in the midst of "delusion" rolling around. I'm not sure it is a perfect fit with the gospel, but I'm so desperate for a Sunday off (next week) that I feel willing to paint the dots pretty far apart this time, and let the people stretch a bit. Can we let them get stuff off the top shelf once in a while? Wouldn't that be good for them?

    Yes, I'm tired...

  26. Good morning all. I have 2 sermons to write. First I have to finish one for the Recovery of Hope worship this afternoon. I'm using Matthew 7:1-5 (take log out of your eye first) for a meditation on "being entirely willing to have God remove our defects of character" Then I get to finish tomorrow's on the feeding of the multitude.

    I'm surrounding that sermon with communion hymns and imagery, but also bringing in the justice issue of feeding the hungry. I was recently asked by someone who was watching me fill bags with food for a family of 3 adults and 4 small children "How many times do you feed them before you tell them to get a job?" As I understand it Jesus told us to feed the hungry. Period. Not just "deserving" hungry. and not just until I get tired of seeing the same people.

    Children's time. Yay! I have children! Boo, I don't know what to do with them. Was thinking about bringing 1 cookie and asking them what they'd do if they only had one but everyone wanted some.??

    Reading about all your IE issues I'm really glad I have Safari (and Firefox for sites that don't like Safari)

  27. well ... I like all these ideas ... better than mine. I'm having a hard time decompressing and focussing.

    welcome back to others, too! freehanding a sermon, hmmm. might be a good idea.

    major thanks to songbird for figuring this out.

  28. I'm not preaching this weekend--I'm on VACATION! But in a perverse sort of way, I wish I was preaching...and my theme would be on getting a lot out of a little.

    Blueberry muffins and tea, anyone?

  29. happy saturday ladies and gents! I'm stuck trying to tie together JAcob wrestling for his blessing and the feeding 5000. I thought I had a tie-together but I'm just not finding it today. And I could have sworn I'd written a sermon on the feeding story, but can't find one anywhere in this computer, or another ancient one. *sigh*
    hoping to be done though in an hour 45 minutes. I have a playful kitty to share and jiffy box blueberry muffins!

  30. cheese: we are hoping to have an interim in place by September 1 (I have two to talk to this coming week!). I'm on my own (with the 5 retired pastors in the congregation plus the session and deacons) for August.

    I have managed to get all the laundry in the machines, but of course when you do it that way (shoving the clothes in) it takes longer. But at least I don't have to get up and change it out all the time!

    I also have a shopping list. Anyone need anything? I don't plan to go shopping until around lunchtime (to maximize my impulse buys, naturally) so there's still time...

    I learned a new song on Iona, written by John Coleman for L'Arche within the past couple of years. Unfortunately I can't remember the whole of the tune, just the bit with the line "thirsty daughters, tired sons" and it's running around in my head. The words (which I have on a worship handout) might help some of you this week....
    Let us drink from the river,
    thirsty daughters, tired sons.
    Let us drink from the river.
    We are many, we are one.
    Loving God, you recreate us.
    Loving God, a living sign.
    Loving God, through life together.
    Loving God, the bread and wine.
    Loving God, pilgrims together.
    Loving God, the winding road.
    Loving God, our constant comfort.
    Loving God, the river flow.
    (repeat chorus twice more)

    If anyone knows the tune, please help! Otherwise I'm emailing the musician on Iona this week to maybe fax it to me. It's driving me nuts.

  31. I'm preaching on Matthew and the shape of the Eucharist - take, bless, break give. I'm drawing heavily on Eugene Peterson's "Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places", which we studied in the Spring. He develops this beautifully. I've preached a few baptism sermons this year, since we've had a few baptisms, but really nothing on the Eucharist. Tomorrow's the day.

    Dave says I should post that he's making quiche. He does make a mean quiche. So there you have it.

    Juniper, I have the Interpretation commentary on the Psalms. Very good. Also anything by Patrick Miller, who was one of my OT profs at PTS and is brilliant with the Psalms. Not only has much of his life's work been studying the Psalms, perhaps more importantly one can tell that he's prayed the as well. One of his books is "Interpreting the Psalms." Short, but very, very good.

  32. Teri, for the children's sermon (yes, I can think of them for other people, just not myself): something I have used before for a good-bye, is that "good-bye" comes from "God be with you." Even though we are saying goodbye, we are still connected in God's love. Or something like that.

  33. I've been to the farmer's market and the grocery store and just ate a marvelous BLT! There's more if anyone is interested.
    I finished my sermon Thursday morning! I posted it yesterday on my blog after my younger sister vetted it for me. Thanks to Gord and someone else for suggestions made Tuesday!
    juniper, I like Brueggemann's Praying the Psalms. At least I think that's the title. I also have a not new commentary on psalms that I think is part of the WJK series that I consult often. I'm blanking on the author's name and, of course, I'm at home and the book is in the office.
    Now to practice the sermon. I really don't want to use the script but I may be wedded to it at this point.

  34. I have challenged my congregation to provide a meal that is not a fund raiser--that folks from the community can come eat without buying. I wonder if we can do it!

  35. oops. you can find it all at

  36. Hi all, I'm guest preaching tomorrow, but I'm re-using a sermon I did a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness I'm not trying to get something written today. Our air conditioner died last night and it's expected to hit 105-107 here today. We are waiting for the repair person who we expect to tell us we need a whole new airconditioner (not news to us). We have places we can evacuate to if needed, but I'm glad I'm not trying to write in all of this. Hope the muse is strong for the rest of you!

  37. Muthah+, I've been thinking of doing something like that, too! You encourage me.

  38. Again, I am not preaching tomorrow. I am doing the children's sermon, and for the first time, handling liturgy in the "Big church/Traditional". And yes we have communion as well, a first for me here also at Trinity.

    For children's time, since school starts next week we are doing the blessing of the back packs.. The kids are to bring their back packs and we bless them. Got a liturgy for this too.

    Prayers for all who are preaching.
    Welcome back all who have been gone hope you can get back in the sync of things.

  39. muthah+, that sounds like a GREAT idea! a FREE Meal!

    and Kim, tell Dave the quiche sounds good too.

  40. Revabi, what a fabulous idea! I've got to try that...must figure out when school starts though. I finally found the sermon from 2002, back in my interning days. Don't like it though. AND I discovered the movie Millions (amazing movie, a must see for anyone) must have stolen the feeding 5000 interpretation from BBT, or she stole it from them. I just found it in one of her sermons.

    still no sermon though.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I'm slogging through my paper on Feminist Theology and Christology. I'm discovering that old heresies never die... they just come back as "orthodoxy". hehe

    I have fresh blueberries which were to be in a pie, but we've been eating them by the handful. YUM

    Thanks for refilling the coffeepot. I do need a bit more caffeine to get through the afternoon!


  43. Muthah, we are going to do that too--with a Wisconsin twist. I'll share about it when it happens.

    Meanwhile, I'm was mostly finished, but lost the document....aaarrrggghhh!

    And I have to stop and shower because I'm heading down south a ways to attend a wedding in a
    park--my best bud's youngest son--and it is a beautiful day!

    SO I will return to join the late-night folks as I rethink and retype later. Harruphf! Sometimes I hate the computer and the internet.

  44. can i just say that coming home from vacation to an unfinished sermon is a VERY baaaaad idea! don't try this one at home...

  45. Both of my colleagues are on extended vacations this month, so I am on my own this week for the sermon, children's sermon, communion, etc., plus our evening jazz vespers service. You know, I was on my own for three years as a solo pastor, but it feels like a bigger deal to do the whole service here.

    Anyway, I have about 2/3 of a sermon written, thanks to the preaching conference I attended earlier this year, and at least a beginning of an idea for a children's sermon. My sermon is about compassion winning out; even though Jesus was tired and grieving, the needs of the hungry crowd took priority. So with the kids, we're going to talk about being kind and sharing with others even when we're grumpy. Or something. And maybe I'll give out goldfish crackers at the end, just for the heck of it :)

  46. hotcup, welcome back! sorry you have to write a sermon :(. at the last minute.

    but glad to have you hear!

    I wrote my sermon at home for the first time.

    Now I'm headed to church for other things....

  47. Juniper, I like Walter Bruegermann take: There are Psalms of "Orientation" "Disorientation" and "Reorientation" - which describe our journey of faith and understanding of God. We have places/times in life when we are certain who God is, other times when we are lost, uncertain, disoriented, and those times are eventually followed by times of reorientation. There are psalms that reflect these ideas - a people certain of God, a people lamenting, a people who have found God again...anyway, that's what I like.

    Preaching tomorrow on Genesis, Jacob wrestling with God and the ways and times we wrestle with God. Also looking at the idea of individual and community, limiting ourselves and God, and being named...

    I am also having the staff over to my house for dinner tomorrow night - so a lot of cleaning and preparing going on...blessings, all!

  48. Hot Cup, welcome back! Been there done that last year, coming home from vacation on Saturday and having to write sermon.

    Plodding away slowly on mine. The intro is done, now it's time to get on with it. Trying to keep it short because we're celebrating Communion tomorrow, plus, it's also expected to be a blazer - in the 90s, and of course, no a/c. If I could just sit myself down at the computer for a few hours straight I'd have it done by mid- afternoon! So off I go...

  49. thanks for the psalm resource ideas. I really appreciate.

    Hot Cup Luth - we are rowing the same boat today, friend. Ooo, bad idea!

    Ok, i've had some thinking time, now off to writing....

  50. I'm at that critical juncture: 1,000 words and now I have to find a point and make it in the next 500 words or so.

    I decided to save the "Lars" idea for another Sunday. In stead I'm riffing off a customer service live chat I had yesterday with someone from the Midwestern Version of LLBean, in which the other person actually typed these words in answer to a question, "We have no limit."

  51. Juniper, hope you found some useful nuggets...

    Cheese, I like that, "We have no limit..." will be curious to see if/how you use it...and I may like the full story to add to my developing theme for the parsih as a place of of "Abundance and Generosity"....hmmm, hope it is so for you too.

    house cleaning well underway...only now I have injured my back...pulled a muscle. sigh. so I'm sitting down and having lunch. (Please join me, I have chicken corn chowder, pita chips, and beverages of all kinds)....But then I have to carefully finish the cleaning for the staff dinner party tomorrow. Sermon is mostly written, but perculating...we'll see...

  52. One down, one to go. I posted the sermon for the Recovery of Hope worship on Matthew 7:1-5 and Step 6 here
    It has nothing to do with the lectionary selections, but then they never do for this particular service. :-)

    Probably won't be able to write much on tomorrow's until after the recovery worship ends at 5 PDT.

    Would someone like to tell me why I thought it was a good idea to start doing the Saturday service every week beginning in September? If this week has been any indication of what that's going to be like, I may have bitten off more than I can fit in my mouth, never mind chewing! But then, a lot of the folks who I'd like to see show up are very excited about the prospect of weekly worship instead of just once a month. I do want to attract the unchurched . . . Please God, send some help!

  53. ok, it's just about time for the first run of this one. I'm NOT so pleased with it. I've got some parts down without the notes. I'm hoping to be able to put the main points on cards tonight and do it that way tomorrow, at least at the 8:00 service outdoors.

    We'll see....

  54. Hey Cheese, have you got your point written yet. I'm at the 1000 word mark and i'm struggling to write a conclusion in 500 words or less.

    Would anyone like to join me for a bbq, got brats on the grill.

  55. I'm back after an afternoon of househunting. lovely houses but it's darn hot out there, over 103. So I'm back inside and trying again to write a sermon. I've decided to do something on the eucharist theme we see in the gospel and how we often wrestle with the blessings we receive at the table. I'm wanting to use several movie images of eucharist and can't think of more than one from Chocolat where the lady throws Judy Dench's character a b-day party and all including the gypsy Johnny Depp are invited. Any other ideas?

  56. GG, I'll take one of those brats, thanks.

    Husband is coming home from Boy Scout camp tonight. Daughter is going out to Theater in the Park. I called hubby and let him know that we will be childless tonight, so how about a date night. He thought that was a good idea, so now I have an incentive to get this sermon wrapped up early.

    I'm trying to find my own words now. I've cut and pasted about 2400+ words of resources, so now to narrow, paraphrase and rewrite in my own voice.

    My daughter just came back from the neighborhood burger joint with chocolate shakes, so fuel has been provided. Back to it.

  57. Nutella, are you familiar with Babette's Feast? It's a foreign film about a small worshiping community always bickering until they are prepared a lavish feast by a formerly renowned chef posing as a household servant. A truly beautiful movie in which the sharing of a meal together brings about harmony and fellowship in the community.

  58. Oh, Nutella,
    remember the tv show called,...uh,... Unsacred Vows, or soemthing
    Okay, I forget. But they showed an episode in Eucharist class.
    The nun wants to be a priest and the priest gets tossed in jail for helping the illegal immagreitns and the family eats together and it is all on Christmas Eve?
    I am enjoying a blueberry slush and about to go for a pedi.

  59. Hi all,
    Checking in with statistics.
    -High temperature on back patio thermometer 111.
    -High temperature on interior thermostat 94.
    -Number of window AC units purchased and installed so we can live in 1/3 of our house for the next 5 days until new AC unit installed - 2.
    -Degrees cooler in cooled rooms - many but not measurable at this time.
    -Number of musical instruments hauled to neighbor's house for cool keeping - 8
    -Number of prayers of gratitude that we have the ability to find a temporary solution - many but probably not enough.
    -Prayers lifted for those suffering in heat without AC many.
    Window units will be donated as soon as new AC is installed.

    As for preaching, I'm doing half testimony, half sermon. I'm using Jeremiah 29:10-14
    John 9:1-7 (The Message)
    In the John passage, the disciples ask whose sin caused the man to be born blind. Jesus says basically, You're asking the wrong question. Look instead for what God can do in this.

    Hope all of you have a good night and great Sunday.

  60. I'm sooooo hungry I'll take one of those brats please.

    one preaching date done, 2 to go (tomorrow). (sigh)

    I think this one had a little too much in common with the vacation trip.

  61. OK, back from the saturday service. Ready for dinner and then some writing. I'm serving Grilled Mahi mahi, steamed baby squash and rice with iced green tea. Anyone want to join me?

  62. The irony of my sermon title is now biting me: "Plenty of Nothing."

    Let's just say I've been reading Book 3 in the Twilight series, and it is hard, nay, impossible, to put down.

    I have 802 words which include a beginning illustration, a well-worded ending and a lot of half-formed thoughts in between.

    How short can a Communion meditation be?

    I just realized that this is the first summer in six years of ministry that I haven't taken some vacation by the third week in July. I'm fried, friends. Fried.

  63. 1-4 grace, that tv show you are thinking of is called Nothing Sacred. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be commercially available--I've looked into it a number of times recently. The one they showed us in class was videotaped off TV when it was actually aired. The show only lasted a season (or maybe less?) before it was pulled. Too controversial or something.

    But I agree, it's probably the best use of eucharistic imagery pretty much ever.... (hence my continuous search for it on DVD or VHS or any kind of media at all!)

  64. "Well I got plenty o' nothin'
    and nothin's plenty for me

    I got my gal,
    got my song,
    I got heaven the whole day long."

    Gotta love that Porgy and Bess.

    Sermon is printed. The beer bottle is open, I'm celebrating.

    Peace and love everybody,

  65. I am SO not in the sermon-writing rhythm anymore. Nonetheless, I think I might be done-ish. My conclusion feels a little weak, but at least it leads into communion well. Now on to writing the meditation for jazz vespers...

  66. Hi all.
    I am back and have supream pizza to share (thin crust). Wished I had know about the mahi mahi, Maria. Totlaly could ahve gone for that.
    Yes, Teri, I did a long search for the video too. Wonderful show/ episode. Funny that it was too controversial (perhaps at the time). There is plenty more controversial stuff now.
    But, if you ever do find it, let me know. I would so like to use it.
    Just read a great quote for advent in a novel I have. Will psot it later...
    for now I must finsih my Gospel message on laves and fishes
    BTW, does anybody knwo the original source for the story about the bread multitplying as folks put some in the basket? Millions? BBT? Other? I'd liek to give credit where credit is due, but can always plead ignorance.
    Anybody for pizza?

  67. hey! I'm back to do some tweaking. well, and cleaning before we have the Inlaws Over To See The Paris Pictures. tomorrow.

    My sermon -- blech -- not BAD, but theologically a little light-weight, I think.

    I gave the first page without notes so much, I'm going to try to a little more tomorrow, and not tax myself.

    Anybody need anything? Coke? Beer? Ice Cream? (I know, weird choices.)

    I just thought of a great sermon title, unfortunately, too late:

    "The Accidental Pilgrim."

    What do you think?

  68. diane, yes a great title

    just back from a church-folk pool party that ended in mild disaster when the boy had a too-much-pool-water-in-the-tum type accident. Both ends. Fortunately in (well near) the toilet. But the party ended for me with my cleaning my parishioners bathroom - not EXACTLY what I had in mind and so hard to get in the mood for sermon writing NOW. I'm wondering if I should take a page from Songbird's book and use it in the sermon, but really can you preach about puke on communion Sunday?

    Sigh. Back to some more mindless internt and then back to at it. I had such a great start this morning, but now I"m totally out of steam....

  69. The solution was clear. It always breaks a sermon block. My daughter and I put Shrek 2 in the DVD player, and I found inspiration in the purr of Antonio Banderas. Next thing I knew: a finished sermon!!

  70. 1-4 grace, I'd be happy to trade a piece of fish for a piece of pizza . To stay in line with the gospel story I added a piece of bread to my dinner menu. :-)

    Now if I just had an entire sermon to go with the dinner . . . have about 3 pages right now, I usually aim for 6. But of course, I usually also finish it at 4 am after letting the Spirit inspire me in my sleep.

    Think I'll work on prayers and a children time the rest of the evening and finish up "You feed them" in the morning.

  71. Puke, yes. Diarrhea, no.
    That's my rule.

  72. Brats? Yes, thank you.

    I'm back from the wedding. Lovely except for the part where the minister urged the groom to "lead" his new bride and urged her to allow her husband to be "your leader." I bit my tongue, and sneakily smacked Ken, who was making faces at me. Siiiiiiigh!

    But we did possibly have the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. Now, to rewrite the lost sermon.

  73. Great title Diane.
    I always want my titles to stir interest, make folks wonder and hopefully lead to some better grasp of scripture after the sermon...sigh, it is hard to do title before sermon is done.
    Oh, Owl, I would ahve been cringing right beside you!

  74. yeah, sb! a rule! thanks for it!

    well, I'm getting NOTHING done at home, unless you count checking up on what the gofugyourself gals have been up to lately as something, so I'm heading to the office to see if I can concentrate better there.

    see you all in 20 minutes.

  75. okay, so I love the song I learned so much I went looking for it. Here is a slightly less peppy version than the way we sang it at the abbey. Enjoy. It's a good Saturday night/Sunday afternoon song.

  76. great song, teri! Now I've revised (or, really, retyped where I had crossed out things) and I'm going to bed. Not posting this one. :( usually I'm better after a vacation.

    I'll leave the light on for anyone who is still sermonizing, and check in tomorrow to see who's up and ready to go (or bleary-eyed and in need of caffeine).

    Hang in there, everyone!

  77. Well, after a long day of cleaning and cooking and sermon writing, you can read it here: Who are we. I'll be around to read all the others, soon. Before bed. I hope.

  78. SB, I loved your sermon. I was picturing your doggies as if I know them. What a marvellous intro! As for me, I have reconstructed the sermon. It is not as good as the first time around, but it'll do.

    Earlier this week I spent way too many hours working on a power point and music presentation of our baptism worship service two weeks ago. I showed it to one person in advance, and she laughed at the funny part and then she cried. Wow! It is about 7 minutes long, and I think it is likely to be much more powerful and eloquent than my sermon.

    Off to bed for me. Prayers gone up for those still working.

  79. hey there - 9:15 here and I'm getting somewhere.

    anyone else still up?

  80. DEFINATELY the last one up....Ok, sleep tight all. I'm still (well, actually, FINALLY if you want to know the truth) writing, if you want to stop by and say hi. Otherwise, see you in the morning.

  81. yo, Juniper I am still here. Just can't quite "git her done" tonight.
    I am off to bed. Up in the early AM to finish it off. :)
    realized it is communion sunday and therefore must be somewhat shorter sermon...less time to actuallu get soem where in fewer words or less.

  82. Juniper, I'm still up. My mom has come to visit my new home/parish this weekend. My stepbrother is bringing her to service in the morning. So I've been trying to shuffle around and unpack boxes all day to make more room for guests. But I've known the basic idea/theme of my sermon for a week. I think I will go to sleep for a while and get up early to finish.

    I'm doing Genesis and wrestling. But I liked the Tuesday comment about Sleeping With Bread (I love that book) and that Jacob not only wrestled, he also clung, tenacious, holding on for dear life. I'd started to go there in some notes, but not quite as far as "cling".

    Peace and Grace as you begin your Sundays.

  83. good morning! everybody up? how's it coming?

    I put a fresh pot of coffee on, and I hope we all know that, as will smama says, "the Holy Spirit has got our backs."

    I know I need to hear that today.

  84. Oh. me too, Diane, me too.
    Realizing that it is a communion Sunday, thus sermon needed to be shorter, was a bit of a "eye-opener"
    Okay, let's go do our thing people

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. GADZOOKS! It was hot in our un a.c. church. I have Dole fruit popsicles to share if you stop in, and then it is time for the sacred snooze....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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