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Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Five Prizes!!!

In the Friday Five post, I offered a prize for the cleverest caption for the picture seen in that post. I've been checking out the answers all day, and with the understanding that this is completely subjective, here are my award-winners in five special categories.

Favorite TV Show Reference goes to David at Here I Stand: “Hi, I’m Larry, this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl.”

People's Choice Award goes to will smama at preacher, blogger or procrastinator: "So.... that Hands Across America thing.... that's still going on, right? 'Cause I'm starting to feel weird."

Clearly Playing to the Judge's Tastes Award goes to Mid-Life Rookie at Ministry Moments and other Mid-Life Musings: "Secretly in the night, she quietly placed the warning men in front of the chocolate factory. Not because of the inherent danger of chocolate, but so she could have it all to herself."

Best Use of Tools Award goes to DogBlogger at Dog and God:
"Far too manly to cut simple paper dolls to entertain their toddlers, the construction crew decided to go with material more suited to Sawzall® use."

And the Grand Prize goes to EmJayDee at Set the Bird Free (which I swear has nothing to do with my choice, even though my old blog was Set Free and I am Songbird) for this musical offering to the tune of Three Blind Mice:

Three plastic guards
See how they stand
Stolid helmeted fixed in place
Danger lurking beneath each face
Did you ever wonder where they would race
If they could run

Winners, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you a little something!


  1. I didn't do the Friday Five, but have to share my husband's caption for the 3 plastic men:

    "It's the Will Robinson Fan Club!"

    tee hee

  2. is anyone besides me having rouble loading blogs in IE? I have to stop the load soon enough to see the page but before getting an error message--including my own (which is my home page)

  3. and yet they work fine in firefox...may be time to switch

  4. Gord,

    I am also having trouble opening the page in IE, but Firefox opens the page. Must be a blog thing, as I ma having the same problem with 'Blogging toward Sunday'

  5. This little people over here in Finland ... cracked up over this entry

    "So.... that Hands Across America thing.... that's still going on, right? 'Cause I'm starting to feel weird."

    and - absolutely votes in line with people's choice.

    thanks all :)
    Sorry I didn't play. Forgot it was Friday yesterday ... duh?!

  6. LOL at EmJayDee AND Amy. I couldn't access the Friday Five so didn't get to play, but wanted to tell you, Songbird, that I thought it was a very creative idea!

  7. yes, I bow in awe before all the winners yesterday. May I too reach the heights of creativity someday.

    great idea, Songbird.

  8. This was really REALLY fun! Congrats to the winners. :)


    P.S. Word verification:
    wtfdgv (LOL)

  9. These are great captions, congrats to the winners! Someday, I'll get to play the FF again (not that I'm that creative, though).


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