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Monday, August 04, 2008

Back to School Meet 'N Greet

Amid the wonderful rain and thunderstorms today, at our house there is a flurry of purchasing of the latest and greatest back to school items, (doesn't it seem we do this earlier and earlier every year?) so here is a brief Back to School Meet 'n Greet!

Welcome to:

Amy Maxwell at "Gentle Whisper." She says, "I’m a Chaplain Candidate, Army Wife, mom who spends too much time on the Internet and too little time doing laundry." (eh, me too, Amy!)

Wendy at "i are a writer." She's an "Episcopal priest, sometimes writer, list-maker, dog owner. Collector of stories, snowglobes, and postcards. I enjoy good counter space, eating rain, solid liturgy, shiny things, and driving fast. I like it outside." (I do so enjoy the title of her blog!)

A Young Seeker at "Seeking the Moments." She says that she's a "young, musical, seeking student. My diocese ascribes the fancy term of "postulant" behind my name and while it's probably better than being called a lot of other things, I am still trying to cope with, and accept the fact that God would call a young, only Very recent Anglican to ministry. However, off I go, in search of... well, I'll let you know what I'm looking for when I find it." Welcome and blessings on the journey!

Val at "Into the Wild." She write, "My name is Val and this is my blog. I'm a native Michigander who's been living in Seattle for the past 6 years. I recently accepted a teaching position in Mountain Village, Alaska (pop. almost 1000), in the heart of the Alaskan bush. I hope that this blog serves as a record of what has now been coined the next "Great Val Adventure." So read on and pray for me as I follow God's call into the wilds of Alaska and the wilds of my first year teaching."

Finally, Jayne at "The Clock is Ticking." She tells us " you hear that? It's a clock even. But it's not that clock. Yes, I'm female, 31, and single. But my biological clock isn't ticking, except to remind me to get enough sleep. No, dear readers, the clock you hear around me is called "Life." Live it, love it, or get out of my way while I do."


  1. Thanks, y'all. I love belonging. Also, I won't lie, it is way super fun having an extra one-million more hits on my little blog. I guess my dad isn't the only reader any more!

    It's also way super fun expanding my own blog-reading-addiction.

    Carry on! See you in the blogosphere.


  2. LOL...I just saw this post. No wonder I keep getting "welcome" comments.

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome..I really enjoy being here!


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