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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Music Video - Sing Hallelujah

While listening to an organ concert on Youtube (and you organ fans should check out this Pedal and Pumps organ divas video - it's a treat, but over an hour long!), I found this video, full of Hallelujah music from all over the world, across the centuries, and from all genres of music. It's a cross section of the beauty of the diversity of music and how this one word speaks to us. Before you listen to this, what song comes to mind when you think of Hallelujah or Alleluia? What's the first piece of music that pops into your mind? Two popped into my mind before I listened to it, and I won't influence you by posting it in this post. However, one is in the video, the other didn't make the cut.

Share with us the music that came to you, or share with us what music was meaningful to you during worship today. Alleluia!


  1. oh that was lovely! Thank you.
    My alleluias almost always start with Handel and meander through many hymns especially the Pascha Nostrum sung to S47 in the Hymnal 1982. The alleluias that start the plainchang O sons and daughters is a favorite. And I could go on an on. I was raised on sacred music. Profane, too, I guess.
    We sang When morning gilds the skies today and ended with God of grace and God of glory. It was a good morning and no one ran out when I mentioned stewardship in the sermon.
    But I came home to find one of my dogs had died. Poor Winston had a pulmonary embolus according to my vet (it's nice to have one in the congregation). So as I listened to all those alleluias, I imagined all the angels in heaven welcoming Sir Winston Little Man. He was a good, good dog.

  2. Margaret, I am so sorry to hear about your dog Winston.

    Handel's Hallelujah from his oratorio Messiah is certainly one of the first I think of!

  3. Oh Cathy, thanks! WOW! So sorry about poor Winston, Margaret. As for songs, I guess The Hallelujah Chorus is a given. The other music that ran through my head right away was, "Christ the Lord is risen today, Aa-a-a-a-Alleluia!"

  4. Today the music most meaningful to me was actually on the CD player in the car, on the way can read about it on my blog .

  5. Margaret -- I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my Cody, A Very Good Little Dog, last fall. Perhaps he and Winston are running in the clover together over the Rainbow Bridge.

  6. One that comes to mind is one we sang in youth group. Here is a YouTUbe link

    ANd for me the classic Hallelujah is the LEonard COhen (also recorded by many other people over the time). Here he is on YouTube

  7. I enjoyed that. I was touched by a song that Naomi and Bill offered by Adie Camp titled "Sufficient"... I linked to a video of the song (not the way they did it, which was very gentle and acoustic) here...

    And Margaret... I am sorry about Winston. It is always hard to see a pet go... peace in the journey

  8. Maybe not the first that came to mind (probably Handel) but two I especially like are the Caribbean "Halle Halle Halle" and the Mozart "Alleluia" from "Exsultate, Jubilate". You can probably tell I have eclectic tastes! Gord, how did you do the YouTube thing in comments - I couldn't do it! My "Alleluia Playlist" has 54 items in it currently, probably will have more when I finish updating.


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