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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early morning Preacher Party!

It's a chilly autumn morning here in Gloucestershire, UK and I'm feeling rather less than warm about this week's sermon I thought I'd host (and post) a breakfast party for those of us whose time zones are out of synch with the US majority.
I've made a jug of hot chocolate, it's so bleak outside - and there's fresh toast with home made blackcurrant jam.
I'm pondering how to preach Bible Sunday in my congregations...We don't yet know each other well enough, I guess, for me to launch into full on liberalism, but I can't with integrity preach a view of Scripture that I don't actually hold.
I suspect they may get more of a lecture than a sermon, unless God intervenes in my rather frantic preparations.
Tonight I'm singing in my first concert with a local choir - rehearsal this pm so the sermon has to be thought through and writeable in short order.
What about you?
How are your words and your Saturday shaping up?


  1. Good morning! Thanks for hosting today, Kathryn!
    I'm watching the light gradually appear here and wondering if the dogs will ever want their breakfast, such a pair of sleepy-heads.
    I've got to tie the "talent" portion of Stewardship into my sermon on the first portion of the gospel lesson, something about love calling us to do things not because we have to but because we simply cannot resist. I have written, oh, about as many words as you see in the previous sentence, if I cut and paste them to my sermon document!
    There's coffee here, though that hot chocolate sounds rather lovely.

  2. Hi All
    I was up late last night writing the conclusion to a paper (a 4 page essay, actually) on theodicy that is due at midnight tonight. This morning I'm packing and then heading home after a week of classes. Then it's off early in the morning, dropping Reedy Girl at a friends, and leaving for a college visit with the Harpist and Beloved Bearded Spouse. After a week away, I am looking forward to spending time with him!!!

    I have microwave popcorn (as yet unpopped) which I will send you for your afternoon studies. I'm trying to get unpacked and repacked early - there's a Buckeye game to cheer for!!!

    Praying for all of you preachers - for a timely word in due season.

  3. Hi Kathryn, Sorry I'm late. It is nearly time for Lunch so I offer you some warm chicken soup. We are also celebrating bible sunday here. I'm going with the Nehemiah reading and thinking about how we listen and then how we respond to God's word. It's such a great passage because everyone goes away rejoicing and feasting.

  4. It's still dark, dark here. I'm ready for the end of Daylight Saving Time!

    Sending good sermon-thoughts all of your ways. I've got no goodies to offer, but I am doing mounds of laundry and would be happy to toss in some extra loads!

    Oh, and I'd love some of that hot chocolate and the homemade jam. Yum.

  5. Good morning! I am gone for the date to a 7th grade confirmation retreat. I am looking for a children's sermon for Reformation Sunday, if anybody has any ideas. I'll be back late afternoon-ish. Have fun, everybody!

    And thanks for hosting Kathryn!

  6. Hi RevGals,

    I'm up writing a presentation and a sermonette for our association meeting tommorrow. Fun Fun.

    Anyone want any coffee and muffins.

    Peace and love,

  7. Mary Beth, I'll take that laundry help. I have toast with peanut butter and Jelly. Those of you who read my blog may be waiting for chicken picata. Well, it did not get made last night, so perhaps another day.

    I have a funeral this morning and then will be back to take a nap and finish for tomorrow. I too am looking for a reformation sunday children's sermon.

  8. Just getting light here too. Hoping my mood will lighten after a night up with the baby way too many times, for way too long each time. She's asleep on Daddy right now. I'm off to our governing body meeting here in a few minutes. That will keep me awake, I'm sure (ha!).

    As for the sermon, I have a sketchy one considering Psalm 90 and time and eternity...anyone have a children's sermon idea about time? We're skipping Reformation Sunday this year, apparently.

    And as for breakfast, I'll take some of what y'all are offering, because all I've got is Cheerios and milk. Blessings to you all on this sermon-writing day.

  9. Good morning, preachers! I'm picking my mother up in a few hours - she's the pianist for a wedding we have this afternoon...weddings take up entire weekends, don't they?

  10. Greetings all! I've missed the party--it's good to be back!

    I'm not preaching tomorrow--Strong Heart was signed up for that months ago--but do have my year-end report to prepare, as well as the agenda for the annual church meeting (the packets need to go out to members next week), and the same (my report and an agenda) for the Board meeting which will happen next week. And there's housework to be done, and I want to have some me-time, too.

    I did do the Friday Five, BTW; try this link.

    I have some wonderful muesli to share, but the toast and jam sounds yummy too!

  11. Good morning all. It's still dark outside but I knew you all would be up and working. I'm about halfway through the first of 3 sermons for the weekend. This one will work (with revisions) for 2 of the congregations, but the third needs a whole different slant, as I'm focusing on Heritage Sunday (what Disciples do in place of Reformation Sunday) and they're not a DOC congregation. Whatever, they'll all be based in the love commandments from Matthew.

    Oops, The Husband just woke up so he can go to work. Back after he is fed and out the door. :-)

  12. I'm JUST getting started, which is really late for me. I have exegeted for days, but nothing is really calling to me in this oh, so familiar passage. The sermon fairy failed to leave a sermon under my pillow last night, too. I'm going to have to file a complaint.

  13. Tuscan bean soup now bubbling gently (thanks to Mr Sainsbury, I fear...this is not the weekend for homemade delicacies in these parts)and I'm about to head off to rehearsal.
    Reformation Sunday is outside my C of E experience - but finding a Children's slot is always a challenge. Hope that something arrives, gift-wrapped, for those of you trying to engage with it...
    I'll pop back later, but meanwhile make yourselves at home - just don't sit on the kichen sofa. Dog fleas about, Lord help us!

  14. I'm dreading my sermon writing today so i will put it off until the last possible minute. I have felt next to no movement of the Spirit and don't have a clue where I'm going. I LOVE the piece at the end of the 1 Thess passage about sharing ourselves when we share the gospel. I think it works well with the greatest commandments, etc. I have NO IDEA where I'm going from there though.

    Maybe something will strike by tonight!

  15. No reformation Sunday here, either (are Episcopalians really reformed? :) Sipping a cup of Ear Grey (decaf) with "All You Need is Love" running through my head...but no words on my paper.

  16. Well, we're "reformed and always reforming" here, but I don't know if I'll ever one up last year's time with young disciples in which I had the kids write "reformation declarations" and stick them all over the doors of the church, on green post-its. They are still flapping away on my office door, a cheerful reminder of the kids of the church.

    I've been sick this week, so Moses' death scene (which I am convinced he did not write himself, ahem) is not all that appealing.

    Last week I cranked out in about three hours after a lovely day spent with Spouse. Today feels like it will be slowly eked out in fits and starts between coughing fits and naps. I haven't written while sick in a while.

  17. Grinning at cheesehead and thinking of Moses writing his own death scene....heh heh heh...I'm sorry you are feeling crummy.

    It is dreary outside, grey and drizzly. Tomorrow is supposed to be miserable with cold temps, blustery winds and snow flurries. Ugh! Fortunately for me, I am not preaching tomorrow. A young woman from our congregation will be sharing about her most recent missions trip to Zambia--fortunately because I'm still finishing up some last-minute closet clearing and space making before the horde from Minneapolis (one daughter, one son-in-law, one 21-month-old, two cats and one humongous dog arrive tonight. They are loading up the moving truck over in Minneapolis now. And it looks like the job of unloading most of their stuff into a storage facility will be done on a very cold day. Yikes!

    I do have some pumpkin bars and some apple bread to share if you'd like. Prayers for the preachers going upward.

  18. hey all... still not preaching (haven't since early july... craziness)... but i do have to write three 10 minute defenses of theses on chapters 6 and 7 of Bonhoeffer's Discipleship, which are very sermonic interpretations of the sermon on the mount and the sending of the disciples in Matthew 10. i'm planning to bring in some thoughts from two podcasts i was listening to earlier this week. i feel like this is the closest i've come to writing a sermon in a long time. but it better not be too sermonic or i'll miss the boat. as my sermons used to hover between 15 and 20 minutes, i can do this... totally. hoping i work quickly so i can do something fun today... sabbath will begin when i'm done!

    course that means i should stop surfing the blogosphere and get started, right? right.

    peanut butter puffins anyone?

    blessings on your preaching preparation.

    Bible Sunday, Kathryn? Wow, never heard of such a thing.

  19. I am getting a late start on Reformation Sunday. I am not planning to preach on the lessons about justification by faith. But would like to take a lesson from the history of the event--that the Reformation was a lay led event. M. Luther would not have gotten anywhere if the Elector had not protected him. The laity had to be involved and educated in order to accept the changes that were facing them. Sort of like the present Reformation that we are facing.

  20. I spent all week exegeting/writing on the MT passage but found the rabbit trails were distracting to the point of making the rest pointless.
    So I've decided to go with Moses as the example of what Jesus means in the gospel. I've got a little more reading to do this afternoon. This morning was cleanup at church with an interruption for some pastoral care. I just finished my sausage egg biscuit - not *too* bad cold - and am heading to the store to buy what I need for cornbread as I've just been invited to watch Alabama cream UT this evening. Since I have no stake in this game, it ought to be a good time!
    I haven't got much to offer for the feast. There's still plenty of lasagna left over from the vestry meeting Tuesday night (no, I don't cook for them very often) and there's always dark chocolate in the freezer.

  21. revdrmom, my Episcopalian experience of the Reformation is not like my dyed-in-the-wool Lutherans. But it would be good if we Episcopalians did turn to our Reformational roots more often. It woud help maintain our truely Anglican experience of faith rather than go down the RC path that so many of our Anglo-Catholic sistern and brethern have trod. I am enjoying this trip through the Reformation w/ the Lutherans--quite informational.

  22. Not really doing Reformation Sunday here, in that I'm not using the justification by faith texts. But usually I at least use pieces from the Book of Confessions and a beautiful prayer for illumination from the Geneva Bible.

    I'm continuing to preach through Acts, and this week it's Ananias and Sapphira. One of my clergy study group colleagues said, "How are you going to get the Gospel out of that?" I'm rolling around the idea that when we hold back from God the things that are to be devoted to God, a little bit of us dies - our faith, our discipleship, our willingness to respond. As I right that, it sounds a little harsh. Maybe I need to soften that a bit? Or maybe it's intended to be harsh.

    Last year on Reformation Sunday for the children's sermon, I focused on the people hearing Scripture in their own language for the first time. I read John 3:16 in Greek (hey, the kids didn't know that my pronunciation was poor!) and asked what I had just read. I talked about how until that time, people didn't worship, hear Scripture or hear prayers, in their own language. And just how could they understand God's love if they didn't hear about it in words they could understand? From there I went on to talk about how important reading the Bible is to our faith, sola scriptura, etc.

    Let's see, Dave's making quiche, and we have leftover homemade macaroni & cheese and chocolate chip cookies to share from a church potluck-tailgating party last night (the two home teams played).

  23. Back-to-basics here with the Greatest commandment.

    I have two main themes running through my mind:
    1)love in this commandment is a verb (and apparently the Hebrew in LEviticus trnslates as "act lovingly") therefore how we feel about the other person is not primary.
    2)John Lennon's claim that "all we need is love" Is it relly that simple?

    Oh and a quote comes to mind-- Jesus taught us to love our neighbours. He also taught that we should love our enemies. Probably because they are the same people.

  24. Gord, that is the direction that I was heading in: Jesus is reminding us that love of God is foundational, but it's a starting point for how we live.

  25. Pass me the hot cocoa. We had rain all day yesterday and it is overcast here today.
    I am off to a soccer game in a bit.
    When I return I will have to get my sermon done.
    We will bury Moses tomorrow and need to do it jsutright.
    Poor guy ahd quite a life and no doubt more than a few ulcers curtosey of the Issraelites...
    owell. Maybe I'll get inspired

    Here is a sermon for reformation sunday (for children). But not actually a bad idea for adults too!

  27. 1-4 Grace - thanks for that link! I think I'm going to do it. And maybe buy some individually wrapped lifesavers for the kids to hand out.

  28. Hi loves...back for an hour between rehearsal and performance. Hope your word count has multiplied in absentia, - if anyone has way too much to say, perhaps they could send the spare words this way, as I'm floundering.
    However, there are some chicken satay skewers cooking as my contribution to the interval refreshments at the concert, - and I've made enough for us to share too. And I WILL write another paragraph before I have to change, so help me...I will, I WILL

  29. In an ironic twist, I have a McCain quote for "love your neighbor."

    I also have a great Molly Ivins quote (I have SO missed her this political season).

    But I'm leaning toward the chicken exit and not using either one.

    Meanwhile, our band made it to area competition which is this afternoon. So I'll follow via gmail on my cell phone and hope for sermon inspiration in the stands.

  30. well.. first 10 minute defense written, but i fear it is more than 10 minutes. will take a stretch break and dig into the second.

    yum... singing owl... i'll have some of your fall treats.

  31. I am still mulling. I am all hung up on the Greek (geek!). I extended the Thess reading to verse 12 to include the "walk in the way of the Lord." I want to talk about living out the Great Commandment(s) as a journey. So, "peripateo" gets my does the "homoia" of's is like the other but is it the same? Similar? Identical? I'm going to play with the idea that they are NOT the same, that one precedes the other. First God then neighbor, otherwise we simply have moralism. Moralism can be good, but it's often too much about the person holding the morals than it is about the neighbor. So, we have to love God first and then God directs us to love neighbor (or enemy) because we will find God there.

    I think.

    Something like that. Thanks for the cocoa. I brought shortbread.

  32. Cheesehaed, what do you mean Moses didn't write his own death scene (can you see me totally not able to keep a straight face while I ask?)?

    Funeral done. Very odd, like my A, B and C games decided to stay home, it rained at the cemetery, and well, just a yucky morning. I do have homemade granola bars - -my Brother in Law says they are like Flapjack in england - coming out of the oven soon. They have dried cherries and cranberies, roasted pumpkin seeds, dates, pecans (I was finishing the bag) oatmeal and something else I forgot. YUMMY!

    Sermon? After the nap!

  33. KP, I caught that smirk!

    I am up to 725 words, not really anywhere near what I need, but am just now discovering what my point might be, so I'm confident that I'll finish sometime in the next few hours.

    It's always a "Hmmm..." kind of funny when you take the sermon a completely different direction than you were planing to, no? Or does that just happen to me?

    I do have home-made chicken noodle soup to share. It was part of my procrastination strategy this morning.

  34. If the rain holds off I think I will clean out the gutters. LEaves have all fallen now and it gives a good procrastination tool...

    Maybe even put up the Christmas lights, or not

  35. Report and agenda done!

    And snuck a peek at Strong Heart's sermon for tomorrow (her printer's acting up so I'm printing it for her)-- she is such a good preacher. If I didn't love her so much I'd be jealous!

    Thanks for the shortbread, Tripp--yummm.

    Since I'm not sermonising, how's about I make dinner for those on the North American continent (sorry I can't go back in time to do that for our continental friends...)?

    I'm thinking of clam chowdah, how much should I make? Who's up for chowdah?

  36. I'm finally home after last night's middle school lock-in and todays Presbytery-disaster-response-team meeting (I refrained from suggesting that PRESBYTERY is the disaster that needs a response...). I'm exhausted. I have no sermon. My house is a mess. My cats are needy. The sun just came out. I'm thinking of taking a nap before tackling the matthew thing (I'm only doing the first half, up to verse 40). I have Dr. Pepper and leftover chips of all kinds (isn't that the purpose of lock-ins: junk food?) so help yourselves to afternoon snackage.

    I am worried about tomorrow mainly because I want to preach the BEST! SERMON! EVER! because our new interim will be in worship (not leading, just in) for the first time tomorrow and I wouldn't call our first week together a raging success so now I feel like I need to prove myself somehow. I hope I'm wrong AND I hope the Spirit will deliver. :-)

    naptime...back soon.

  37. glad the funeral is behind you, kp. can i have one of those granola bars please?

    well, second 10 minute defense is drafted, took a long "talk to your sister and eat some lunch" break in the middle of writing it. and don't think it is fully coherent, nor that it is actually only 10 minutes long.

    but i'm going to take a shower and then tackle the third.

    something tells me an early finish is not in the cards. sigh.

  38. I am starting to hate this text.
    I have three close to done sermons that I've pitched out. Yikes.

    So wishing I'd picked one of the other texts right about now. It feels so trite....

  39. Susan O, I hear you. I LOVED my sermon on this text three years ago, which was about how friendly my dog is and the paranoia about avian flu and how we needed to love dangerously. I'm talking about Molly again this time, but a bit differently, since inclusivity is not the issue in my current setting. And I'm trying to give it a stewardship bent, too, since we are in the midst of that charming exercise. My focus is on passionately giving to God, others and self, the way Molly gives her "paws of love" to everyone. I've got the Molly part written and an outline for most of the rest. I've done all my errands, but I think I'll walk Sam (who is not lame, as Molly is, horribly) and then work on it some more.
    Anybody want some popcorn?

  40. Hi everyone,
    I haven't made the preacher party for a while.
    I'm on Bible Sunday too tomorrow - but found a sermon for it from my last church which I was quite pleased with... so just making some changes and additions (the readings were different).
    Been at a uni open day all day today with TeenSon - managed to leave him in a 60 minute talk on his chosen course at one point while I got a bit of work done!

  41. oh my goodness... the silly things that make us happy. i just realized the spacing of my writing wasn't actual single, but 1.2 and making it single I am right in the length window I hoped for, done with the third defense now, with wiggle room if I need to add more meat.

    now, as i always did with my sermons, i think i'm going to find someone to listen to these to see if they actually make any sense.

  42. Back from the concert (Purcell, Handel & then Oklahoma! in the 2nd half) which was great fun...but have less than no urge to get on, having switched off the performance adrenaline and now being ready for bed.
    However, needs must.
    I'd love some of that flapjack KnittingPreacher(I always wondered what granola bars thanks for the translation)- a sugar high might provide some impetus...
    Susan O, I bet that within one of those three dumped sermons there is something that you could actually run with...but it's a horrible feeling when nothing emerges as you want it to. Sympathies
    Everyone else sounds as if they are getting on nicely, given that you've mostly got substantially more time than I have (though our clocks go back tonight, so at least I gain one extra hour)...

  43. Will be thinking of you teri.
    KP, pass the granola along with that smirk...
    I may have to make a tiny remark on how Moses had to write his own death story.
    Kim, I am off to buy Lifesavers for my kids to hand out. Thaks.
    if I was not busy trying to get my car decorations figured out for trunk or treat....a frog.
    But, if I did have time, I woudl pritn out a bunch of little tags saying Happy Reformation Day and Go Luther! and 95!

  44. They're all "runnable." I just haven't preached in a while, and I'm hoping to do a lot of supply for this church when their pastor retires, so I want to be wonderful. I think we'll be settling for adequate.

  45. Well, I've written the ending, kind of, but I still need to fill in the bits about, you know, the actual scriptures. Is it time to fix dinner yet?

  46. that sermon done by any chance? Floundering here rather...
    Susan, you might well be more brilliant than you think...

  47. Well, I'm up to about 1800 words, but no ending in sight.


  48. nap, check.
    kitties petted, check.
    sermon, not check.
    laundry, not check.
    food for dinner, not check.


  49. how many words are you normally? 1800 seems like a lot to me....I'd be tacking a "Jesus loves you a lot Amen." on and calling it a night.

  50. Well Susan O, I'm usually a 1500 gal myself, but for some reason I had more words this time. of course, I'm sick as a dog, so who knows--some of it could be in Esperanto.

    And I did pretty much what you said to come in at just about 2,000 and change. :)

  51. Version 10.5 here has 1050.
    And needs a point.

  52. Tripp and Songbird - thanks for the helps so far. I'm struggling with sort of hints of ideas in my brain but nothing that's working it's way to the surface. It's been like this all week. Tripp, your idea about the Matthew text being the way we walk in the way. I'm not reading that far, but I see the Matthew text as the instructions of how to share ourselves when we share the gospel.

    I was trying to find a way to get some financial stewardship focus in here, but I think I might be forcing it. Songbird, you gave me a way to aim that direction, though.

    Nothing is written yet, and won't be until way late tonight, but maybe thoughts are starting to solidify a LITTLE at least.

    This has been an uninspired week!

  53. I was desperately seeking a point at about 1050!

  54. 1458 of the sketchy sermon here. It probably needs to be trashed and started over. But, a question for the ages: why, oh why, do people only go into the hospital and/or see fit to call about being in the hospital on Saturday? Why?

  55. Hi kathryn... I hadn't touched it again until your timely prompt - will get on - if it ends up being any help!!

  56. Hey everyone! I've been neck high in parish anxiety and add to that the need to run to the hospital to visit a dying parishioner....

    anyway, my sermon, "A Question of Anxiety or The Way to Love?" is here

    My question is: am I coming off too strong as I address the anxiety in the parish? Let me know what you think, if you have the energy to drop by....

    now I'm going to meditate, walk the dogs, and try to relax a smidge...

  57. alrighty, time to get started. I am feeling stuck, too...but hoping something....
    will come!
    It's 6:20 here...and maybe it is time to cook supper before I get started.
    We had our annual Fall Fair/flea market/silent auction/book sale/cafe/kids games and moonwalk/plant sale today...we cleared 10,000!!!! yipee!
    now, about that little sermon thingy....

  58. When my parents were entertaining,a rare event in my childhood, my father had a fool proof way to ensure that guests didnt overstay their welcome.
    When he felt it was time they headed home he would leave the room and return shortly clad in pj's and dressing gown.
    He never had any problems with guests lingering...
    Now, though I've no urge at all to speed you on your ways, I'm having to borrow his example as I just can't keep my eyes open a moment longer.
    Love and prayers to those still beavering away - and have a great Sunday when you get there. xxx

  59. I'm happy to say I'm there, or at least have achieved a draft. If you see something really awful, let me know. And if don't like to read sermons before you're finished but you want to procrastinate, there are pet pictures on the post.

  60. I am just catching up, but had to ask Teri - -can you get us t-shirts and/or bumper stickers that say "Presbytery, The disaster that needs a response"? I would like one to wear to my next meeting!

  61. Mompriest, I liked your sermon. It seemed direct to me, but not "too strong." Perhaps the direct approach will actually help some people to breathe easier. This will not be easy to preach--and I'm praying for you.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Mine has no point. I accidentally preached the "love your neighbor" commandment when I preached the 10 commandments about 3 weeks ago, so I;m workign on Psalm 46, as it is the Psalm Luther used as his inspiration for" A Mighty Fortress is our God." but have used it for several funerals in this church and am finding it hard not to go there.

    I am passing out granola bars to those who want them. They come with a free smirk if you are preaching Moses. I also just opened a new case of diet coke and am willing to share that as well. Can I trade anyone for a real meal?

  64. I'm doing Psalm 46 for Friday!

    I'm a paragraph from done. Ideally taht paragraph has some sort of conclusion in it.

  65. I'm done with my sermonette or what some would call a homily and now am working on my presentation for my association meeting. Gotta love the powerpoint.

  66. Facebook status update: KnittinPreacher would have a finished sermon if she spent less time on Facebook and Ravelry.

    Also known as procrastination. But I am writing in my "new" office space in my bedroom. I really ant to knit, but the rule is no knitting till the sermon is done.

    Anyone else have writer's block?

  67. 1856. No conclusion. This being wordy thing is really unlike me. Perhaps a little ice cream would encourage the ending to come...

  68. I put a heading and the scripture on the "page"...and I made an iTunes playlist of the music for the first service tomorrow, hoping for inspiration. I have a cat whose paw is resting on the keyboard too--perhaps helping?

    I really need this sermon to come. And I need it to be amazing when it does. no pressure, Holy Spirit!

  69. Teri, the HS will have your back. You preach beautifully, and will tomorrow. Maybe tie the text to the lock in?

  70. I actually have an idea, a focus and function and everything (well, not formally, but in my head)...what I don't have is a beginning. Once I find a way in, the whole thing will likely come pouring out. I'm just not sure what that opening is going to be yet...

  71. (ps--I'd probably find it faster if I would stare at the blank page instead of blogreading...)

  72. knittenpreacher.
    totally resonating with the writer's block...and wanting to knit rather than write.
    maybe I can think of my sermon as...knitting!

  73. cats ALWAYS try to help with sermons. But I have yet to hear of a cat who was actually, you know, useful to that end. Let me know if yours is!

  74. My cats help by eating the paper as it comes out of the printer.

    I found my end, once I got off facebook...

    and all I can say is that the HS will need to come help.

  75. oh yes.
    1200 plus words...and only the wrap up to go!
    however, will be back early edit...

  76., cats ALWAYS help. they manifest the holy spirit in ways we don't even know!!!

  77. I had a switch of cat duty, and the smaller cat is sitting on my lap but keeping her paws of the keyboard, which I think is helpful!

    I have a draft up here that I am desperately seeking feedback on. I'm not sure I made it in any coherent way...and I'm a little worried about my ability to actually preach the sermon (3 times!) tomorrow. Help me out!

    It's getting on toward dessert time...I have mint skinny cow ice cream sandwiches AND the skinny cow caramel-swirl cones to share!

  78. I love snacks! Ice cream for everyone!

    I'm afraid I won't be able to preach my sermon without breaking down, which wouldn't ultimately be helpful. So, after I have a skinny cow, I'm off to edit into something a little less mine-field. (I think. unless the skinny cow changes my mind.)

  79. Sorry I didn't check in earlier, I was trying to get something written before I stopped by. I have a few notes...seem to be going mostly in the direction of tying the greatest commandment to the trinity. Love God ties in pretty obviously- it's about God. Love neighbor - Like Jesus exemplified. Love self - and the Spirit helps us with this in the most extraordinary ways. So far only 780+/- words, though. Just too worn out from the past week to really focus well. Charge conference and a sick kid this week wore me out. Conference went well and the kid is better, but I'm still tired.

    A friend from Alaska left behind some Polar Bear Smootches ("two kinds of chocolate kissed with peppermint") and I might share :-).

  80. Thanks for the ideas for a children's message. starting out later than usual, as I also got back from supper at my parents. They are leaving for ARizona at the end of the week, and wanted to have everyone over. I like the idea of reading John 3:16. I was actually going to get a Bible in another language, and have them try to read it, and then show it to them in English. And talk about Luther translating the Bible into German. And how we all get to hear the Word in our own language.

    We'll see, though.

  81. At long last, a moment to stop by and read what's going other sermons. Thank you, those who have stopped by my place and left your thoughts. It is most appreciated. Now, off to see what's going on with each of you!

  82. I'm not preaching tomorrow as there was a guest speaker arranged months ago for this Sunday. Talk about divine intervention!!!

    With our move this week and a wedding today, I'm happy to spend the evening sending good sermon energy and praying for all of you as you prepare for the morning.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. I was the 'guest preacher' for our ministry team who are off to a professional development event (or Ministers' Conference to use the church lingo. I did a lecture type sermon on the reformation and reformed theology. It was well appreciated. Even the resident theologians said they learnt something! (perhaps because the stories of the women as far as we know them were made explicit). As a lay person roped in for the day I'm not sure the performance criteria for preaching - but one person in tears and one asking positively about where I completed my theological training seems a good balance. (Google didn't seem a sound answer to theological training - nor did "I sleep with a Minister." To be honest I think I come from a church tradition that values enquiry and expects theological exploration to be part of the faith formation of every Christian.)

  85. I have discovered that I also have skinny cow fudge bars in my fridge.

    They're probably not that skinny if you eat one of each of the caramel cones, mint ice cream sandwiches, and fudge bars, are they?

    hmm...maybe I should go to bed instead of working on this sermon more. I made an edit that I think will help, but probably the best way to be sure I won't break down when talking about my mom is to not be exhausted while trying to preach. And to not STILL be sugar crashing from the dessert experience...

  86. Okay, I'm in the unenviable position of starting to write 11:20 pm. Been gone much of the day for a meeting at the synod office and now trying to settle in and just start writing on the Reformation texts.

    I'm running with the Scripture idea and abiding in the Word incarnate...we live in the Word, we don't use the Word or stand on the Word like a soapbox to shout each other down.

    And unlike what my people think, you don't need to be a Biblical expert to dwell in the Word, any more than you need to be a general contractor or architect to live in a house.

    Add obligatory Luther piece about his time in the Wartburg, dwelling in the Word because he had no other choice...and how that nourished him and led to his most fruitful time as a pastor and scholar.

    Now to turn it into a sermon. I think I might start with the kids' song, "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me..." This may be more like Bible Sunday than Reformation Sunday :)

  87. I love Reformation Sunday--I was ordained on Reformation Sunday because I am in fact THAT church dork!--and am actually a little sad that that's not where the Spirit wanted me to go this week. I think that would be easier.

    Semfem, do you want some tea or ice cream to help you stay up and work? I've got tons--help yourself!

    I just realized that I haven't started any laundry, which means I don't have any clean clothes for tomorrow. That sounds like a problem, so I'm off to put stuff in the washer and then dry it in the morning I guess....

  88. Semfem....I'll be up for awhile to keep you company (after all it's only 8:35 my time, or a, 11:35 yours...)sigh....I too have tea and ice cream or other foods of sustanance if you desire.

    I think you have a good start on that sermon, so I hope it FLOWS out of you....

  89. Finally had a breakthrough. Whew. It's been a stinkin' week without a THOUGHT, and I think I've got something going on now. Maybe I just had to see Penn State win a big one!

    Actually, I know I had to hear the wisdom of RevGal colleagues. Thanks MomPriest for putting a name "anxiety" and a reason to this sort of uncertainty and aimlessness we're experiencing 10 months into my call.

    It hasn't been a negative experience per se, but we're at a point when we've been running on adrenaline and excitement in our new relationship, but now we need to look to the "long haul". I see that going on with the Thess. Paul was there getting things going, but when he left they sort of lost their unifying center. They seem to have that bit of anxiety about how they will continue.

    Paul writes drawing them back to the sharing of the gospel, the good news of God's love, that was accomplished when he shared himself with them.

    We've been like the new community in Thessalonica, excited about our new life together, sharing each other, and sharing God's love. However, this kind of newness is only good for unifying the body of Christ for so long. Now we need to recover the gospel that was shared, remember how it has been shared with us when others shared themselves with us, and dedicate ourselves to sharing it with others (maybe a little love God, love neighbor, love self????).

    I think I've got myself a sermon. Hopefully it'll get written here in an hour and twenty minutes. Being in bed by midnight last week ROCKED!!!!

  90. Thanks Teri for the laundry reminder! I'm running downstairs right now to get my shirts in the dryer. Man that would have SUCKED tomorrow morning!!!!

  91. Tea and ice cream would ROCK at this point. With Teri and mompriest at our side, she-rev and I will be done in no time. (hopefully.)

    How does that B-I-B-L-E song go, anyway? are there regional variations?

  92. Y'all, I cannot believe I stayed up SOOOO late. I just watched part of SNL. I hope those still working get to go to bed soon, and that is where I am headed! Good night!

  93. Also, this is #98, where is #99?

  94. In bed by midnight, is that allowed???

    I'm pretty sure my bed will still be empty at midnight my time.

    I listened to "The Secret Life of Bees" and the images of love throughout the movie keep coming back to me. I'm not sure they'll make it into the sermon but they certainly "flavor" the preparation.

  95. I have peppermint tea, earl grey, or Tazo "AWAKE"....take your pick. alas all I have is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce....teri has many other delicious ice cream options....

  96. I pretty much ruined my midnight plan by taking a detour when I went down to deal with the laundry. It was the first time I got to just talk to my husband today without kids "adding" to the discussion. A procrastination tactic, I know, but one that was at least good for my marriage since it wasn't good for my sermon.

    Congrats at 100, ladies! One more hour of work for me, then night night 'til some o' dark early hour.

  97. I may try the "get up super super early" trick this week. If I find myself taking a quick nap with my head on the table, that should be my cue to get at least a few hours of sleep actually IN BED.

    I am starting to get hungry, and I've eaten really poorly today. No dairy at all. So clearly, ice cream with chocolate sauce is just the thing. :)

  98. Obviously I'm already asleep. I listened to the "bee" book on tape. I haven't seen the movie. augh!

  99. Semfem,
    (Southern style here)
    Da B-I-B-L-E, yes dat's da book for me!
    I stand alone (stomp foot)on the word of God, da B-I-B-L-E.
    God's word will never fail, never fail, never fail! God's word will nevr fail. NO! No! No! (shake head with each no).
    1200 words and i am going to bed.
    And the poor child that just sang God Bless America ( I hope she is not related to anyone here, but bless her heart!) Can't beleive they started the game after 10PM.

    but oh, the poor child...I cringed with the "white with foam" part.

  100. if you go see the Secret Life of Bees, take some kleenex. I know I'm in an emotionally fragile month, but I cried through pretty much the whole thing. And I've read the book, I knew what was coming. but still.

    The part where Lily says she must be unlovable made it into my sermon.

    anyway--the skinny cows are in the freezer, the boiling-water-on-demand is at the ready and the tea box is on the counter! I'm going to try to relax enough to go to sleep. i'm feeling very tense and hope the anxiety over whether I can actually preach the sermon I've written, and whether it's good enough to somehow prove my worth to our new interim, will abate enough to get some rest. I'm sending good vibes to the rest of you too!

    Happy working/sleeping/eating/preaching, y'all!

  101. Hmm. "Stand alone on the Word of God" vs. "Stand up tall on the Word of God." Simple mistake or theological debate? Discuss.

    Thanks for the ice cream and tea, Teri and mompriest. They make a world of difference!

    I can feel a headache coming on, so better do something or eat something soon. I have about a page so far, so it's coming along, but I am writing without my usual list of notes and/or outline, so I feel all disjointed.

  102. Hi sisters. Eh Deb we lost, also a Buckeye... and they didn't show script Ohio...

    I'm an interim right now. Been ordained 30 years now. Also wife, mother, etc.

    I hope that tomorrow God's praises are heard and mercy flows through God's word out into a world that SO needs to hear these words Jesus says to us today.

  103. The thing that struck me over and over is the way August accepts and loves both Lily and Rosalyne (sp) without knowing the whole story until so much later. But the sense I got from the book was that she would have loved them without ever knowing the whole story. But knowing the whole story let her love Lily even more. And somehow, I really think that speaks to what Jesus was/is saying to us.

  104. Ok folks, I'm calling it a night. Many blessings on your work this night and your words tomorrow!

  105. Never heard that God's word will never fail section of the B-I-B-L-E song

    (My word verification is bibill!!!!!)

  106. I'm finished with the church stuff so I'm going to watch the end of the World Series game and go to bed.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  107. Going to bed. I've got a thick outline that is just missing grammar for the most part. I'll be up in a few hours to add my ifs, ands, and buts.

    My hope for a stewardship sermon turned into an evangelism sermon. It was leaning that direction all week, and I was fighting it. Gave in and I like where it's going!

  108. Good job she-rev!

    I am going to go as far as I can, fueled with digestive biscuits and hot chocolate, and then crash for a bit. 916 words so far.

  109. Hi, everyone. Though by now most are asleep. I'm working on my homily for tomorrow night, but had a long day of doing that procrastination thing. again. 11:00 (PST), but I feel very motivated by the gorgeous homilies I've perused on your blogs. Thank you all for sharing! Peace and blessings on your preachings.

  110. I'm finished, but it's WAY too long so I am trying to cut some before I grab some sleep. I did conk out for a bit but could use some more shuteye.

    The ending is emotional. So we'll see where this goes.

    Any early risers up yet?

  111. Okay, I'm printing and then getting a bit more sleep before it's time to get up and go. Good luck to all the early morning folks.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching and proclamation today!

  112. It's 4am and I can't sleep. Our church's 5K is this morning. The sermon is still germinating in my heart. Ugh.

    Preach 'em into the Kingdom, gang. God bless!

  113. Back bright and early to wrap this up. Well, it's early, but the only thing bright are the lights are my eyes are adjusting. Another Sunday morning!

  114. 1448 - I'm almost there!

    But who turned too many lights back on and woke up my 3 1/2 year old. It took all my tricking parenting skills to convince her to go back to bed. God bless the timer in the kitchen that she trusts like gospel itself. I set it for 40 minutes, telling her she could come out of her room when the timer when off again. That was 9 minutes ago. I have 31 left to finish up!

  115. You are all a blessing.

    May the words from your mouth be inspired by the Spirit and help encourage and transform those to whom you preach today

  116. My computer wouldn't let me come back to RevGals yesterday. A sign from above to stop playing and keep writing? All three sermons completed, one worship service down and 2 to go.
    Blessings on all who preach and listen today.

  117. 2055 with an optional 48 words of wrap it up tidy with a "God loves you" bow. I think I will leave it hanging.

    God be with you all this morning, Proclaim the Word with might!

    (word verification is "stedi"!)

  118. A little late to be any help to anyone, but never to late to post!

    Community Building 101

  119. Good morning, all! I'm here with individual coffee thermoses for those who have to travel further than across the parking lot this morning. Blessings to all, and never forget:
    1) The Holy Spirit has got your back, and
    2) if you've got a dog, walk it proud!

  120. still percolating on the theological differences of the B-I-B-L-E song...
    love the word verf!
    Mine today is compl.
    Hopefully stewradship sermons will comepel folks to give oftiem talents and $$$
    Hopefully, other sermons will compel as we have planned.
    I am compled to take a 840AM
    See ya in the pulpit


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