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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

November 1 is coming fast!

And why do you care?

Well, it's a very important deadline for more than one thing in the RevGals world!

I hope that many of you are planning to join us for the Big Event 2.0 in Arizona (look to the right sidebar for more info). We do need a minimum number for the event to go forward, so if you plan to go, it's imperative that you get your application and deposit in by November 1 (next Saturday).

Event cost includes a year's membership (new or renewing) in RevGalBlogPals, Inc.; if you want to vote in our upcoming Board election and you are NOT planning to come to the Big Event, we also need to receive your membership fees no later than November 1. (Info on joining or renewing is also in the sidebar.)

Any questions? Please comment here or email me: marybeth AT unt DOT edu.



  1. My registration will be forthcoming! Yay!

  2. err what else is happening Nov 1st ?

  3. It's the deadline both for the BE 2.0 deposit and for joining/re-joining RGBP,Inc, if you wish to vote in the upcoming board election.

  4. (if this turns out to be a duplicate comment, sorry--blogger has changed the comment thing!)

    If you want to nominate someone to the RGBP board, please send your nominations to tericarol at gmail dot com! Soon! I check my email obsessively, waiting and hoping, hoping and's like my own personal RGBP Advent. :-)


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