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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Festival: Reading and Smiling and Praying and Doggage

Leah Sophia has a book recommendation for us (maybe it'll be a BookPals selection one day!) It's Sin Boldly by Cathleen Falsani. (I just picked this up at the library this weekend on her recommendation, so I am excited to read it!) She says the Amazon reviews are all good too.

Speaking of reading...we got a little ahead of schedule with yesterday's BookPals discussion of Jesus for was originally scheduled for the 27th of October. So, thanks to those of you who commented; keep it going...and we will expand that discussion through to next Monday for those of you who are still reading!

Mitch (the Pastor's Spouse) shares a great story about why his wife is the pastor, not him. I think this stroke of genius on her part deserves great accolades!

Elastigirl has an amazing possibility on the horizon! Prayers sought!
Over at Quotidian Grace's place, Beatrice blogs her concern for cousin Olivia. Get better soon, Olivia!

In other doggy news, the Dog and God blog relates a family trip to a dog-friendly B&B and a dog-blogger meetup! Wonderful!

What's up with you this week? Share with us, won't you? The comments await.


  1. please PLEASE visit my blog and take part in the sexual violence/rape survey. You'll find it here.


  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Mary Beth!

  3. I have a couple of poems that came out of my need to voice my sense of vocation today: here and here... how do you voice your call?

  4. On my faith blog I rant a little. On my food blog I share my DP's wicked good Maine baked bean recipe.


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