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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday Festival - a week before Christmas Eve edition

It's Wednesday Festival today folks. Several of you have offered your tidbits of coverage in the world of Revgalblogpals. And, here we go!

Lutheran Husker offers a letter to his son on his fifth birthday. I am sure this is one he will treasure has he gets older, along with the music and the pictures.


Gord posted his Christmas message from teh town (via the Dec 22 edition of the local paper). See the promises of Christmas he shares with the readers.


And getting into the Christmas Spirit in Finland, Seethroughfaith has read one of the nicest Christmas books she's seen in a long time. Christmas Promises (LeAnn Weiss) and thinks it would make a pretty nice gift too ..., gone to a Christmas Peace Service for animals ... (there was a star guest too!)

Lorna posts What's more it's clear that Finland is far from being in post-Christendom. "Here''s why I can say this"


Not all of us are in the holiday mood, as the Girl Effect has touched Sally deeply enough to blog about it twice here: and then here:

What might you share for this Wednesday Festival? You can post your thoughts and your links to share with other in the comments. Post a direct link to your blog entry(or another post you find who is part of the RGBP web ring) in your comment using the following formulation in the comment box: <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a> For a complete how-to, click here.


  1. An old (2002) newspaper column of mine was returned to me last week (which was good since it didn't make the transfer to my new computer in 2004). Check out my thoughts on the Christmas Revolution

  2. I've been blogging a Christmas memory every day since December 1. Today's entry is here.

  3. Cute picture of a little girl who lost her first tooth at my place.

  4. I just got off the phone. It appears that my one remaining grandparent is in his last days.

    ANd of course there is SUnday, Christmas Eve, Dec 28 and a funeral on Dec 29 (committal on the 30th) to plan for. ANd a quick check shows that even if I had time to make an emergency trip out there there are precious few seats (when we need 5) available.

    Or then in hospital on Oxygen he could last into the new year.

    Very somber mood in my heart. PRayers appreciated.

  5. sorry...many prayers coming your way.

  6. Gord...
    The timing is difficult. I lost one of my grandpas on Christmas Day... it was a hard season.

    I'm still photo blogging. Presently planning on continuing, as long as I can remember to upload the photos!

    I'm on a silent retreat tomorrow and plan to do some photo blogging of my day with Jesus...


  7. Gord ... prayers ascending for you and your family

  8. Gord, I'm in a similar situation with my aunt, my last elderly first-line relative. She may have days or weeks or a month; they don't know. Prayers ascending.

  9. Praying for Gord's grandfather and LC's aunt.

    Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.


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