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Monday, February 02, 2009

Blog Roll Technical Difficulties

Dear Ring Members,
As any of our bloggers who use Blogrolling know, there has been a major meltdown in their service since last fall. After waiting for those issues to resolve and giving up, now I am gradually migrating our list of member blogs to Blogger's new "BlogList" gadget. Please be patient as this involves well over 300 blogs and will also involve removing moribund blogs. If you have changed your title or URL and wondered why we didn't remove your old information, this would be the reason. It's been possible to add, but not edit or subtract, for many months now. I hope this new arrangement will suit us all better.
Your faithful IT support,
(Be sure to read the Meet and Greet below, we have eight new members!!)


  1. Thanks for being the brains behind our blog! You ae so very, very cool!
    1-4 G, Mel, and Mugs

  2. What they all are indeed very cool.

    Sue, Truffle and Ouzo

  3. Thanks fr all of your hard work.

    Don't forget to add my blog. I wasn't on the old blog roll.

    Peace and love,

  4. what a pain! thanks for explaining this.

  5. wow - huge job. thank you thank you thank you!


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