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Monday, February 02, 2009

Meet and Greet: The Midwinter Edition

For some of us winter is dragging on and on...for others winter looks different (as in dull, monotone, and desert-warm, sigh)...but regardless of what winter is like for any one of us, there is new life on the horizon, spring will soon the meantime - we have new members to welcome! YAY!!! welcome, welcome!!

JJ: I'm a Lutheran seminarian, working toward my Master of Divinity degree. I strive to live by Jesus' example of loving God and loving others. I care about creation and the impact we have on it. My interests include music, reading, sports, being outdoors, traveling, scrapbooking, and coffee. I love my family, friends, and dog.

in a new key: Married 27 years, Dear Husband is a chaplain, Dear Son is 20 in 2008, Dear Cat thinks I'm staff. Full-time pastor, part-time knitter and spinner. On staff in 'unique' large church situation with friend MP (ministry partner)and many others. Trying with God's help to keep it all together.

this journey: Welcome to the new (and hopefully permanent) home of This Journey. It's good to have people walking along, especially during the bumpy parts.

Sunday's Child: Daily Lectionary and reflections on Scripture and the World.

The Painted Prayerbook:Jan offers weekly reflections on the Sunday Lectionary combined with her artwork, ergo the Painted Prayerbook. Her reflections and art are wonderful (in my humble opinion - I've been drawn to her writing and art for years).

A Little Bit of Soul: Pastor Kathy offers reflections on life lessons...

gifts in the rubble:I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult rape, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, infertility, fibromyalgia--and a few other things! Yet I've finally lived long enough to discover that there are, indeed, many gifts to be found in the rubble of our brokenness and vulnerability. Sometimes, the light of God's grace glows most brightly even in the midst of our darkness, just as we, paradoxically, often become strongest at the broken places.

On the horizon: Hopeful Spirit blogs about spirituality, faith, truth, social justice, and her life outside the confines of the patriarchal church.

Welcome one and all to our warm and friendly blogging community - and be sure to check out our upcoming Big Event 2.0 - we are leaving the cold climes and coming to The Casa Scottsdale, Arizona April 16-19 for a continuing education event with Wil Gafney! and a side trip to the Grand Canyon (if you want to stay in AZ until the 21st of April)...see the side bar link for more info - and yes, you can still join us, even though we are past the Feb. 1 date for reservations...


  1. Thanks so much for your welcome, MomPriest and RevGalBlogPals! I'm grateful for your hospitality. It's good to be at your table!

  2. Welcome to all our new bloggers!

  3. Enjoyed visiting our new bloggers. I'm re-inspired to offer better posts...

  4. welcome all, and I am looking forward to meeting some of you at the Big Event!

  5. Thanks for the welcome. Sorry my response is so late as I've been on a wonderful vacation. Just returned to the blessed home base and its 'challenges.'


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