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Saturday, June 27, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party - Re-entry Edition

Well, sorry for the late post, folks!!! I just got back from 2 weeks of vacation and continuing ed last night, and I forgot to pre-post like I planned!!! Re-entry is always a transition in church and home life.

How are the sermons coming? This week's Mark passage is one of my FAVORITES, but I'm not preaching. We are dedicating our new outdoor labyrinth and doing something a little different.

For the Mark's - - Are you doing the WHOLE story or breaking it up? I was always struck that as long as the girl had been alive, the woman had been suffering.

Anyway, I need to help get breakfast ready for the family. My husband's been on double duty for a few days so it's time to step it up and help. I can offer Cheerios, yogurt, and milk. I'll hit the grocery store when it stops raining and see if I can sweeten the offer a little later!

Check-in and, again, sorry for the tardiness!!!


  1. Well, I got a late call to preach this Sunday, and I'm choosing to preach on Mark. I've just finished writing my sermon. I've posted the week's inspirations that are going into the sermon on my blog:

    My garden has managed to produce strawberries and raspberries and I have some blueberries from the store so those can be my "berry" nice offerings--in fact those are going to be my breakfast in just a moment.

  2. We have our worship at the lake tomorrow. ANd so I have to practice on the guitar a bit (mainly to get my fingers ready). For the sermon I am reprising a presentation I did a couple years back on nature and spirituality

  3. Not preaching this week, but when the Mark reading came around last time, I was doing supply work. I opted for story monologue approach focusing on the woman...
    how fearful she must have been and yet so desparate that she broke cultural taboos regarding making everyone she encountered including Jesus ritually unclean because she'd dared come amongst them...
    The sermon started out 'I was terrified, and yet...'

    Coffee is on here, along with raspberry and white chocolate cookies - funeral director called this morning, so I'm getting my head around preparing for my first 'solo' funeral this coming week... eeek.

  4. Good morning preachers! I have Life cereal to offer. And sweltering heat if any of you need some. 15 straight days over 100. gonna be a long summer.

    I'm going with the Samuel text and pairing it with Psalm 88, a good psalm of lament, to talk about grief and lament and the importance of lament in our relationship with God. I'm touching upon some basic facts like how many lament psalms there are and how few show up in our lectionary, how culturally we like to gloss over it and try to rush people through it, how we say getting angry at God is not faithful but showing a lack of faith, when Scripture clearly contradicts this. Sermon Brainwave had some good stuff this week on this, so that's what I'm doing.

    Hoping to be done by noon. Prayers for all you preaching, or lamenting, or grieving, or rejoicing today.

  5. I'm off to wed a couple who went to high school with my son. Now, if that doesn't make me feel old, I don't know what will.

    I have most of tomorrow's sermon done, just need an ending that makes sense. I'm going with the gospel, and the title is "Healing for the Half-Dead."

    I have next week's sermon finished, since I am going to be in Semi-Famous City moving the Wonder Girl there, returning Saturday. Then the next week after that, I will be off at Midwestern Pastor Camp in NE, so after today, the next time I will be writing is probably on Saturday the 18th.

    Don't hate me.

  6. We are glad you are back and late posts are good too.
    I am off to a luncehon.
    Uh, this would be the one which has caused grief to many this past week.
    The chairperson will nto allow others to help, but then procrastinates and gets frustrated at the last minute because she has nto done what she meant too.
    Anyhow, it will all be over bby 2PM. I am ready for it to be done.
    No sermon yet. I am usign a news story about helaing with the Gospel text.
    Despite the temptation of about 4 other stories to use this week.
    Oddly enough. On the 25th, a former teacher and also a friends mother all died.
    I think neither lady wished to be outdone by the big celeb deaths.
    Nor a certain gub-uh-neer who wishes he were dead!

  7. I have lemon bread to offer, and a fresh pot of coffee perked! Let me know how you like it and I'll deliver.

  8. Just got back from a funeral, and am going to take a looong nap before I dive into samuel. Nutella, I like your approach!

    I have lots of yummy leftover chinese food - -some vegan and some kosher and some not, so help yourselves - -it's in the fridge next to the diet coke.

    anyone seen my keys?

  9. Cheese, the wedding I'm co-presiding at this afternoon is that of my highschool friend's nephew - talk about feeling old. *sigh* I hear ya.

    And no, we don't hate you for having next week's sermon done. You have a very big week ahead of you. I'll be thinking of you and doing lots of praying...

    I'm off to the church to make copies of the sermon for tomorrow. We're starting our summer exchange where I'll be preaching at another church through July, then we switch when I start holidays in August. I'm preaching on baptism and the big "Why Church?" question.

    Anyway, I can hardly operate our own copier, so I don't dare try to use the one at the other church!

  10. Ooh, Knitting, I've been craving Chinese! And it *is* lunchtime...

    I'm pulling together the Samuel passage, Psalm 130, and the Mark passage to talk about fear and grief and how we deal with them...tying that in with the 40th anniversary of Stonewall tomorrow. 40 years ago, an oppressed group of people stood up and said "No more." They had been afraid and in those depths--and then they had had enough.

    This is one of my favorite psalms--Rutter has a great setting for it in his Requiem, which my sister and I used for my father's funeral many years ago...I'll see if it's on YouTube and post it on my blog if so.

    Cupboard is pretty bare--chocolate-covered peanuts anyone?

  11. I just got back from the beach and then I went to my garden to think about my sermon on the Mark text. I've decided to go with healing verses cure. Healing is about becoming whole and that is what Jesus did for the woman and the girl, by touch and by speech Jesus brought two people into community.

  12. I'm going with the Epistle passage, but backing it up to the first verse. I was struck by Paul's telling of the Macedonians begging for the privilege of sharing in ministry, and who, even in severe affliction, showed abundant joy, and their "extreme poverty overflowed in a wealth of generosity."

    And guess what? I get to have a blogger meet-up with Hot Cup Lutheran later on, as she is traveling near our neck of the woods on vacation. Yay!

  13. Would anyone like any french bread with artichoke and parmesean spread?

  14. I am preaching on Mark, but am no further along than I was on tuesday. (sigh) There's been tons of drama at church this week, and yesterday I did my best to take the day OFF by going to the Taste of Chicago and the Indigo Girls concert...but now it's almost lunchtime Saturday and I have nothing but the germ of an idea!
    But I can't move to the sermon yet because in two hours I'm headed off to participate in an Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony, where I will be praying at the beginning, speaking in the middle, and charging/benedicting (is that a word?) at the end. So I need to finish up my little "speech" in which I focus on James (faith without works is dead) in relation to scouting and the life of this youth. good times.
    I don't have any morning-y foods, but I do have fresh greens from the farm-kale and arugula and lord only knows what else. I was hoping for spinach but the monsoon followed by 90+ degrees ruined almost the whole field of spinach at my CSA farm. sad! but that's why we have CSA, right?

    coffee....and then lunch....and then Court of Honor...and then sermon...and then sleep. I can do that, right?

  15. hi, I've had a really lazy day and feel more tired than ever! Off on vacy tomorrow after service. Don't need long sermon - just a reflection for all age worship. HAve been inspired by our youth this week so might launch with those thoughts - on dreams and vulnerability to reflect on the gospel. Its always good to have the company here though. Thanks for hosting Sherev and hope re-entry is not too painful.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'm studying for a midterm in church history (not my fave) and prepping for "sermon team meeting" on Tuesday. I am preaching on July 5th and my topic is 2nd commandment - no graven images.

    In the midst of all this, God has blessed, encouraged, and given me clear guidance about my situation, which I can not blog about YET. But will soon.

    Pray for grace... grace... grace...


  18. Is it bad that even though there is a month before holidays start I am more excitd about what we will do out West than most of what has to happen in the next month?????

    ANyway, the weather forecast is for cool and wet the rest of today and tomorrow. Luckily the place where we will have worship is under a roof. But there is little chance for an enjoyable picnic afterward.

  19. Mmmmm - that home grown fruit sounds delicious - especially in Scotland
    Here is a reflection on the gospel. If its of any help to anyone, feel free to borrow.
    We're off to a concert. Will check back in later.

  20. 3-4 minutes for the Eagle Court of Honor thing, check. That was surprisingly hard because it's supposed to be about the Scout, and I'm so used to writing about scripture rather than about someone or something specific, it took me a while to get into it! Now i have 45 minutes to eat lunch, get dressed (what does one wear to be a speaker/pray-er at an Eagle Court of Honor?), run to church to print this out, and get to the ceremony.

    Still no idea where the actual sermon is going....awesome.

  21. Ppdated facebook about 5 times. Listened to tons of music on the internet. Read my snail mail. Talked to my partner. Colored in my bible.

    Words written in my sermon: zero!

    Procrastination nation is my homeland.

  22. Hey, y'all! I'm back from three days on a youth mission trip. I had an inspiration while playing miniature golf last night, so let's hope it becomes a sermon. Meanwhile, I'm finishing an iced mocha but already wishing for a Pepsi, and considering various forms of procrastination, too. Yes, it's Saturday, and this is your Songbird.

  23. No Gord, that's not bad. Just reality. July = running on fumes. I'm on holidays in August too. Mind you, I get to have fun at someone else's church for a month - weeee!!! I'm looking forward to it, so I think it will make July pass quickly.

    I hope you don't get rained out tomorrow.

    Rev Kim and Hot Cup - have a great time!

  24. g_g -- you are cracking me UP. I thought I knew about procrastination, but I"ve never thought of coloring in my Bible. Hmmm, a new trick to try.....

    Well, had a great writing plan that was disrupted by being up with a sick kid all night, so now I'm going to get houseguests from the airport, find some lunch and then get down to WRITING tonite. I'll be rocking the midnight party with Sherev, The Vicar or whoever else is around.

    I've got some real yummy pasta salad coming our way for later.

    I'm thinking about the issue of blood, and the images coming out of IRan this week. Thinking about Rita Nakashima BRock's thing about how JEsus was changed by the encounter too, and how the encounter shows a new kind of anti-hierarchical humanity -one in which we meet on common ground and allow ourselves to be touched/healed/changed by each other.

    Still no answer to the question about Why Aramaic? Why Now? - anyone know that?

    If you werent hear on Tuesday, make sure to go check the links to the Mishnah and the Dialogue in the comments - they are so very good.

    Ok, that's all I got. Hopefully it will turn into a sermon by magic by tonight.

    In haste,

  25. I've got about half a sermon...It's got a direction and I know where I want it to go, now I just have to finish it.

    but first, I need a late lunch! Tuna melts, anyone?

  26. Ugh. I just posted a long one that got lost in cyber-space. Poo. Here comes your short version.

    Thanks for the welcome back! Not using the lectionary since I'm not preaching per se since we are dedicating our new outdoor labyrinth. Worship is organized around the experience of walking a labyrinth. "The Journey In" will be about handing to God the concerns on our hearts and minds, confessing our sins. "Dwelling in the Center" will be a time of sharing hymn-sing-style hymns and Scripture (maybe even stories or poems or other things from memory) that have been signs of God's presence for the members of the congregation. "The Journey Out" will be a time of "re-entry," giving ourselves and our gifts (gotta collect the money) back to the world having met God in the center. We'll have the offering (during which we'll play a slide show of the labyrinth being created) and then we'll process out to the labyrinth site and dedicate it in prayer.

    Nothing great to offer from lunch. I ate at a baby shower. I'll see what we throw together for dinner. Hopefully it will be worth sharing!

    See you again soon!

  27. Couple is hitched. One groomsman went down--and I do mean down-- in the middle of the sermon. I had the best man get him up, made him put his head between his knees, gave him some water, and he sat for the rest of the ceremony. Bride and groom took it like champs.

  28. Just back from my RevGal meet-up with Hot Cup. So wonderful to meet her in person! She has a delightful laugh and sparkles. I love having her face and voice to put with her fabulous writing.

    But now on this beautiful day I must settle in and finish my sermon. At least I have the intro done. Sometimes just getting going is the hardest part.

  29. I'm not preaching this week but I just love the way God is working through the lectionary.

    The Mark text will be read and then instead of a "sermon" a group of 20+ women will be singing and sharing testimony on God's healing power in their lives. All of them are residents in a Christian home where they are seeking recovery from addiction. Could the gospel reading fit any better?

    Both of our congregations will come together for this worship service and the church picnic which follows. This is our 3rd annual choir and picnic event - the women love feeling like part of our family and we love having them.

    I have lovely fresh fruit from the farmers market to share and oatmeal, walnut, & cranberry cookies ready to come out of the oven. Anyone ready for a snack?

  30. Really gorgeous day here in the upper Midwest...I've played soccer, watched softball, and escorted Brown Eyes the five year old to a birthday party which she just allowed me to leave. Now to head off for MidSized City to preach. It was a tough week for the sermon and for a lot of processing that had to be done (by me) after our Annual Conference.

    Good to see all of you here. Cheese, I do not envy you, having to drop off your daughter in a city far away, but I do hope you have a good time away! Teri, how were the Indigo Girls? I have always wanted to see them in concert.

    I'll offer you all some yummy organic strawberries, some lettuce, and whatever else we have in our CSA bag here!

    Blessings to all as you preach and prepare.

  31. I'm not preaching either, but I could use a good children's sermon. and some other things too, actually. It's our intern's last Sunday, so part of our service is a farewell to her.

    Also, we're helping my mother-in-law move out of her apartment after 32 years. Also, my husband's older son is moving to Atlanta (relocating) next week. Also, we go on vacation, sometime Tuesday.

    I have a few things still to get done before I go.

  32. Is it possible I really saw a connection between the gospel pericope and miniature golf?

  33. Took a nap filled with very strange dreams and am not getting settled to write. I feel groggy and am wondering why I thought this david series was such a good idea -- Mark for the summer would have been easy -- this, not so much.

  34. How do you find these CSA bags/boxes in your community? I hear about them from friends all over, but I've never heard of them near me. They might exist, but I don't even know where to start. Enlighten me please!

  35. Go for it, SB.
    Or golf for it.
    Wow, Cheese. I've heard of groomsmen passing out and seen it on the video show, but never IRL! How totally wild.
    Oh, BTW, has anyone seen the one where the bride and minister fall in the pool when the best man trips into them?
    I laugh, out loud and howl everytime I see it.
    It is time for a brief rest and then sermon time.
    The women of the church birthday turned out okay over all. But the coordinator failed to mention that I was leading the service( I had thogth I was to read scripture and the meditation). I was in charge of all of it and not prepared at all.
    I recovered okay, but must say I was peeved for her nto asking.
    This is the lady who waits until last minute and then expects stuff to magiclaly fall into place. It never does and she still does nto get it.
    Owell. Mark sermon on healing and faith. Trying to
    be cautious with my words as to not lead into the thougth line of "faith healing" issues.
    Ugh. I jsut wish saturdays had mroe hours and Sunday had less.

  36. Not preaching tomorrow, but wanted to offer up some incredibly sweet, locally grown donut peaches, nectarines and plums. If you are a citrus type, my neighbors have grapefruit and oranges growing and we're all welcome to go pick. Lemons, too, if some lemonade sounds good :-)

    Nik, prayers for you as you prepare for your first funeral on your own this week. I am always awed by the privilege of my calling at times like that, that I am allowed to be part of such a critical moment in people's lives.

  37. i've been on a mini-vacay for much of the week. which means that i just now started working on the sermon! ugh! what a goof! read "feasting on the word" and it was great but am still clueless what to say/focus on for tomorrow.

    met with a grieving family today, doing the funeral on Tuesday am. thankfully, i do have a clue where to start with that.

    i should also be writing the Job devotional i have to send out tonight.

    however, all i really want to do is finish reading The Strain!

    perhaps i need to pray some thanks for the mini-vacay and then get to work! it was lovely not being pastor for a few days and playing with my 2 older girls instead. already looking forward to the next one!

    blessings on everyone's sermons and preparations!

  38. revhipchik -- prayers for you as you minister to this family.

    also Praying for you, Nik.

  39. sheRev- start here:

  40. Well, I have something, and I've posted it. I hope it's not silly. I'm going out to dinner with my husband now! See y'all later.

  41. Songbird- have a fun dinner.

    we are going to stepson's farewell party a little later.

    I think I have a kind of generic children's message about praising God. Lame, but fun, I hope.

  42. Eagle Court of Honor is for the sermon! If I write fast, I can go to the reception too (mmm, dinner!).

    MumPastor, the Indigo Girls were awesome. They are great to see live. This time they were at Ravinia and that was a very different experience from when I saw them last year at the House of Blues! Much more subdued crowd, seats, etc...but still lots of fun, plenty of singing along, and general good times were had. They played old and new favorites, and Amy Ray even did a song from her solo work. It was a great time!

    Having said all of that, I'm totally tired and may need a nap before I can write...but that would mean no Eagle Scout reception..hmm......

    Maybe I'll just open the document first and see how it goes.

  43. ugh ugh ugh.

    I have at least completed flash cards. I can't keep dates and church councils straight.

    chicken is on the grill thanks to my bearded spouse, but other than that, i think you'll have to fish through the fridge.

    1453 Constantinople falls to the Turks
    1512 Fifth Lateran Council
    1517 95 Theses
    1529 Marburg Colloquy with Luther and Zwingli
    1530-31 Augsburg Confession writted and published
    1536 Calvn's institutes published


    Maybe a beer will help


  44. It's late for me to be checking into the party, but I have GOOFED OFF today! Don't tell anybody. I took a nap. Surfed the net...took a walk, played a little piano - it was great. Anyway,here's my sermon.

  45. I want to do Lamentations. I have never preached on Lamentations before. I want to unpack the word chesed for my folk and then bring in the Mk to show that Jesus is living out the character of God in both of the healings in MK.

  46. my sermon is taking a different turn. it's gonna be an all nighter.

  47. Checking in again to see how the writing is going. Anyone need anything? An illustration? A laugh? A bite to eat or something to drink? A prayer (for worship or not!)?

    Spent some time in prayer for the events and concerns posted today -
    Nancy's last minute preaching call; Gord's outdoor worship; Nik's up-coming funeral; Cheese's travels (have fun in Kool-Aid land, I'm guessing; check out the OK Cafe just over the overpass if you get a chance. Had an AWESOME milkshake there last week); Teri's drama.

    Will pray more after supper. Kinda cool that the 4 year old is now old enough to go out special outings with the neighbors (also old enough to ride in a booster seat). Now the invited her over to dinner, so we're taking the 2 year old out for Mexican. Kinda cool to be with him on his own!

  48. Muthah+, I love Lamentations, and have only preached on it once.

    I'll be checking in to see how you do!

  49. She Rev - I need a sermon, or at least motivation to get moving. I'm groggy today after a crazy busy week. I took a nap and either did not sleep enough or slept too long. Can't get in gear.

    I'm working another hour and then making popcorn if anyone would like some.

  50. Hi, I'm back. House guests are out site-seeing - it's dinner time here - and I am hoping to crank this out before they come back in a couple of hours.

    SB - funny you said you were worried it was too silly - I'm worried MINE is too serious.

    Diane - still looking for a childrens time? Got one out of Ministers Annual Manual I can pass on to you.

    Still asking: Why does Jes say Talitha cumi, instead of Get up little girl???

  51. Would somebody please eat some of our strawberries, we have too many! That said, themes of abundance and giving keep running through my head. But, my focal point is from Lamentations...if God does not will affliction or grief, what then does God will. So, I will be preaching about discernment, being open to the miraculous presence of God in our lives and discerning from that presence God's will for us. At least, that's what I'm thinking now. We'll see.

  52. Juniper,
    (hee,hee) Because Jesus did not speak English?????

  53. tee hee 1-4.

    You remind me of that old saying - "English was good enough for JESUS, it's good enough for ME."

    Srsly, though, I just think it's so interesting how the aramaic is stuck in here, but I cant find any commentary on it. Evidently I'm the ONLY one in the WHOLE WORLD to find it interesting (she cried melodramatically).

    Ok, back to my thing of comparing Neda Agha Soltani to the woman with the issue of blood. I"m kind of even bumming MYSELF out with this one....

  54. Here is my sermon in case anyone could use anything from it...I preached it this evening and it went over ok. It was a struggle to write, and perhaps that showed. Watching for the Morning I used the Psalm (130), 2 Samuel and the Gospel texts. Thanks to MomPriest for a kernel on Tuesday that let everything fall into place!

    SheRev, thanks for hosting this week. We found our CSA through the local (huge) Episcopal church, so I am afraid I can't be of much help. I hope knittinpreacher's link helps you! We have been wanting to do it for a long time.

    1-4, so sorry you had to deal with someone else's last minute issues. Not fair. But I know you recovered with grace, as you do! Deb, praying for you with those dates and timelines...they must be useful for something but I don't remember them any more! Revhipchick here's hoping you recover from your vacay and something comes to you quickly. Teri, I have been to Ravinia to see Garrison Keillor, a few years I can picture the scene...thanks for sharing it! And Cheese! Wow! That makes things exciting!

    Off to bed, praying for good peaceful rest for everyone and inspired preaching in the a.m.! I'll have some good hot cocoa ready when I get up!

  55. Juniper, I originally thought I was going to talk about Neda, but after three days with the youth group I was in a very different place. Since I'm always swearing by being contextual...well. There you are.
    But seriously, you can't find that Aramaic in a commentary? I'm sorry I'm not at the office to look it up in the ones I have there.

  56. Juniper, I found this on Kate Huey's "Weekly Seeds" for this week and thought of you:
    This is one of those times when Jesus uses a formula, as was the practice of ancient healers, John Pilch writes. "The fact that the Greek Gospel retains Jesus' Aramaic words 'Talitha cum' reflects the ancient belief that power is in the original words and not the translation." And the little girl does get up "immediately,"

    Hope this helps!

  57. ok, heres something from good old Harper COllins Bible footnote on Talitha Cumi:

    "one of several Semitic expresions interpreted by Mark, reminiscint of incantations in ancient miracle stories."

    So, here we have Jesus casting a spell?

    My, this sure is a delightful distraction from te REAL writing that should be happening right now.

  58. I don't normally publish anonymously (and I suspect by my voice y'all will know who I am...if not...umm...I live in the suburbs and am an AP and had some drama earlier this week, obliquely mentioned a little up the page) but this needs to be anon.

    Sometimes I hate people. And I need to learn the discipline not to be seduced by the little envelope that appears at the bottom of my screen whenever I have email, because sometimes checking my email makes me hate people more. And in this case, checking my email has made me angry enough that I can feel adrenaline in my body AND has severely disrupted the sermon-writing flow...with about 500 words to go. (sigh)

    Where's antonio with both the last 500 words AND a massage, and a stiff drink that will miraculously not have any sunday morning after-effects?

  59. thanks eileen! I think that is the ticket....

    And, Anon, prayers heading your way. Also sending A. B. over with the rest of your sermon, bunch of roses and a box of chocolates. Those Saturday night emails are the WORST.

  60. Prayers and hugs to Anonymous.

  61. With apologies to the men out there....
    I serioulsy think the last time I preached this text, it was "that time of the month."
    So, aparenlty my cycle and the lectionary cycle are in sinc!
    Oh Joy.sigh

  62. Hmmm...checking back in with more prayers.

    For many - - inspiration, motivation, energy, and sermons; for revhipchick a chance to revel in the vacay and the ability to tap into that renewed spirit for the sermon coming tonight!

    Juniper - The twist on your former post that I have heard is - "The King James Bible was good enough for Jesus, so it's good enough for me."

    Anon - - much love and prayers for peace coming your way!

  63. Sermon done, printing it as I type. I decided to go in the direction of Jesus demonstrating radical inclusion to show what the Kingdom of God manifest looks like.

    Have a good night and prayers for those who are still writing, especially if you live on the East Coast.

  64. God Gurl,
    You are done??? I thought it was gonna be a long night.
    YOu are done before the 11 o'clock news? You go GURL!!

  65. Here I am! Ready for the late crew to arrive and party with me!

    Juniper, I don't know how significant the Aramaic is here. But the other times when it's just Peter, James, and John are fairly significant so I'm thinking this story is pretty important, too. (I know, that's real helpful.)

    Meanwhile, there are two things that keep cycling through my head with regard to this Mark passage: the first one is Princess Leia saying "Obi-Wan you are our only hope," and the second, is the spiritual "Give me Jesus" especially "you can have the whole world just give me jesus"

  66. given that I seem unable to keep my eyes open I will go to bed and finish in the am.

    Night all!

  67. Glad for those who are finishing, and welcome to those who are starting or continuing!

    I'm watching Harper's Island from earlier and trying to get the pictures of our labyrinth construction folded into the PowerPoint slides for tomorrow's dedication worship. Love how it's working so far, but feel like I'm about done. I'll be here early in the morning to write my last prayers and make sure it's all put together. Other than that, I'm about done!

    Next time I host, I promise I'll be around more. In fact, it's next week - 4th of July. See you all then or in the morning!


  68. Where is everyone? I hope somewhere fun!

    Meanwhile, I managed to focus enough to finish the sermon and prayers. Everything is even printed!

    Princess Leia didn't make the cut but Shrek made it in. Maybe some younger ones will listen longer with Shrek. I'm pretty sure my two will pay closer attention since I was picking their brains to get the details correct.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  69. Not excited where my ending. It doesn't go (UMPHUGH!)
    I like my sermons to end up with umphughs. But sometimes they just don't.
    Maybe if I sleep on it, Antonio will show up with one for me.
    Or maybe the sermon fairy will show up and finish my sermon up before tomorrow morning.Uh, it is tomorrow!!!!

  70. Hi Vicar if you are still up and anyone else awake at this late hour. I've got a good start, but a long way to go. So I'm setting my alarm for EARLY and finishing tomorrow.

    And note to self: In the future, do not think you will want to write your sermon when friends from out of town are here. You will not want to.

    Proclamation blessings, all!

  71. Good morning! I put some coffee on and it will be ready momentarily. Help yourself. Leaded only! I'm up and putting some final touches on the slideshow of the labyrinth under construction. Also considering writing some new words to the Tallis Canon for us to sing as a round while actually on the site doing the dedication part. We'll see if that happens.

    Blessings on all of your worship today!

  72. Good morning everybody.

    Up to put finishing touches on my sermon. Write a children's sermon and a pastoral prayer.

    Coffee anybody?

  73. Just wanted to check in and tell you that my sunday duties are over - reflection went down well. Now I'm officially on holiday. Woohoo. As always, when I'm about to go away, a grieving family showed up at church, wanting me to take a service next week for their loved one. No can do. And, for once, I don't feel too bad. Vacays are important too. Am I finally learning or just getting hard hearted?!:)

  74. Liz, you're being tender-hearted to yourself, and that's okay.
    I'm up, eating toast, wondering how the half-and-half with a July date managed to go bad while I was away, and wishing I didn't have a puffy eye, because that must be *very* attractive.

  75. OMG, I can't believe it's morning. happy proclaiming, all!


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