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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five at the Perfect Church

ATTENTION! Not trying to get anyone in trouble here. So have FUN with this. It is possible!

Please pardon me for talking about church in the summer when many of you may be on vacation. However, the church we are talking about today is the one you dream of. I've been thinking about this because I miss pastoring and preaching, because I am sending in resumes, and because...well...jut because. So have some fun with this. Tell us five things that the perfect church would have, be, do...whatever.

We can dream, right?

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  1. Oh my.
    Welllll.... this is intriguing. I'm not sure I have the guts to publicly blog it, though.

    I'll pray about it...


  2. I dreamed about the perfect church over at my place.

  3. Great one Singing Owl! I preached it here.

  4. I can't wait to read the other plays. I'm really grateful for this today-- thanks, Singing Owl. My play is here.

  5. really really good. Like Deb, I'm going to have to pray on this.

  6. That was quite a Friday Five, but took it on. And thanks for making us think.

    Take a gander at becoming the perfected church.

  7. If you are wondering about the *** in my response...the spacing wouldn't stay, so the stars helped.

    Last time Blogger did a better job on that.

  8. This is great. Can't wait to read all your answers. Meantime, you can read my comments on Beach Walkin's to get my answer!

  9. I played--but this is a tough one to comment on. My blog is quite open to my congregation so I just dealt with generallities

  10. now I want to add how people behave fromm Singing Owl's list to my list ... just no way to describe the perfect church in only 5 paragraphs!

  11. Oh how I've missed the Friday Five! Mine can be found here !

  12. My Dream Church:

    1. Follows the teachings of Jesus in real time and space
    2. Along with the Bible, also studies new discoveries in science, archaeology and cosmology and connects them to scripture
    3. Members actually physically care about each other in real time and space and support each other in all ways
    4. Actively pursue mission work by caring about local and distant communities in real time and space
    5. Have really awesome parties and functions, including pot-luck suppers

  13. My very late play is up. Apparently my tag is broken and I just don't have the tools to fix it. I will look forward to reading your answers in the morning. G'night.

  14. The guts to publicly post is just my fears... not the ideals, because I sure have them. :)

    May post on this in a week or so. I'm in the dregs of study...

  15. Late Late Late I know...and I've simply quoted other people, but their words are rather wonderful.
    You'll find them here


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