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Friday, July 24, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party: Baskets of Bread

I'd like to share my newest favorite "bread" recipe. The neighbors taught me tonight at our cookout in my backyard. We provided homemade pizza dough which was cooked on the grill. They provided the yummy delicious-ness of fire-cooked dessert.

You take a tube of refrigerated breadstick dough - plain, the seasoned kind would be gross - and separate out all the individual breadsticks, lying them unrolled, flat on a plate or cookie sheet. Then you find a good thick stick - about 3/4 in diameter or thicker is nice. Spray some non-stick cooking spray onto the cooking end of the stick (but not into the fire). Wrap the breadstick in a single, spiral layer around the cooking end of the stick. Cook 'til golden of HOT campfire coals. When it's cooked, pull it out, slather it in butter, then cover it in cinnamon sugar. Delicious!

So, my baskets were full to overflowing last night with this true sign of the kingdom of God. (Is that blasphemous?) How are your sermon baskets feeling? Anyone wondering how "enough" is going to come out of "this? Anyone have loaves and fish to share?

After our lovely campfire night, I'm hoping the family will let me sleep in a little, but we'll see what happens. If I'm not here when you wake up, feel free to grab some coffee; I'll set the timer! Can't wait to see how the Spirit is moving among us this weekend!


  1. focusing on the boy, bringing to the table what he had and it was more than enough... yadda yadda

    will bake bread in the morning while the hazelnut creme coffee perks... then a leisurely walk with mochajava around the lake. happy writing in the morning y'all...

  2. I put bread in the bread machine for the a.m. - chocolate chip breakfast bread. It will be done early so that the Bearded Brewer can go to Tai Chi. He won't mind if you help yourself...

    I'll be up studying for the church history final. Could you start the coffee for me???


  3. oh that campfire bread sounds good!

    i have a busy day tomorrow - some hospital time and a funeral and then writing the sermon.

    Would love to hear your definition of "miracle," if you have a working one.

    And childrens time? Any ideas AT ALL? So far, I got nothing.

  4. I have no idea what I am gonna say on Sunday.
    David and Bathsheba and Jesus feeding the multitudes.
    Children's sermon Juniper, I have no idea.
    My title is: A King by Any Other Name.
    And I think I have to go to a wedding tomorrow, but am not so sure. This would have been an unusal ATM, but proably not helpful to anyone else.
    A couple is marrying tomorrow(groom is a church member). Bride is divorced and a graduate of the highly conservative university nearby of here.
    Anyhow, a retired pastor in the church is doing the service because they were afraid her folks would not attend if a woman did it. This was fine by me, as I really did not wish to add a wedding to the plate this summer.
    Anyhow, the ladies here always do a tea and present the newlyweds with a Bible.
    The bride declined the tea, but will be given the Bible tomorrow anyhow.
    Invites were not sent out as the bride does not want to make a big deal of it.
    But, groom's mother said we are all invited and she hopes church folks will come.
    So, I am trying to decide if I should go or not....
    It could be awkward either way. Oh, and no reception or anything.
    People can be odd. I feel sorry for groom as it would be good for him to have a little more celebrating and such. But, maybe guys don't care.
    And yes, gotta figure out the sermon stuff too.

  5. Ahhhh, She Rev, you've brought back childhood memories for me - tho' we'd take the flour with us camping and make up the dough there [don't think we had readymix stuff in 'those' days!!]. In Australia it's known as 'damper' and the staple of every Guide or Scout camp.
    I am not conducting worship on Sunday: I will enjoy smiling benignly on as a member of the congregation celebrates his 50th ordination anniversary by presiding, and then we have a church lunch.

    I'm off to the beach shortly as it's Musselburgh Gala Week and the horses are going to be let loose to run - help yourselves to the blueberry pancakes and coffee in process here.
    Blessings on you all as you wrestle with the Word.

  6. Good morning everybody!

    I sit at my computer procrastinating as usual. I was going to do a sermon solely on the misbehavior of David, but then a friend posed an interesting question on FB. She asked, "What would you do if you truly believed Jesus would take care of your needs to the point of having some left over like the feeding of the 5000." This is rocking my sermonating world. We will see where this takes me.

    I've got some coffee brewed if anyone wants any.

  7. This was one of my favorite stories as a little girl. I thought it was cool that a kid could be so helpful and bring what was needed to Jesus. We may feel what we offer is small, but what we bring, when multiplied by Jesus, goes a long way.
    It's funny to remember feeling that way about the story, because I didn't grow up in the era of children's messages. This must have been a Sunday School lesson. When I preached this text at my home church nine years ago, I brought in a loaf of bread and shared it with the kids, but I have no idea what I said to them!!! My sermon was a big pile of mess, about twice as long as it needed to be, one of those things where you think, okay, stopping at the end of page two might have been a good idea. But I went on for five, or seven, or something dreadful. As a middler in seminary, I still tried to wedge everything I knew into each sermon.
    I guess the homiletic lesson I take from that day is to bring something small and let Jesus multiply that, too!

  8. 1-4 Grace, you are definitely full of graciousness. I had to make a similar call when a family had a service at the funeral home without a pastor, given the deceased's lack of faith, but wanted to come to the church for a reception because his wife had been a member. I decided to pass through the reception and greet church members who were there but be as unobtrusive as possible. As an interim, I believe you are free to take a pass on the wedding tomorrow; I would simply reassure the groom's mom that in the spirit of keeping things peaceful with the bride's conservative family, you thought it wiser. And say it after, because it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. But don't wait long to do it!

  9. This is my last Sunday at my parish and it's going to be emotional. I didn't think I was going to preach at the main service, but things have changed, so now I am, and then we're combining the children's service with the main service. I think it will work...

    So I'm going to preach about abundance and generosity and Jesus' promise that we will all be fed, and I hope I can get through it without tears. Some of you know that my parting from this church has been a bit tumultuous. My congregation has been WONDERFUL--loving and kind and generous and they are sad to see me go. My boss--well not so much. I just want tomorrow to end on a high note, and then it's all over but the packing.

    The bread cooked over the fire sounds wonderful!

  10. Oh leavings are emotional in any circumstance.

    I am sitting here trying to think of a children's sermon. I've decided to do the "unfun" stuff first--children's sermon and writing all the prayers. The sermon I'll do last. I've actually preached this text 5 previous times, so I have a strong feeling I'll be "borrowing" from old sermons here and there. So maybe I'm not writing it but quilting it.

    children's sermon, though.

  11. Glad to see some have arrived. Sounds like there are some good things brewing, along with the difficult. Prayers for you Rev Dr Mom. I think your sermon sounds like wonderful good news as you make your departure.

    1-4 Grace - - I don't know. I think if I didn't have something else going on, I'd probably go to the wedding myself. There may be some snarkiness in my decision to be present, but also some good.

    Interesting qustion, God Guurrlll. It'll be interesting to see if you change course.

    As for me, I'm typing while lying in bed and giving thanks to God that the kids stayed asleep longer than ever before. It was a late late night cooking out with our neighbors and another family of friends. Goals for today include sending the kids with husband to get their hair cut (I don't anticipate actually winning the opportunity to stay home and work on my sermon, but it's a goal), changing bed sheets because those little ones were DIRTY when they went to bed last night, cleaning out the car (one of my least favorite jobs), and packing myself and the kiddo for Midwest Presbyterian Family Camp, aka Synod School! We leave tomorrow right after I finish with the adult Sunday School lesson on "Calvin on the Culture." Guess I should also add sermon prep and Calvin DVD watching to that list. And the county fair! Gotta go see the draft horses.

    Hmmmm...sounds like a late night to me!

  12. Prayers ascending Rev Dr Mom. I left a similar situation a few months ago. Rest aassured that God through the power of the Holy Spirit will get you through it!

  13. Rev Dr Mom - peace & prayers your way for tomorrow.

    Songbird - i like the bring something small!

    Okay... coffee is finally done. Got. to. Go....

  14. Rev Dr Mom - may you journey with God... wherever God may lead.

    I asked what you are hungry for... really hungry for... here.

    I don't have a DANG thing to offer up to snack on... because I need to buy groceries... and we are busted. I do have a couple of nice tomatoes and some super fresh white bread. Will that do in a pinch. Oh yeah... there's Duke's mayo in the frig... along with sweet tea.

  15. I've always liked this version of the story BECAUSE of the boy.

    Here's a story from my pre-seminary lay service days.

    We were having an evening Vacation Bible School that year, with a supper planned each evening before our lessons. However, no one stepped up for the last evening, so someone suggested that we do a Loaves and Fishes potluck, have everyone bring a bag supper, and put them all together to share. When the time came to open up all the bags, one little girl had taken a great big bite out of her peanut butter sandwich, because she was afraid that she would not have enough if she shared.

    However, others brought in surplus, and it turned out that there was more than enough to feed all, even a couple of strangers who appeared off the street (something sort of rare in our neck of the woods.)

    That being said, I'm preaching on Ephesians, the power at work in us. It's part 2 of a multiple part sermon.

  16. oh, and 1-4 Grace, prayers for you and the wedding tomorrow. And Rev Mom, prayers in your leaving-taking and blessings for you and your congregation at this time.

  17. Praying for you in the transition time, RevDrMom. It is not easy. But it is possible. :)

  18. Am I the only crazy nutjob who is preaching about David and Bathsheba tomorrow? Oy. I'm making tomorrow part one of a two-parter.

    Right now I am getting ready to head over to church to meet with the family of one of the dear saints who is watching from the balcony now, to talk about her service on Monday.

    Then home to rue the day I ever chose this story. Or...maybe to have fun with it. But definitely no children's message about it!

  19. And SheRev, Synod School! I preached the bread text three years ago right after getting back from SS! I told this story of serving communion at SS, and my loaf of bread becoming nothing but crumbs in my hand (because had I served it all) and just as I turned around with empty hands to see what I should do--there was still a line in front of me--Chip Andrus handed me another loaf of bread, broken and ready.

    (That was the year that Nutella and I were roommates. The first time you and I met.)

  20. Cheese, I could tell a similar story about my ordination. In that case the fresh loaf came from the hands of a longtime friend and Deacon in my home church. *They* knew what they were doing, even if I did not!

  21. Cheese you are not the only one. I'm tearing my hair out trying to connect the David and Bathsheba story to the gospel. Don't know if it can be done.

  22. Cheesehead and God Gurl, i too am doing David and Bathsheba b/c I am crazy enough to believe the hard stories have something to say to us. Of course, then I wait to see what that might be.. .
    But i'm about done! It needs an edit before posting. I took Nouwen's ideas about story and wove it into the larger story of which we all are a part.
    Children's story will be about how some stories are for adults and some little children's stories we hear differently as we grow up. Now to get a copy of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. (BUt our kids are mid-older elementary.)

  23. Cheese - - that was a great Synod School year. I helped with the anointing station in the service with all the different parts to it. One of my first times doing it, and it still gives me shivers thinking about it.

  24. Just sitting down to title is "Leftovers" but...that's about all I got for now! RevDrMom, prayers for you as you go through your last Sunday with them...and BeachWalkin'--I LOVE DUKE'S MAYO!! I haven't found it in Boston yet.....
    And as I go to write, I will remember Songbird's something small and let God multiply it...and maybe something will be leftover for next week, too!

  25. Rev Dr Mom, prayers for you in your leave-taking.

    I still have Lucky Charms for SB and anyone else who wants them! Not much else, though there are plenty of super sweet Sungold Cherry tomatoes on the vine that you can pop into your mouth like grapes.

    Vacation time for me!

  26. It's David and Bathsheba for me and I'm still struggling to figure out what to say. RevNancy, thanks for the Nouwen quotes.
    Part of me wants to jump ahead and include next Sunday's reading with this Sunday's story. My thinking is that if I do that, I preach the Gospel next Sunday and add back this week's to that sermon. It might not work quite that way but I have a real problem with splitting up this part of David's story.
    Another part of me agrees with you, Cheesehead, about doing a two-parter.
    So as I spend the afternoon in a discernment retreat with a committee that is calling a new rector, I'll try to find some time to think about the sermon. Fortunately, it's a ninety minute drive each way.
    No snacks here, alas. I haven't managed to get to the store since I got home last Sunday night.

  27. Holy cow! It's not even noon and I've got 1/3 of a sermon. Is this a sign of the second coming? Should I not even bother writing this one because it means Jesus is coming back tonight?!?!?!

  28. I'm coming late to the PP, having felt so tired after being up for a couple of hours that I went back to bed for two more! I'm not exactly wide-eyed yet, but am definitely feeling more bushy-tailed!

    Prayers to you, RevDrMom. Been in that place of leave-taking where the boss was stony and the congregants soft like moss. Why do partings have to be bittersweet?

    I'm doing the loaves bit, though not sure where I am going with it yet. As I reuminate, however, I'm recalling a "stone soup" event at Lent some years ago. Everyone brought an ingredient to add to the pot, and there was so much that we had to divide the goods and go to two pots! And then some people let on that they had backup still in the fridge because they feared we would not have enough. We not only had enough, we had surplus that we divided up and took to some of our folks who couldn't drive at night so that they could feel like part of the feast.

    The text doesn't say that Jesus blesses the bread but that he gave thanks (which could probably indicate blessing), but since we do the same thing at eucharist, I'm thinking I might make that connection. It's not just a story about what Jesus did, but what is done in our Great Thanksgiving. Hmm, I'm thinking that'll preach!

    Getting close to lunch here. We've got some wonderful local fresh cantaloupe and peaches--help yourself!

  29. Let me just add that I wasn't contradicting Songbird on the idea of Jesus blessing. I was looking at the text for the obvious connection to the act of eucharist, and noted the difference. To me, it's blessing!

  30. speaking of Lucky Charms, are there any Peanut Butter Captain Crunch fans out there?

  31. I'm back from VBS (we are doing a Saturday morning VBS for five Saturdays in a row) and thinking about starting on the sermon. I've also been pondering a connection between David and Bathsheba (we have an Elisha option too, but did I take the easy way there? noooo) and the feeding of the five thousand. Right now I'm pondering the contrast between David's attitude of "I'm hungry, I'm going to take it" and the boy's attitude of "I'm hungry, I'm going to give it to Jesus."

    Of course there is a survey to copied and cut, a bulletin board to be created, bread to be thawed, and some sleep to be had (VBS starts too early). So we'll see what actually gets done here...

  32. Wow, I haven't thought of Duke's Mayonnaise in years! I don't think you can get it north of the Mason Dixon Line! What I would give for a tomato sandwich with Duke's mayo and a fresh, vine ripe tomato and squishy white bread--a childhood favorite!

    I'm almost done, but it's not quite the sermon I started out to write. That happens to me a lot, which is one reason I look in wonder at those of you who write titles well in advance! I think I'm going to end up with a small challenge to the parish, about not being afraid to live abundantly. Some of that fear has infected us lately.

  33. I so resonate, RevDrMom. Love thinking about that sandwich right now!

    Well, I will be back later. I am actually finished with first draft, so am off to play until sun goes down...

    Will be back later to write prayers, etc., edit, and check on you all!

  34. I so resonate, RevDrMom. Love thinking about that sandwich right now!

    Well, I will be back later. I am actually finished with first draft, so am off to play until sun goes down...

    Will be back later to write prayers, etc., edit, and check on you all!

  35. I hate having to come up with a sermon title before I write the sermon. Forces me into a homiletical corner that is hard to get out of. gggrrrrrrr.

    What's really fun is when your sermon titles are published in the paper on Saturday.

  36. Don't let the titles fool you, Rev Dr Mom. They leave me in wonder, too. Often the title I pick to put in the bulletin early in the week has little to do with the sermon I am left with at the end of the week. That's why sometimes I just pick a phrase from the Scripture (although even that tactic can imply that's the phrase that will get much of my attention even if it doesn't). In our church, though we've gone to projecting the order of worship instead of printing it, so I just have to beat the A/V crew to church on Sunday, so I can change my title! That's happened two weeks straight now. I think this week's title will be OK, but that's because I didn't put my "e-bulletin" together until Thursday.

  37. God Guurrlll - - I know people who pick which church they are going to by the sermon titles in the paper on Saturday. Scary!

  38. oh I've had sermon titles that wouldn't have been fit to print.

  39. Ummmmm....mater sammich.


    I am powerfully impressed by Diane's story of the PBJ bite-sneaker. I need to think about that some more.

  40. For the children's sermon, I think I'll tell my own Stone Soup story - from seminary days. There was this horrendous storm (rain/sleet/thunder/lightning/snow) that shut down the state of Ohio for 4 days! Many of those with student appointments had arrived to on-campus apartments for classes but had empty cupboards. We also had intermittent power.
    One of the couples in the building decided to start a soup with beef bones from their freezer and went around asking what each of us might have to add to it. My roommate and I remembered the turkey bones in our freezer and started a second soup. (We did these with 2 camping stoves.) Everyone added veggies, potatoes, pasta, spices, lively conversation.
    My next-door neighbor made wonderful homemade rolls; someone found enough butter to go around. Dessert appeared from somewhere. The whole building (35 or so of us) gathered in a couple of apartments and the hallway and feasted - on much more than food! There was wonderful fellowship - a true sense of communion. (And, indeed, there were leftovers!)
    If this helps anyone, feel free to use it.

  41. I woke up with a major headache, took meds and went back to bed.
    Turned out that is my general excuse for not going, but can also honestly tell the groom's family that I thougth it best that I not come due to bride's family.
    I was stressed last night due to family bday party. My SinL is a highly conservative, outspoken type. I often try to keep the peace by not commenting, but had trouble last night.
    So, now I am setting here watching WestWing DVR and working on my sermon.
    Pickled Shrimp is marinating in the fridge for supper. Thinking of David and his abuse of power verses Jesus who succumbed to power.

  42. Oh, God Gurl,
    With sermon titles, we have a Baptist Church very clsoe by. I pass it on my way to anywhere I go, almost. Anyhow, they have on of those big marquee type signs and they post the title for Sunday's sermon every Tuesday..
    I have been tempted to "steal" the title one Sunday(regardless of text) and see if anyone is paying attention. Have not done this yet

  43. Well, I can't use it this year, but y'all reminded me of my own seminary stone soup story similar to Eileen's. We were in seminary in NYC during the great blackout of 2003. And our neighborhood was the last in the city to have power restored. The first night we had a cookout and everyone brought food from their freezers that needed to be eaten so as not to be wasted. But by the next night, there wasn't so much left for some of us, but we all brought what we had and it was a feast. And we fed a youth group that had been stranded in the city in the blackout as well.

  44. Back from my bereavement/memorial planning visit. Had two heaping bowls of pasta salad. (The pasta salad I made last night turned out to be HUGE, so I barely made a dent in it.)

    Now I am staring at the three paragraphs I wrote on Thursday trying to decide whether to build on them or start over.

    Where is Antonio or Teh Clooney when you really need them?

  45. Get me away from the knitting websites. I was doing so well. Now I have a 4 year old "helper" working on "projects" in the room with me. Cutting little ones out of big ones is what my mom used to call. Big paper mess is what I call it.

  46. I went out especially in search of local tomatoes for a sandwich -- delicious!!! But I am a Miracle Whip gal.

    Altar ego, I think that works either way. We may feel we have little (or even nothing) to give, but Jesus can make more of it (using whatever of the associated words seems right).

  47. Blessings to you, Rev Dr Mom, as you take leave of your congregation. I don't know your story since I am new, but just left a congregation on June 28 where I was Assistant, so I hold you in prayer.

    Tomorrow is my first Sunday as a sole pastor in my new congregation, and I *think* I am done with my sermon (just about to go do some editing while my husband is grocery shopping with the toddler; I can work with the baby around, but not the small boy!) I am so looking forward to being able to preach to a congregation where we are in it together and it is part of a larger practice of preaching instead of before where I preached once a month and couldn't really preach vision- or mission-related sermons because the Sr. Pastor & I weren't always on the same page and I wasn't given the authority to preach like that.

    Oh, and I have convinced my husband (the cook in our family) to make peach cobbler for dessert tonight, so y'all are welcome to it!

    And I'm going to have to think a lot on the peanut-butter-sandwich story; there are many levels to that, I think, and I see myself so much in that little girl...

  48. Does anybody know if it were normal for a woman to be out on a balcony washing and cleansing herself?
    Did David jsut she Bathsheba by accident or was she puttting herself on display.
    Peeping Tom or Peep Show Gal?

  49. 1-4 Grace "Peeping Tom or Peep Show Gal?" There's your sermon title. That ought to make the Baptist's hair curl.

  50. 1-4 Grace "Peeping Tom or Peep Show Gal?" There's your sermon title. That ought to make the Baptist's hair curl.

  51. Yea for you, Sarah!!!! I know that feeling. I'm 18 months into the feeling, and I still love it.

    I also know about preparing sermons with little ones hanging around. The 4 year old is here with me now, having not napped. The 2 year old is sleeping, but we're trying to get up him. When I started this weekly preaching thing he was just 6 months old.

    Anyway, good luck!!! I'm usually a late night writer because of the Saturday busy-ness with the fam!

  52. Sarah, freedom preaching is awesome, I left a similar feel in Nov and it has been wonderful at new place.
    1-4 Grace, i followed a couple textweek links and read that her bathing was ritual (post period) as the text says and rooftops must have been normal, while David was 1) not away at war like Kings normally would be and 2) up in the mid-afternoon when he should have been napping. or so one study suggests. With Bathsheba's lack of voice both in the text and society, I don't think we can assume any intent on her part. my guess.

  53. It's been a long time since I stopped by. Looking forward to reading what everyone has to offer - it is always so delightful!

    Here is my offering: An Eruption of Hope.

    Blessings all!

  54. Rev. Dr. Mom - I was unable to get through my final Sunday, a year ago, without tears. So be it, people will know the depth of your love for them. The day being still relatively fresh in my memory, I will hold you in prayer, may it be a day of celebration!

  55. I'm at the dreaded 1200-word point. The "So what? Who Cares?" place where the sermon could either soar or go down in flames, like the Hindenburg.

    Can't predict.

  56. Hi Saturday friends! I'm just home from a full day working at hospice(on call this week-end) and now am needing to start on tomorrow's sermon and liturgy. I am preaching "David and Bathsheba". 1-4, the commentaries I read indicate that it was normal for bathing to be done outside in courtyards or on balconies, and that most likely Bathsheba had no expectation that she would be seen. She was doing a "mikvah" (I think) bath that was part of the ritual bathing required after menses.
    Prayers for RevDrMom with your leave-taking, Deb with your church history final (I cringe just thinking about being back in semianry and having to do what you are doing!), and everyone else laboring this day to bring forth a sermon. Me, I am tired and praying that the sermon fairy will show up here soon. Sometimes(ok, often lately) working 2 jobs is just a bit much. Thanks,all of you, for being here.

  57. Just checking in to see what everyone's up to this week. Not preaching tomorrow so enjoyed some good family time. For children's time, I'm hoping to get them to go and gather up sweets from members of the congregation - there are always plenty around - hopefully they'll share - as did the crowd in the gospel. Looking forward to abundance. We'll see.
    Brief reflection on gospel here

  58. Many directions and many paths everyone is on this day.

    I wrapped it up over at my place.

    Blessings to all this day and tomorrow.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. 1-4Grace, I love the Peeping Tom/Peep Show Gal! I think that is likely to come to mind with this passage in the future... WW watcher here, too; a friend loaned us the complete set. 14 y.o. son loves it, so I tell myself how rare quality time is at his age and we watch for hours despite other things to do.

    Rev Dr Mom, if you don't mind saying, did you go to GTS? I lived through more than one power outage there in the 80's, so that's what I was picturing in your tale of unexpected abundance.

    I'm headed out to Trader Joe's; can I pick up anything for any of you? I do have some dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts on the counter.

  61. I am so far behind what I wanted to be and I think I picked a hard idea to get across. Note to self: next time tell a nice story about sharing instead of trying to solve the problem of What Is A Miracle?

    Got a lot of ideas and done a lot of reading but nothing written :( STill at the office - will probably go home for dinner in a coupel of hours but then have work to do... Gonna be a lonnnnnnggggg night.

    Enjoying procrastinating by reading your comments, and thinking these things:

    oh my GOSH liz what a great childrens time idea!! maybe I will try that.

    Cheese - you will so rock, as always!

    Hi Sarah! Nice to see you here!

    SEmFem - How did that VBS on Saturday thing work out? We did it every Thursday night in July and I thought it was pretty mixed - fun but fluffier than I like.

  62. word count - 72.

    yikes friends.

  63. ggrrrr... sermon mojo gone. don't know what I'm saying or how I'm saying it. I'm going make dinner for me and my sweetie. I'm making pasta with goats cheese and brown butter. I'll be sure to share the left overs with you all.

  64. We had penne with fresh tomato sauce that included garlic scapes. Who thought those up? So interesting and yummy.

  65. ground turkey tacos here for anyone still working. I need to do an edit but have lost my energy. off to do wedding invitation labels instead.

  66. Juniper--I'll tell you how Saturday VBS went in three weeks' time. :) Today was the second day and I couldn't be at the first day. The lack of momentum is the hard part (we had 6 kids the first day, 2 today), plus knowing that you have to be thinking about VBS for so long. But it's nice to have a whole week to gear up for it.

    I have no words yet, but love the power outage stories being told here and will probably use them! Also pondering making dinner here vs. getting takeout--I have fresh veggies to use up, but it feels too hot and sticky to cook.

  67. Songbird,
    "garlic scapes"???

    And I'm so jealous of all of you who live near a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods!
    The nearest of either is at least 2+ hours away!

  68. hey sb - whats a garlic scrape?

    semfem - know what you mean about the energy problem. i have one colleague doing the vbs evening thing, every night for a week. curious how that will go too.

    in sermon land - loving this.

    Makes the miracle-workers more the shar-ees than the share-ers. and good writing, too.

  69. Here is from Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum what I think I will actually do for children's time (love that idea, still, Liz, but we have some kids on specific diets here, so might be problematic...)

    "Bring a fruit or vegetable seed and a basket of fruits
    or vegetables that grow from the seed. For example,
    bring an orange seed and a basket of oranges. Show
    everyone the seed and explain what kind of seed it is.
    Gather input about the steps a seed such as this must
    go through in order to make fruit/vegetables, such as
    being planted in the ground, watered, and producing
    leaves. Help put the steps in order and fill in any miss-
    ing stages. Express amazement at how one seed can
    produce delicious food for many people. Explain that
    each of us is like a seed that bears the fruit of God’s
    love in the world. Wonder together about the number
    of kind acts each person gathered can produce."

  70. Juniper, if you want to parlay that children's message into a service project, I have an acquaintance from seminary who works for an agency that feeds and advocates for the homeless. They're going to start rooftop gardens and train homeless and hungry people how to grow their own food and are looking for seed donations.

    Commercial over. Sermon tidbit here: I just opened up what I preached three years ago and it featured a news story about Las Vegas outlawing feeding the hungry in parks! Could be helpful to someone...

  71. It's been a whirlwind day and I've missed hanging out with all of you!

    Had a major mental health issue arise with a teenage boy in the congregation. Spent some time supporting the mom and gathering info about area resources.

    After I finished tackling that, received a phone call about a death in the congregation. Working on finding a colleague to do the service on Tuesday because I'll be out of town for Con Ed.

    O, and I should pack for Con Ed time, seeing as how I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon.

    Sermon ... what sermon?!

    Now is when I'm thankful for stewardship practices like recycling an old sermon.

    May the Holy Spirit breathe life into words from 3 years ago.

  72. Crap crap crap. Pianist just called and said he couldn't play tomorrow at St. Larger. Looks like it will be an a capella day for us tomorrow.

    That definitely means it's time to go get some dinner and possibly some ice cream. I have a first paragraph of the sermon at least, and a rough outline.

  73. Juniper, I might use the seeds for the grownups

    I have nothing, mostly. I've read. I have a couple of stories that may or may not be useful.

    Part of my office flooded due to the air conditioner so I've been doing flood response. The little bit of sermon stuff I have accomplished happened while waiting for water extraction guy.

    Hoping for a multiplication type miracle with words for a sermon that is fit for a feast.

  74. I talked to a friend as I drove home from the bigger city. She is going to talk about Jesus' take,bless,break as opposed to David's take. I'm thinking I may not get to the Gospel but I need to look at the epistle one more time (or two?) to see if I can use a line or two.
    But, having spent 8 hours driving or in meeting, I am now going to hit the bed with the dogs and a good book.

  75. My David and Bathsheba sermon did not turn out the way I thought it would at.all. Not sure how I feel about it.

  76. Got the sermon done and have been watching the live feed of the ELCA youth gathering in New Orleans.

    The preaching and music have been fab!

  77. Well, I'm off to bed. The baby just had a weird round of throwing up, so I'm hoping that it was just a fluke, no a bug settling in...might be a long night, and I have to be up at 5:45 in the morning to get reading to head to our first service, which is outdoors at 8. Sending good thoughts to all of those still wrapping up their messages for tomorrow; the Holy Spirit will fill in the blanks!

  78. Thanks Nancy. My inital thougths were that she was doing what was normal and he was not. But, wanted to be sure we were dealing with his total wrong doing and not hers.
    And yes, indeed. King David should have been off at war.
    Lovign West Wing.Wish I oculd incorporate Big Block of Cheese Day into a sermon.
    Juniper, I am LMAO. 72 words, very good.
    Best Wishes to all and I hope Anotnio, the Fairy, or teh Clooney shows up soon.

  79. Okay. I posted it. Haven't posted a sermon in a while.

    Disastrous FAIL of epic proportions?

    You decide.

  80. Sermon done, edited and printed. Nighty night preachers. Prayers of inspiration to all of you who are still writing.

  81. go on and read the cheese's sermon if you havent. it will remind you that god loves you anyway and you shoudl just get back to your sermon instead of playing goofball games on the internet.

  82. Cheese, I loved the sermon.

    It has not brought me back to finishing my own sermon, despite Juniper's assertion, but I loved it nonetheless.

  83. yeah, me either. getting off facebook and finishing, i mean..

  84. I am 2/3 of the way done with sermon. I am at the point where you are suppoosed make a turn and as Cheese says, "the so what part."
    Anybody need anything? Cobbler? Muffins? Cheese sticks? Beer? Shrimp? ice cream?
    Nice neck massage to help you relax?

  85. neck massage ... just what I need or maybe ice cream

  86. I'm back. Glad to see you've had a nice little party without me. I saw lots of yummy dinner options go by, but I know there's someone who wants this for dessert - - homemade apple pie-ish thing, warmed up, served with peanut butter swirl ice cream (vanilla with the swirl throughout). Good stuff and I have plenty to share.

    So I'm still about at the 2/3 done point, but come on? That's AWESOME for me at 10:30 p.m.! I've been at that point since about 2:00 p.m. When the kids got up we went to the county fair for a while. Got home and made quick spaghetti, packed all their stuff for Synod School, and loaded everything into the car except my stuff. The laundry is still working on that. I have high hopes, though, that I will go to bed no later than 1:00 a.m., likely earlier if I can get off the web, and wake up with nothing to do but pack my clothes and get to church. Woo hoo!!!!

    Fingers crossed anyway. Juniper, you're talking about miracles, right? If this all happens I may have a sermon illustration for you!

  87. 1195 words and I think I'm in the home stretch! Whew, because I'm tired and hot and need a cool shower to sleep.

    She Rev, you can do it! As can you, Vicar and Juniper!

  88. Oh, and 1-4 Grace too, of course!

  89. Betsy, I did go to GTS.

    Sermon preached at the 5:00 service--one down, two to go.

  90. So close! So close! So close!

    How's everyone else doing? I'm running to take my little girl for her middle of the night bathroom trip. I've been changing sheets at midnight too much lately! Can I get anyone anything from the kitchen on the way back? I still have apple pie-ish stuff (like you make a pie crust, but instead of doing it in a pie pan you pile all the stuff in the center and fold the crust up around the insides, not only part way, not totally closed)!

  91. getting there! thanks for all the encouragement ladies. I think I'm going to go to bed with a pretty good outline and then finish in the am. not even 10 here, but I am tIIIREEEDDDD, so I'm prolly heading to bed soon.

    and I'll take some of the pie stuff as a bedtime snack, please.

  92. yeah!! I did it!

    well, at least I've accomplished SOMETHING tonight.

  93. Oh Juniper, you gave me a false sense of accomplishment. I take great pride in my parties that reach 100. When I saw we went from 94 to 101 in mere minutes, I began to well up with emotion. Does it count, though?!?!?!

    I sure hope so!!!


  94. oh it counts all right. or if it doesnt, dont tell me :)

  95. I'm finished! It's a bit long (1463 words) but will have to do. She Rev, I'd love a slice of that apple pie thing to celebrate.

    Now off to shower and print this thing out. Great party! Sending the HS on to those still working (including those who, like Juniper, are sermonizing in their sleep).

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation tomorrow.

  96. Well, we're over 100 so it counts anyway.

    Can't help but laugh at the irony of counting the posts with this particular gospel passage.

    Sermon and prayers are printed so I'm done enough to go to bed.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  97. If it counts, it counts! I'll take your word!

    Well, I'm done - 52 minutes later than I hoped, but 8 minutes earlier than I predicted.

    Now it's off to bed with a completely written sermon. I can hardly believe it's true. All that leaves is a good re-read in the morning over Cheerios and packing for my week away!

    Thanks for the party ladies! It was a blast! Blessings to everyone in your ministry!

  98. Well, I'm back up and ready and packed and almost fed. I'm going to read through my sermon one more time and maybe even watch the DVD I'm teaching in adult Sunday School. Wow. Is this what it's like when you get things done before you go to bed? It's almost tempting, but then the restless sleep due to all the sermon ideas running around in my head was not too much fun. Maybe it grows on you.

    Anyway, blessings on all who lead, proclaim, and worship the Lord this day! Thanks for the party!

  99. good morning all - sermon not as bad as I'd feared by morning light -- always a good thing.

    blessings on your proclamations today!


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