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Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Meet n' Greet

We have one new member to introduce today, and while her Blogger address is new, she had a long history of blogging in another format. I hope you'll welcome Christina Whitehouse-Suggs, who says:
I'm a chameleon who struggles with finding a color of my own. I'm a performer who often loses my voice only to find it in silence. I'm a minister who is more comfortable among sinners than saints.
You'll find her as c_w_s at Thoughts from the Journey and on Twitter, too! You'll find her Twitter feed in the sidebar of her blog.

Which raises the question, bloggers, how many of us are also on Twitter? If you are, do you link to Twitter from your blog or from Facebook? And how does anonymity come into play for you?

Let's talk about it in the comments!


  1. I'm on twitter as SueWhitt. I tweet comments on a daily lectionary

  2. I'm on twitter, with protected updates b/c it's my one space where church members are not. tericarol.

  3. I have an account, but am not on it now. still figuring out how to delete.

  4. Much like Teri, I'm on Twitter, but have protected my updates. It's one place I don't interact with church members--or my children, who are all friends with me on Facebook.

  5. I'm on Twitter as amforbus. I haven't been anonymous for a while now, so it's linked to my blog. I do keep Twitter and the blog separate from FB, though. I just like the extra flexibility.

  6. I tweet more from my phone than my computer, or though I will tweet when I don't want to get sucked in the Facebook Black Hole and want to update my status.

    My Tweets are on my blog and Facebook. I guess I understand the privacy issue, but it is helping me keep it honest, so I have left them linked. I think if I get to a place where I can't do public blog posts, I'll blog anonymously and leave Twitter linked to Facebook.

    Who now is singing "Rockin Robin" because of the Tweedle-dee-deedle-dee-dee stuck in my head from TWEETS. LOL

  7. No twitter here. Not really much of a desire etiher. That may change in the coming months though...

  8. Yay, Christina! Welcome!

    By the way, I'm @realsarah on Twitter, for anyone else who's not following :)

  9. not tweeting yet, partly because I'm undecided on the pseudonymity thing. But perhaps I'll resort to twitter as the one place I don't interact with family or parishioners...


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