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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Afternoon music video- Praise God

This week we have been on a vacation, which took us to places in the Carribean. On Tuesday, we visited Belize and had the pleasure of visited the oldest Anglican cathedral in Central America. Two hundred years old, its structure was made of brick which traveled all the way from England. Inside the pews were made from the mahogany that was cut from the forests in the surrounding area. Stained glass graced some of the windows, while some of the windows were open to the stained glass of the outside world, allowing breezes to cool the inside. The guide shared with us that the organ was no longer functioning and they were hopeful that one day it could be repaired.

There was a side chapel in which there was a Eucharist service was being celebrated. I could peer into it through a side door and noticed a chapel full of women and small children there. Soon after, I heard them break into song - as it was the doxology following the offertory and the preparation of the table.

No organ was needed for these folks - their voices offered the perfect background for Thanksgiving - clear and angelic, they made their heart and soul heard in which no organ could offer. How I wish I could have captured that to share with you.

The following is the same hymn with organ with all its majesty, with pictures of British Cathedrals. Though it does not capture the essence of the raw beauty of unaccompanied voices, it's one that is heard the world over.

For what are you giving thanks for today? Did any music speak to you today that you would like to share?

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