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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prayer for the eighth Sunday of Pentecost

Merciful God we praise you for your unfailing love.
We praise you for feeding our hunger for bread and for “the bread of life.”
We praise you for taking our little basket of fish and barley loaves and using it to feed others.

Lord we ask you for your care and healing touch for those who are sick.
We ask for your compassion on those who are suffering in our world.
We ask for you comfort for those who are grieving.

We thank you for your daily tender mercies.
We thank you for your daily love.
We thank you for your daily grace.

We call upon you Lord to empower us as we declare who are to a world who needs you.
We call upon you Lord to inspire us as we seek to inspire others.
We call upon you Lord to strengthen us in our own weakness.

We ask all this in your son’s name,

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  1. I have to start checking this PRIOR to the service on Sundays. Definitely would have borrowed this (with credit) for this morning's pastoral prayer (I'm assuming that's allowed...?)

    Beautiful, Thank you!


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