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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Elijah Rock

In my community today, we read from the minor prophet Amos. Then we heard from the pulpit a challenge to let ourselves not only listen to what prophets old and new have to say to us, but to be prophets ourselves, in word and action. We are called, we are chosen. Here and now.

Moses Hogan's arrangement of the spiritual Elijah Rock sounds prophetic to me. The word is sometimes loud, sometimes whispered; it can be piercing or deeply sustaining; it is on the move, first in one section, then in another; but the voice of God is heard regardless.

What did your community give voice to today in song? Let us know in the comments what music moved you, what music called to you!

Just the vocals:

Elijah Rock - Moses Hogan Chorale

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