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Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Morning Meet & Greet

Welcome to August, everyone! and welcome to our new ring members also...

The LaJoy Family: Mom Cindy says, I am "Wife and Mommy in the most wonderful family in the whole world. Aspiring licensed lay minister with the United Church of Christ. Read my blog and you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about me!"

Nik at A Pilgrim's Process paints this word-picture: "When not being blown along the beach at the end of my street, I can be found hunched over dusty church history tomes discussing 16th c. Scottish church discipline... or drinking tea in Rainy Hall at New College, Edinburgh. Currently training for ministry with the Church of Scotland whilst simultaneously juggling post-grad studies, kittens, a box of ravenous weasels and a chainsaw - some of the juggled items just listed may not be necessarily correct. Ginger beer, chocolate and Jesus feature highly in my top 10 of options that enhance my life.... The Bible's a cracking good read. Wandering and wondering pilgrim-like through this randomly odd, amusing and interesting thing which we call 'life'."

Lucky Fresh introduces herself this way: "I am a very happily married, thirty-something pastor of a small-membership church in the Heart of Dixie. (This is not a work blog.) I like words, food, politics, dancing, coloring, and a lot of other things..." The fact that her blog name is Crème Anglaise tends to make me smile!)

and finally, a re-welcome to

Wallowing in Grace, who has been a member for a while but who "fell off" the Ringsurf queue (Ringsurf: it's a challenge!) She is Pastor Robin, and says, "I am a United Methodist pastor, and I love the people I serve and the work I do. I enjoy life--I like Guitar Hero and Wii Fit, baking yummy things, reading, and spending time with awesome people!"

Please go visit these Gals and welcome them to the ring!

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