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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Video: The Bread of Life

One of my favorite hymns (Sr. Suzanne Toolan), which was probably heard in a number of churches today. For me, this was a new way to hear it:

A Clip of the communion at Cardinal Pio's funeral at the Catholic Cathedral of Mary Immaculate in Apia, Samoa, with the Hymn "I am the Bread of Life" sung in Samoan in January 2006.

What did you sing today? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I really like this. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Sang You Satisfy the Hungry Heart...and Draw us in the Spirit's Tether - loved this video - thanks.

  3. A query:
    I am on holidays right now. This morning I checked our voice mail at home and found a message (left yesterday) from a congregant that started "I know you are probably gone now or leaving soon but if you get this in the next couple of days..."

    This is a woman whose father-in-law died 40 hours before I left on holidays so the call may be in reference to that or also her son is supposed to be going to a national church event in two weeks so the call may be about that.

    What is the appropriate action? Return the call despite being on holidays or ignore it?

  4. We did I Come With Joy.
    Really wanted to do Satisfy the Hungry heart, but orgnaist does not "know" it.

  5. Gord, I am on vacation now and have had a few of those to decide about. The one from a woman whose partner had died the day before--a couple who have had holiday meals with our family a number of times--I responded to; I decided that was both big enough and personal enough to me to merit a vacation-time call. The rest I have put off. From the few details you give, I'd write a note to yourself to get back to her first thing when you are in the office again.

    It is so hard to figure out boundaries and personal care...


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