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Saturday, January 30, 2010

11th Hour Preacher Party - Is there a doctor in the house?

Quick digression - - Who's your all-time favorite TV or movie doctor???

OK, so my title is a bit cheesy, but I couldn't resist. I also can't wax poetically on how it relates to the Scripture, because, well, it very well may not. I'm a week behind many of you in the lectionary since I took a detour for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. When I did that, and when I saw this week's text, I decided to skip this one and go back to pick up last week's! Call me a cheater! I can take it!

So anyway, here we are with Luke. It starts with the crowd amazed at his gracious words, not a bad reception I think. But it ends with everyone in a rage and driving him out of town. What I notice quickly (in my non-studying of this passage) is that he didn't tick them off so much by claiming the Isaiah words as being about him, but in what he said later. He picked a fight with them! They didn't reject him first, but he told them they would reject him then they did. Different than the way this rejection appears in other gospels. Just something I noticed, but nothing I'm preaching on, so good luck with that!

Jeremiah's call - - that's a good one. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you...." I love also the imagery of the LORD touching his mouth. Good stuff to run with here, too.

I'm not much of a Psalm preacher. I made myself do them for Lent 2 years ago, and I haven't touched one since. You're on your own there!

But 1 Cor. 13, don't we all dream of preaching this NOT at a wedding? I have to say the first line in my 1 Cor 13 standard wedding sermon is about how Paul wasn't writing it for a wedding. I like to just de-bunk that from the start!

Anyway, that's the quick run-through. We're starting to move into Annual Meeting season, so prayers will be offered for several of those, I'm sure. Any others that we can share as we encourage each other in preparing and sharing the Word? Thanks to all who shared their congregational prayer concerns with me for last week. It was AWESOME to pray for so many churches in our worship celebrating Christian unity.

As always, join us in the comments. I'll have homemade pancakes to share even before I post in the morning, I'm sure. Thank my husband, not me. I don't cook on Saturday morning. I'm lucky to get out of bed to eat them! Wel

Welcome, welcome everyone!


  1. Thank you She Rev for starting the party early!

    I don't have any great ideas or insights to share. I am attracted to the idea of preaching on the 1 Corinthians text...and I may tie it in with the examples of justice throughout history (outside of the Israelites) that Jesus cites. In a way yet to be determined.

    Anyway, I'm heading to bed soon here. Sleep well, those who are sleeping, and I'll see you at the party tomorrow!

  2. Mark Green is my favorite tv doc.
    Although as a wee child I loved Dr. Kiley on Marcus Welby, MD.
    I thought he was REAL.
    I am not preaching and I am not at a retreat. I was to be at a retreat this wknd. However, due to the bad weather(snow, sleet, and ice) it was cancelled.
    SHHHH. I did not tell my church folks, so I am hanging loose and chillaxing. They have been told to call my cell in case of emergency.

    So far, once ask my opinion about the cost of a coursage for the baby shower. Uh, she soooo would not do that if I were a man. Make a decision and go with it. Can't believe she called to ask me that...interrupting my "retreat."
    I actually felt guilty by not saying anything, but I needed a break.
    Most everything as of late is unbloggable, but I shall try.
    In short, the choir director is resigning and read a horrid letter about me to the session and then the choir.
    So, no preaching this week and a little RnR this wknd.
    Good text, so go for it.

  3. I'm contemplating the text as Jesus' first sermon ;) and the fear so many of us have of speaking, of interpreting, of answering the call. I am intrigued at the risk of rejection we all run and the tension we live into when we feel called to preach something that may not be consistent with the dominant cultural values of our congregations. I'm pregnant so will have breakfast well before we go out for breakfast ;) Anyone want some yogurt and granola?

  4. We are celebrating Candlemas tomorrow, and as it's a 5th Sunday my 2 congregations in theory come together. In practice this means that whichever church is not hosting sees it as a "Sunday off" - which is very sad. "United Benefice" my foot!
    However, I'm busy producing special order of service with procession to the font etc
    1st First Communion class this pm - small but delightful group which I am looking forward to. will have to happen. But liturgy first!

  5. Am following up from last week, when my 'boss' was taking the theme of 'hearing the word, acting on it, spreading the word'. I'm going down the line of 'so now that you're doing that, expect rejection'.
    And reiminding, via 1 Cor13, about the manner in which we do things - we go the way of love in a world that seems to want to jump up and down, throw the toys out of the pram and take, take, take. Again, if we go the way of love why is it a surprise if we, and the message, are rejected? But nevertheless, to keep on, strengthened in God's love.

    Nothing very original.
    But I do have chocolate brioche and pots of earl grey tea on the go. Help yerselves :)

  6. i like pancakes.

    I'm not preaching, but I need a children's message.


  7. Diane, maybe this will help?:
    We're celebrating all age worship so I don't have to preach a sermon But I'm reflecting on God's love and our love and the whole idea of being open to love - it's a risk. I'm using "prayer flowers" as a symbol of our commitment and openness to love. The children and adults if they want can then float the flowers on the baptismal font, giving us a link back t the grace of God - we love because, first, God loved us. I've posted here
    We have a lovely day, so off to play in the garden for a while, until the cold gets too much!

  8. I'm in Nashville; I'm planning to drive back to Nashville later this morning. I've been at APCE (Assoc Presby Church Eds) which was fantastic! It is the best educational event I've attended and I've been to the Festival of Homilectics. I'm concerned about driving. We may cancel church.

  9. Morning all. Somehow, I did manage to get my sermon completed yesterday (still a bit of tweaking and may post later). My sister arrived late afternoon for my installation tomorrow...and two other good friends arrive today.

    We are installing elders as well...did a bit of Jeremiah and leaderhip as a whole church, with a dollop of I Corinthians. (Check out Nathan Nettleton's paraphrase of I Laughing Bird)

    1-4...enjoy your R&R...especially with all the unbloggables.

  10. I liked Dr. Kildare, but I doubt if too many of you remember him.

    I am going to try to do something with I Cor because it is the Sunday AFTER our annual meeting and a meeting when there was a genuine statement by the congregation about the direction that it wants to go in the future. In other words, there was a shift in power in the parish that is consistent with a new pastor in the 3rd year of tenure.

    Peace, 1-4. I have a music director who is the bane of my existence too. I have an undergrad degree in music and except for 2 organists in my career I have had mostly difficult organists/music dir. Why is it so? 'Thorn in side' comes to mind!

    Traveling Prayers, Joan.

    Got coffee and some day old muffins--it is minus degrees today. Not going out for fresh!

  11. (((1-4 Grace)))

    I am using Luke, the whole story (it kind of annoys me when the lectionary breaks a story in half like that) and preaching on having a sense of vision and mission. ANd also on sticking with that sense of vision/mission even when you know it might be unpopular.

    THe hope is to prepare people for teh Annual Meeting where they will be asked to discuss these questions:
    1. What I like most about being part of RUC is... [this is the softball to get them going]
    2. Why are we here? What are we all about?
    If RUC were to disappear tomorrow what would people (both RUC folks and A in general) notice...
    [here is the important one, the BOard Chair and I were intentional to ensure it wasn't a "what should we be doing" question]

  12. I'm not preaching either, tomorrow, my final day of full retirement for the time being, officially I'm BACK AT WORK as of Feb. 1. But yes... I would probably preach 1 Cor. 13...because it just gets more interesting every time. I love the way God ambushes Paul in mid-rhetorical flight, and throws his parallel structures into disarray. And yes, I always started by saying, "this ISN'T ABOUT A WEDDING. It's about being a human creature. Good luck with that."
    Next week -- back in the pulpit!

  13. Hello, preachers!!!
    You may remember we have had some changes in our comment format recently. I've allowed Anonymous comments for today, and I'll be keeping an eye for spam. We're getting a lot on older posts right now unless I block Anonymous comments. Nobody wants that.
    Blessings to those who are preaching; may you find and speak a good word!

  14. I post a sermon on the 1 Corinthians text… here.

    I have coffee and chocolate chip cookies to share...

  15. I was going to preach on I Corinthians 13, but I believe we will not have church tomorrow - snowing and it wrong to be excited about being home on Sunday morning???

  16. Oh yes, I tied 1 COr 13 to the NEhemiah reading of last week. IT linked much better there.

  17. I just got home from a swim and now I'm sitting down with a cup of coffee and finishing what I started on Thursday.

    I'm talking Call using Jeremiah and the results not being easy using Luke.

    I'm also hoping that the audio recording works so I can send it off to search committees.

  18. I'm preaching Luke, following up last week's "mission statement." Not loving it at this point. Joy, I love your take on this being Jesus' first sermon--and I remember how much more nervous I was preaching the first time at my sponsoring parish!

    It's c-c-c-cold! here, and I'm feeling low energy, having entertained the entire vestry and their spouses/partners last night--it was a good evening but I sure wish I could just lay around today.

  19. Joy - - I understand "first breakfast." Luckily on normal Saturdays my husband is up bright and early cooking pancakes. Actually, earlier than I'd prefer, but I won't complain out loud. Anyway, this morning when I finally admitted to the other kids that I was awake I let them come in bed with me to feel the baby kicking inside. This is the first week they've been able to do it, so it's been a fun novelty.

    Joan - - glad to hear APCE was great. I've seen a few FB status updates from friends about it, and our educator was there. I'm sure I'll hear all about it when she gets back.

    Sounds like there are lots of good starts. I feel a very late night coming on for me. I don't have a real clear direction of where I'll be going, but I also feel like something good is brewing. That means late night while I try to figure it all out.

    My in-laws are en route to our general area. They're still like 10 hours out, so nothing is imminent, but my husband told me at breakfast that he told them we wanted to go to a movie tonight. Ack! That would have been good information a day or so ago. We had talked about going to movies Sunday and Monday nights (we NEVER go to movies because sitters cost so dang much). He had to back out of Sunday night because FIL got tickets to a basketball game for them. I figured we'd just do one movie instead. He figured we'd move this one. So, naptime had better be productive, and otherwise I will just plan on a super late night.

    I'm a week behind, back on the first half of the broken story. It annoyed me, too, at first, Gord, but I've decided to get over it and just be thankful I only have the first part to deal with. There is so much going on in both, that I think my waters would be muddied with both, but I totally also see how they work together.

    I'm looking, as I'm sure many did, as Jesus declaring his mission/purpose, but I really really want to pull out that this mission/purpose is a ministry to the marginalized. Sort of like backwards preaching to the choir. Instead of his preaching being to those who probably didn't need to hear it (usually preaching to the choir), his preaching was to those who probably didn't want to hear it because it was about the fact that he came for more than just them!

    Anyway, we're on sort of an inward focused trend in our congregation lately, so this will be the first of many (especially as we really jumpt into Luke) that push the outward orientation.

    Will be in and out today to check on the party. Help yourself to whatever you find!

  20. Liz, I really like this idea, and am considering whether it would work with just a few young people rather than the whole congregation making prayer flowers. I'm always thinking about helping with people's prayer lives. and connecting with baptism is great too.

    Muthah+, I do remember Dr. Kildare, actually. My favorite doctor was Marcus Welby's young assistant, whose name I don't remember, but who was played by James Brolin. That dates me as well.

    oh, I see, James Brolin: Dr. Kiley. thanks, 1-4 Grace!

  21. I'm old enough to remember Dr. Kildare, oh my! Still like McDreamy of late altho his character has gotten a bit strange of late.
    Preaching Jeremiah. Worship is a collaborative effort based on work we did on retreat two weeks ago. what fun! Much of congregation will be involved. the center part of worship is Jeremiah's story and our individual call. see my web site for ,more
    then the end is our communal call as Christians in relationship with each other. The service ends with a wonderful drama that folks created at the retreat. I'm excited and hopefully our snow will stay just a few inches.

  22. I LOVE Dr. Bailey--she rocks!

    We're contemplating no church tomorrow because of road conditions after an icy snowfall. Hmm.. One member thinks we should have church no matter who shows up, but I find myself balking. How do others of you make those decisions if some can get to church while others can't?

    As for a preaching text I'm leaning toward a blend of Jeremiah and Corinthians. The former is an anointing of love that we make manifest in our relationship with others. Something like that. Still need to tease it out and give it substance beyond the obvious.

    1-4: so sorry about the lousy way you are being treated by your music person. And a call about a corsage? Seriously? I'm so glad that my husband can run phone interference for me when needed. I hope that in your rest you find rest. And peace.

    Blueberry muffins here. I'm planning on making some scones after lunch!

  23. Don't suppose anyone has any great thoughts on the Presentation of Christ in the Temple? I want to say something about "a sword will pierce your own soul too" as we had a rather uncomfortable conversation at PCC last week about the "real Christmas story", which is apparently all about happiness and clean babies in soft, sweet smelling hay and has nothing to do with the darkness into which the Light shines...
    I'll trade you a mug of awesome Pukka chocolate tea for inspirations..

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Kathryn, should you remind them that the Magnificat is the prayer that anticipates the birth of Christ. Hmmm, if that isn't about darkness and light I don't know what is...

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. We are recovering from a big ice storm in Oklahoma. Our power was off for 7 hours then on for 2 and off for 13 and on for 8 and now it's off and they say Sunday pm.
    The church, 30 miles away, has power so I'm working from here. I will write my sermon and put it on my desk and if the dense fog predicted keeps me away...someone can read it.
    So here goes the Corinthians passage.
    blessings sisters.

  28. Hello all, and ((((1-4)))) Just dropping in briefly on a busy weekend. I went to watch my team play soccer last night (I'm out due to injury) and then to an afterparty but was home by 10:30 and asleep by 11:30 so why do I feel as though I have been run over by a truck?
    I'm preaching on the boxes either we put ourselves in (Jeremiah) or others put us in (Jesus/Luke) and what it might mean if we stepped out of the box (1 Corinthians). It is as ready as it is going to be for 5:30 worship this evening. Now off for a swim (inside as it is 25 outside) and some cleaning before heading to Costco and BigChurch. Blessings to all as you prepare.
    Anyone remember Dr. Michaela Quinn? And the firefighters on Emergency! did a fair amount of doctoring. OOOOhhhh Johnny Gage. Does he count?

  29. tv doc = it's kind of a toss up between Joel Fleishmann and that Scottish guy from Stargate Atlantis whose name I cant remember right now.

    Preaching on 1 Corin 13 with a sprinkling of Jesus getting (not) thrown over the cliff.

    I dont have much more than I had on Tues, except I've decorated the sanctuary with hearts that have valentine messages from God on them "God's love is patient" "god's love is kind..." etc. And I know I will invite people to take those.

    I've been thinking about how if it's GOD'S love that "endures all things" then we dont have to martyr ourselves in relationships that literally or figuratively are trying to kill us - but that we can slip away from those.

    I've been thinking about It's Complicated, and how love doesnt always look like what we think it's going to.

    I've been thinking about how in communities/families, it's the ones who you think you know the best, or who think they know YOU the best, who can hurt you the most.

    How this all hangs togehter as an actual SERMON I have no idea.

    Also seeking a good childrens time on 1 Corin.

    And no pancakes for me today - I'm back in WW. But I'm glad to share with you half a banana and a cup of mint tea :)

  30. I posted Energy,Imagination, Intelligence, Love.

    Waiting for two good friends to arrive...yeah!!!

    I forgot to bring home some of the white chocolate hot chocolate I had this morning...good stuff.

  31. Diane, the beauty of doing the prayer flowers with a smaller number is there'll be a lot less preparation. I'm currently cutting out 300 flowers - all the family have been press ganged. Go for it - and enjoy

  32. Something She Rev said about being inwardly focused vs. outwardly focused is stirring something for me. Hmm. I think I'm going to wash some dishes (so I can make something for the potluck tomorrow) and ponder it more.

    Love the ideas being worked on around here!

  33. I actually did get most of my sermon finished thursday and friday, so I just finished it up for now. Will look at it briefly tonight. At our text study this past week we talked about hurling Jesus off the cliff and when do we want to do that as well. When we ignore how God is in our midst or what God is calling us to do or when God calls us to face something we don't want to face. But God has formed us and consecrated us each in the womb for something greater than ourselves.

    Well, now to find a children's sermon and finish up confirmation for tomorrow. Blessings and peace to all!

  34. well I think I did it. I am supply preaching and the pastor wanted me to preach on how what God is calling us to do is usually not what we had planned for ourselves and how to react to that.

    I went from Jeremiah, to Luke, to 1 Corinthians and wrapped it up with the Beatles, because All you need is Love.

  35. Curled up in the office chair with my new electric blanket. It was my husband's birthday present to me so that I wouldn't use the electricity-sucking space heater while writing sermons. We'll see how this works!

    Checking in to see how things are going, and hopefully to get something productive done on my own sermon. My husband is still pretty gung-ho on going to a movie tonight - one that starts at 9:40 p.m.. What is he thinking?

    Anyway, Luke 4 here I come!

  36. Joining the party rather late. I was away at a workshop all week and am still recovering. Took a long nap mid morning and am now beginning to write my sermon.

    I will be writing on 1 Cor. 13. I love this text but not for weddings. I had this read at my ordination to remind me what ministry is all about, especially when a church gets cranky like the one in Corinth.

  37. Geez 1-4... I think you need to borrow Cheesehead's goat. I'm sorry. I'm also a musician (2 degrees in music) and it drives me nuts sometimes.

    I DO remember Dr. Kildare, Dr. Welby etc but I have to go with Dr. McCoy from Star Trek!

    Praying for all of you preachers...


  38. It seems we've hit a commenting lull. No new comments since I took a break from sermonating for some hot chocolate and a Bones episode.

    Now back to my sermon on 1 Cor 13 and the last sermon in my series on being church.

    Anyone got anything for 1 Cor 13 children's time?

  39. Thanks, Dancing. I've been watching, but didn't have much to say actually. Just actually started writing, but have been sidetracked here momentarily looking for pictures of past Olympians to illustrate the sermon. My opening has to do with Jesus coming home, and sort of equating his return to the way the athletes are revered in their hometowns - the back stories that are told about them. He was certainly honored when he first came back (and again I'm still on last week's Luke text).

  40. Sherev - ki nd of depends on the movie, I'd say. -- if it's boring might be tempting to sleep!

    Got another hour in the car - coming back from a quick coupla days away. Lots of good ideas and hoping they'll gel when I get them on paper.

    Still no kids time. Thinking about mirrors and seeing clearly and how god really sees us clearly. But that doesn't really interest even me. Other ideas??

  41. Sermon draft is done. Please stop by and read my not a wedding sermon here

  42. Also re the notion that 1 Corinth 13 isn't really for weddings- I say it is because it's about the community upholding and blessing each other which is the main reason to have a wedding after all...

  43. Thanks to Jeff's mention of the Beatles, I am now thinking about using the YouTube video from the Starbucks project where they got people from 156 countries to all sing "All You Need Is Love." And did it all to raise money to fight AIDS in Africa.

    HMMM. I don't usually wish we had a projector system, but now I do.

  44. Ok, am I the only twelve year old not cracking up about the Apple Ipad. Stop by my blog for a funny video here

  45. I got back from two wonderful days away about 4:30. Then I cleaned my friend's car off and visited with the dogs for a little while. Driving wasn't too bad once I got out of central NC and into SC. Smooth sailing up I-26 to TN.

    I did both Corinthians readings last week and promised to do both Luke readings this week. I think we have to take this as Luke wrote it rather than try to re-arrange events to fit MArk's chronology. In which case, explaining why Jesus might have poked everyone in the eye with a stick is tricky. I'm going with the notion that he was speaking to the skeptics in the synagogue who had heard what he was doing in Capernaum, still couldn't get past his family ties and didn't really get the "today this has been fulfilled" business. I'm going to talk about kids who have grown up in this congregation and how we would feel if they came home and said something like this. I like the first sermon idea and might tie in the frustration preachers sometimes experience when they have preached what seemed like a provocative sermon only to get sappy "lovely message" comments at the door.
    But for now, I am going to have a glass of wine and read more of the new mystery I started last night that takes place in Florence. No, not the Alabama one!
    Oh yes, someone asked about cancelling services. I did it in December and the parking lot cleared itself off nicely. I didn't do it two weeks ago and there was ice in the lot. But I told folks that I was done cancelling services. I live close enough to get there unless the weather is really, really terrible. So I will be there if anyone comes.

  46. RE: Jesus antagonizing the hearers.

    One source (I can't remember where) I read this week suggests taht Jesus may well be speaking out of his intimate knowledge of teh listeners and stating that unspoken thoughts in the minds of everyone. AT least when he starts with the "heal thyself" portion. PErsonally I believe he was being clear about the GOd he had met and how that GOd works in the owrld.

    IT also occurs to me that the intimate knowledge Jesus had of the people (and they of him) may have made it impossible for any to allow him to do deeds of power, no matter how proud they were of "local boy makes good"

  47. I must say, Juniper, after I do my little "de-bunking" of 1 Cor 13 as a wedding text and talk about how it's about how these new Christians are supposed to live in a new kind of community with each other and God, I do go on to say that THIS is what is happening in a marriage - - two people (and their families really, but I don't go too far with that) are forming a whole new kind of community, one in which love will be essential to its success, etc. So instead of saying the passage is about marriage, I say marriage is about community, then go back to the passage. My little trick.

    You're not alone, GG. I hadn't seen the announcement, but my mom posted a snicker about it on FB and I thought it was a joke a first. So, my mom and I are another 2 12 year olds!

  48. Oh yeah - - our homemade pizza dough is rising. Will have sausage pizza in about 60 minutes. Plenty to share!

  49. We start our lenten series tomorrow on the seven deadly sins, and of course, I have the children's sermon! The texts are Genesis 3:1-21 and Romans 7:15-25. Here's what I am trying to figure out and need help from someone who has actual little people and talks to hem every day - -how do you explain the concept of Sin to them?

    We talk about sin as anything we do that separates us from God, bit how do you explain that to a 3 year old? Thoughts?

    I just may go toss that up on the revgal blog too...

  50. A kingdom for a children's sermon!

  51. Here's a children's sermon idea for 1 Corinthians 13. I found a blanket covered with hearts - I suppose a robe or a towel or a t-shirt would also work. After talking with them a little bit about love, I'm going to talk to the kids about putting on or being wrapped up in God's love as they go into the world.

  52. re: children's time. I thought about Liz' idea about the prayer flowers. that's one. On-line, I saw part of an idea where you bring in appliances like a blow dryer/christmas lights/vaccuum cleaner, etc. and say, huh. why won't they work? what's missing? (they aren't plugged in.)

    Talk about love, and if love is missing, things won't work right....

    I'm actually not sure how it goes after this, but other than not wanting to bring in a lot of heavy electrical appliances, there are parts of this idea that are appealing to me.


  53. I think I've been writing in my sleep for the past half am printing what i have and hoping it feels better in the morn. Will have time to review after the 8.00 if all Too Dreadful
    Blessings on all of you still at's tomorrow morning here already and i must to bed.

  54. g-g
    I'm also praying for a childrens sermon and none coming...Hey, it's been a while since I"ve been to your blog, so I read back to see how things are going. I was so glad to see you got a call! I hope you are still enjoying interim. Thanks for posting your sermon - it's a good one.

    childrens time? childrens time? where ARE you????

  55. Oh, I oculd use a chidlren's time too. Sermons4kids has an okay one for the Luke passage, but I was not wild about it.
    Prayers for all. We are still in limbo regarding worship due to weather. The roads never did dry good today and now the temps are dropping and snow is falling.
    Snow is no big deal, but the ice and low temps are.

  56. DOH!

    Whilst in the tub reading I remembered I need opening and closing prayers for the Annual MEeting!

  57. ...must get OFF FACEBOOK.

    still nothing written.

    a little worried but not a crisis yet.

  58. no one likes the electrical appliance idea? I thought about bringing Christmas lights. we still have a few downstairs. love "lights things up".

    yeah, I think I'll bring the Christmas lights and a few portable electrical appliances. why don't they work? no electricity.

    and say, Paul says that just like the lights, etc. don't work without electricity, our lives don't work without love.

    or something like that.

    then plug the Christmas lights in.

    what do you think?

  59. Diane, well _I_ like it, but I just did another thing where I brought appliances (something about making sure you brought the right things in your suitcase for a camping trip, and i had a plug in toaster, hair dryer, etc) so it seems like too soon to do that again.

    although, hey, I havent done anything with christmas lights! maybe that's what I'll do! yeah, that will help the decoration thingy I have put on the table, too!

    thanks, you're a real pal!

  60. Hello all. I'm not preaching tomorrow (dh is preaching Cor 13) but am just sitting down to prepare my sermon and thought I'd stop in.

    {{{1-4}}} - yucks! Personnel issues in the church are the worst. I'm so sorry for what you're dealing with. You are on a well-deserved at-home retreat! Hope your morning off does you good.

    Okay, I better get onto the prayer.

    Oh, my fave TV doc is House. Love him!

  61. WEll I wrote something. NO assurance of quality but it is something. In case anyone else wants such prayers, I have posted them at my worship blog

  62. WOOHOO, I think I'm done! It will need an editorial looking-over, and I'll need to figure out how I'm going to show this video, but I think that's it. YAY this is incredibly early for me to be done!

    Now to whip up some soup for the potluck. She Rev, I would LOVE some of that sausage pizza if there's any left, thanks!

  63. hey, sherev - you going to a movie tonite? which one?

  64. hey everyone,

    I hate it when Saturday night still finds me working away at the sermon, more than just polishing it up.

    I'm focusing on the gospel reading and the crowds who wanted to hear about the blessings and see the miracles for themselves; then they heard it was for the outsiders and they wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff. Trying to tie it all into how perhaps the gospel is meant for people we don't want to hear it.

    Oh, my favorite TV doctor is Hawkeye Pierce, without a doubt.

  65. yeah semfem! so early!

    oh, mamaS - i actually forgot about MASH! but I might change mine, now...

    ok, thanks to diane for shaking loose the stick in the gears that was childrens time. now I ahve an outline and 430 words, so that feels like real progress.

    now i'll either walk the dog or watch meteorite men with the geeky males in my house. guessing it will be option #2, but I'll be back later :)

  66. Hi all.
    I did the combined version of the Luke passages from last week and this week. Tomorrow I hit last week's letter to the Corinthians with the idea that it will tie in nicely with our Annual Meeting/Report.

    The rub? Early service gets a full sermon, late service gets a meditation. Hmmmm....

    The thing is oulined so now I turn to write.

    Sounds like most are in a pretty good place. Could serioulsy use some of those pancakes though.

  67. Juniper -- I know how you feel re: appliances -- I just did something with quilts and prayer shawls, so I thought, I can't use quilts/blankets with hearts again only two weeks later!

    Christmas lights and other plug-ins! Yeah!

  68. getting started here. it has been a super busy week with lots of hospital visits and a day-long leadership retreat to plan/coordinate for my committee leaders today. I'm wiped.

    I'm working the lectionary in with Adam Hamilton's "Enough" series, and tomorrow's message is on contentment. I'm using 1 Cor and talking about how we can have all sorts of things, but they won't make us happy - our hearts are restless until they rest in you - kind of message. I might also talk about the discontentment of Jesus' neighbors... we want things our way or else we get unhappy. What about if we just joined Jesus' program?

  69. I am sorry I have been an absent hostess. My in laws showed up (thankfully just a little short of time to go to a movie!), and I haven't had a chance to sneak away yet. I'll be a little better now.

    Juniper - It was going to be Avatar tonight and something else Monday night. I think it'll be a little longer 'til I see Avatar now, since that was the one he had already seen. I think we'll try to see one Monday that neither of us will see.

    semfem! You're abandoning me. The Vicar better show. (Oh yeah - - and congrats!) Katie sounds like she's here for the long haul!

    I'll be back later. I got a tiny bit of a start before dinner and guests showed up, but hardly anything. I just need to sit down and write, but that will have to wait until the folks leave. (And probably a FB game or two after that, realistically)

  70. kj


    i ate a pancake. there were some left over from the other day, still in the fridge and I heated it in the mircrowave and put honey on it and it was really really good. sigh. there go the points for the week, though.

    still plugging away.

    what's the difference between a sermon and a meditation? i kind of use them interchangably, I think.

    sherev - busy day!

  71. ok, tyring the "setting a timer and write for 20 minutes without stopping" trick.

    then I may take a 5 minute play break.....

    see how it gets over here on a saturday night?

  72. Oooo...I forgot about that trick. I think I'll try it just as soon as I finish this game.

  73. Don't worry, She Rev, I always manage to find SOMETHING to keep me up past midnight on Saturday nights. Just finished the soup (except for adding the cream cheese tomorrow morning) and it's safely in the crock pot.

    Now I just need to go over the sermon and polish a few rough points...and figure out how the heck I am going to show this YouTube video with no projector and no wireless Internet access. Yeah, I leave something important like that to the last minute.

  74. Good luck with that Youtube thing, semfem. I have attempted that and haven't figured it out yet. I wish I could give you a magic answer. Well, at least I have projector.

    Juniper, I did 13 minutes without distraction and got 435 words. Not bad at all. Took a break early, though, when I saw Weekend Update is on. Will try agian after this part of SNL is over. 45 more minutes total to work before I go to hit the hay.

  75. sherev - glad that worked for you! I learned it from revmother, and I use it for homework, too. except for the 7 year old we do 7 minutes on, 7 minutes off then 7 minutes back one. he only brings a little worksheet home usualy, so then we can get his homework done in 21 mostly whine-free minutes.

    Semfem - what?? soup with cream cheese? oh, recipe PLEASE!!

    ok, set the clock for 20, was on a roll and went 20 more. now on my 5 minute break and even though it's early here i'm really pretty tired. so hopefully i'll get this wrapped up soon. it's coming along pretty well. i'm worried I may be on thin ice in that part where i explain why marriage is not a sacrament in our tradition, so I might have to tighten that up a little....

    ooo, sherev, i could never work in the same room as a tv - it totally makes me zone out - i can hardly even facebook or something silly iwht the tv on...

  76. I've got it off now that my favorite part is over. It's not always easy to do that. I'm going to do one more 20 minute stint (well, this one will actually be 20 full minutes) then head to bed for a few hours. I'm wiped out tonight for some reason.

  77. couldnt figure out why my sermon was looking so SHORT and then I realized that I had it in 12 instead of 14 point font.

    I ahve about an hour of tweaking I can do in the morning, now I'm going to watch tv for half an hour then go to BED before I (YIEKS!) start eating again.

  78. thanks for a fun party, She REv. Have a great night, all!

  79. oh, she rev, that growing a baby stuff is HARD WORK. take it easy, ok?

  80. Where's the Vicar?
    Where's the Vicar?

    (Sing to the tune of "Frere Jacques")

  81. It's pretty easy Juniper...

    Peel and cube 8 large potatoes (I just scrubbed and left peel on)
    Chop 2 onions

    Boil these in 9 cups of water with 2 1/2 tsp. of salt until the potatoes are just tender. Turn the heat down to medium.

    Melt 6 tbsp. of butter in a skillet and add 4 tbsp. of flour. Stir until it's smooth and bubbly, then add it to the potato mixture. Stir until it's thickened up.

    Add the following:
    1 tbsp. chervil (or parsley)
    2 tsp. mint
    4 tsp. dill
    1 tbsp. chives

    Simmer for 5 minutes. Then chop two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese (I use Neufchatel) and add, stirring gently. The cheese will melt a little bit but not entirely.

    It's originally from the New York Soup and Bread Cookbook. Enjoy!

  82. Er, I mean the New York Times Bread and Soup Cookbook.

  83. Semfem,
    Are you sharing with us?
    Sounds yummy. Hope all are doing well if you are burning the midnight oil as you write sermons, services, prayers, etc.
    I am thinking church may indeed be cancelled tomorrow. It is dropping to 24 tonight and the roads never dried.
    We are making a decision early in the AM. I hate to cancel as we ahve a couple sharing about their mission trip to Bolvia. We can re-schedule, but then we have to re-do stuff.

  84. OK. That second chunk of 20 minutes took me easily to a halfway point at 897 words. I like this method!!! I need to remember it more often.

    So, now i'm off to bed, to try to get a good 4.5 hours of sleep. Then I'll be back to try to knock out part 2 in this manner. It seems to work for me!

    If anyone new stops by, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to greet you. Welcome, and see what you can find that you need!


  85. Good night, She Rev!
    1-4, sure I'll share. Just don't tell the folks at church that I dipped into the potluck item early!

    I'm hoping to avoid turning the "polishing" into a major rewrite. And I, make that HOPE, that I have a way to show this video. The sermon kind of comes up lame without it.

  86. Anybody else still up? I've taken on a teenage (ok, he's 18) son of a family friend for the night. He moved out on Thursday and I'm hoping to facilitate a reconciliation meeting tomorrow afternoon. So my sermon on 1 cor is not where I want it...

    Or not where I think it should be anyway. It sounds a bit to blah, blah, blah to me...guess I just need to buck up and walk this dog proudly...

    I'm still looking for a children's sermon though I appreciate the ideas already given. I just don't know what to say for this week...Paul, in my opinion, is just not kid-friendly.

  87. RevSis, I'm up but heading to bed right now, as soon as the sermon finishes printing. Sounds like you are the much-needed peacekeeper for your friends--I am praying that reconciliation can and will happen.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this Sunday morning. Oh, and blessings on all potlucks too!

  88. I'm back. RevSis, I hope the Spirit came knocking with your children's sermon. This definitely sounds like a Sunday when you can cut yourself some sermon slack. You're doing God's much need working in a different way, and we can't do it all all the time! Peace to you!

  89. So, I decided I need to read today's portion from Luke also after all. I really want to get to how the people move from amazement at his gracious words to rage the drives them to want to throw him off the cliff. I need the people to end up angry at not being initially included in ministry Jesus is anointed to bring. I'm trying to rile up the insiders, and I need to show how the insiders got riled up!

    Note to self: Remember to change PowerPoint slide to include to verse 30 when I get to church.

  90. Now trying to cut back my rambling intro that takes way more time to preach than it's worth. I got to some good meat at the end, so the fluff I used to get my juices flowing needs to be deleted. At the final editting stage and the whole family is still asleep. Going to be a rushed morning when they wake, but at least I'll be completely done! Usually this step happens while juggling Cheerios, spilt milk, and a half naked toddler!

  91. I'm checking back in this morning - should have stuck it out last night instead of going to bed early and trying to get up early. bleh.

    I've got the outline - just need to fill it in. Instead of 20 minutes of writing, I'm just shooting for a straight 40 until it's done!

  92. Almost made it to 100.
    Church is one in these parts, but neighbors just 20 miles north of us have cancelled. Wild.
    Birds are feeding as I replinished feeders and also added squirell food. The cats will be entertianed all day.


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