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Saturday, May 22, 2010

11th Hour Preacher Party: A Fire That Doesn't Go Out

Good morning, preachers!
It's one of my favorite Sundays in the church year tomorrow, Pentecost. The texts are replete with images for preaching.

Where is the Spirit moving you?

Will you speak of Peter and the disciples?
Will you land the hard reading on a liturgist, or do the full Cappadocia yourself?
Or will you explicate the Tower of Babel, or share the Roman understanding of adoption so crucial to comprehending Paul's letter?

It's not even nine o'clock in the morning where I am, so there's plenty of time for inSpiration to carry the day.

Join us in the comments to share your thoughts, your plans, your scheme for a Children's Message and anything else you might like to bring to the party.

I'm laying the table with bagels, cinnamon rolls, orange juice, bananas, grapes and, of course, coffee served up in a "Does This Pulpit Make My Butt Look Big?" mug.

Happy Birthday of the Church! Let's start the party now!


  1. Hi, again! I have a houseful this morning, both sons home plus a girlfriend and a college classmate on top of the usuals. (Though my daughter was away over night and a very amused 24-year-old guy is sleeping in the room with her American Girl dolls.)

    I'm preaching tomorrow, and it's Confirmation Sunday. Traditionally it's been a lengthy service, and I'm trying to slim it down where possible. My sermon will be on the short side of normal, and rather than doing strictly a charge to the Confirmands, I'm preaching the Acts text, using our class in the way I use a personal story or illustration. I felt relieved to decide that yesterday and got about halfway through the sermon then, with an outline for the rest. That allows me to spend some time with the young people at my house today, though I am not by any means finished.
    I'll be in and out all day. My afternoon includes a mani-pedi for confidence: I have three interviews this coming week! I plan to have my toenails painted an encouraging Pentecost Red.

  2. Wow SB, THREE interviews? You GO!

    My Communion/Confirmation class meditation is 2/3rds done. I enjoyed meeting with folks who came out for a Bible Study on Thursday, listing all the Scriptures for this Sunday, discussing all of their richness and and then saying, "Okay, we have 5 minutes to preach."

    I've been kicking off a story about my friend's little girl who after accomplishing something pointed a finger over her head and declared, "I'm AWESOME!" (No, it wasn't me)

    So I'm charging them with being able to say I'm awesome! We're (the church) awesome! God's awesome!

    It's an 80's flashback, like totally.

    I'm going to cook up some Belgian waffles over here with the fixin's. Who wants one?

  3. Songbird, I've just painted mine a fiery orange. Going to celebrate a wedding this afternoon. Tomorrow, celebrating baptism and a mixed up order to reflect the chaotic spirit - so, like you, relieved to have an outline that just needs filled in a bit but no actual sermon. It was actually warm enough here to breakfast outside this morning. Plenty left to share.

  4. Hi! It's confirmation for us tomorrow, too, Songbird, tho I'm not preaching this year. It's the Sr. Pastor's 2nd to last sermon before he retires.

    I have my last Bible study breakfast before summer, and a confirmation rehearsal this afternoon.

    Also, at 5:00 we have a special joint service with our 7th Day Adventist Hispanic Congregation. Bilingual service with a meal served by the hispanic church afterwards.

    So, it's NOT lutefisk.

  5. oh, and of course: I'll be praying for those interviews. I may be doing something similar in the not-so-distant future.

  6. I am using Genesis and Acts. Walter Brueggemann is re-forming my understanding of the Tower of Babel story and the connection to Acts. Title: Scattering and Listening.

    Great food choices, BTW.

    Still pondering something for the children...which is usually one child.

  7. songbird - you rock!

    kathrynzj - you are awesome! we are awesome! we are the (awesome church together!)

    diane - no lutefisk is a blessing right?

    liz - warm here too! summer... summer...

    purple - pinwheels. someone will suggest them before the days end i'm sure of it.

    the sermon is not one of the better efforts, i used an analogy of different kinds of pizza and compared pizza to where we are with the spirit... *shakes head*

    too late to think about it anymore, i'm off for the day, to a wedding with gal pals from college. think "sex in the city"... and yes indeed gals i bought new shoes for the event. champagne strappy heels... woohoo!!

  8. Well, it's a good thing we made alternate plan for Pentecost tomorrow and weren't counting on me being there to preach. I'm sitting here in the hospital this morning getting ready to take my new daughter home. We'll call her Pearl for the purposes of the blogosphere. She's a sweet, sweet girl and MUCH more alert than either of my other two ever were in the hospital.

    I'm currently waiting for my Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream and have half a mind to order one last milkshake for the road. The dinner entrees leave much to be desired around here, but geez does this hospital know how to do breakfast and milkshakes!!!

    Anyway, just thought I'd stop in to share my news and thank you all for your prayers!

    May the blessings of the Spirit be with you all today and tomorrow. (OK - - I don't know how I'll resist. I bet I'll stop by for the late night party when I'm up with the little girl tonight!)

  9. Congratulations on the new arrival She Rev!

    I'm doing a locum tomorrow and inspired by a comment on Tuesday's lectionary leanings will be looking at the receiving of the gift of the Spirit as an ongoing practice - and one not just for our own benefit but for the wider community.

    The working preacher video is pretty good - you can see it on youtube or download your own copy at their site.

    Have the bubble mix and rainbow streamers packed... Need to head to bed as it's Pentecost day already where I am!

  10. Wow, you go out to walk the dog and pick up the bagels, and look what happens! I'll start a second pot of coffee.
    She Rev, we're happy to welcome Pearl to the party! Glad she didn't procrastinate her arrival.
    Thanks for the kind wishes. So far all these interviews are not local to us, so there are many life and family matters to consider in the process.
    Now, who wants lox?

  11. Mornin' Gals et al,
    I have an adult bapt., a confirmation and a reception into the Church tomorrow so I am only doing a passing nod at the readings and the coming of the HS as it relates to the growth of the Church and one's baptismal promises.

    Most of today is going to be about packing. We have our younger schleper person coming so that we can get boxes to the first floor. Moving Day is 6/11--the aniversary of my ordination--seems appropriate somehow.

    Congrats, SheRev. I am sure that your congregation will relish the Pearl of great price tomorrow!

    I have a robin's nest right outside my home office and some very noisy chicks when mom and dad come to feed them. I love the sound. It is the only time I have been thankful for the ivy that climbs all over the windows and makes it impossible to open the casement windows. Am glad to be moving from this house!

  12. Morning all! Preaching tomorrow--something I think about the tension between the pyrotechnic understanding of the Holy Spirit (Acts)(with roots in the Greek understanding of POSSESSION BY THE GOD, ecstasy, irresponsible utterance etc.)and the (Johannine? Jewish? "In the beginning?") understanding that the Spirit has been there all along ever since "Jesus breathed on them."
    and where this is going...hinged, I expect on Romans 8!

  13. Oh and my sure-fire (!!) children's Pentecost talk which is resourced by "Finding Nemo"...

  14. Sherev - Great news. Congratulations and welcome to Pearl - hope the siblings are happy too.
    A great Pentecost blessing.

  15. She Rev - Yay! Welcome Pearl

    Songbird - You go girl! 3 interviews, somehow sounds trinitarian

    Crimson Rambler - Tell me more about Pentecost and Finding Nemo

    I'm preaching but I have a breakfast with RevGals and then a geocaching lunch. That should fuel the fire for preaching on Pentecost.

    See you later

  16. Vicar, that sounds like an awesome day!
    My angle on the Pentecost story is that when we let God know we're open, there's no predicting what the Spirit is going to take us to next. That feels like the story of my life at the moment, though I won't be preaching the personal angle other than obliquely.
    hot cup, have fun!
    Muthah+, that all sounds propitious.

  17. Welcome Pearl and congratulations SheRev!

  18. Uh-oh. I'm checking my Wordscraper games. Is that a bad sign at 9:48 a.m.? Or would it be worse at the same time tonight?

  19. Just got off the phone with god guirlll. What an awesome bunch we are, Songbird. The connections and the language we speak is evidence of the HS working in us.

    Gals, if you can, get yourself to a B event. It makes the whole ring more viable and the information we share more incarnational.

  20. It has been a wild week here and next week is going to be wilder yet. Yesterday and today are the first days off I have had in about four weeks so I am really struggling to do anything more challenging than a double crostic puzzle.

    I need to reread the readings and concentrate on the one from Romans. It's the reason I decided not to do Genesis so there must be some reason! I'm really feeling like I shot my wad last Sunday and have nowhere else to go. Surely the Spirit has more for me to say?

    I have chicken salad for lunch and shrimp harpin for dinner. Y'all come!

    She Rev, congratulations on the birth of Pearl. May she be a happy baby who brings joy to all of you.

  21. Congratulations, She Rev! And welcome to Pearl!!!!!

  22. Confirmation Day here too...and the service will likely be so long that a sermon can't be much more than 5 minutes. But there are 2 other services that *aren't* going to be long, so I sort of need a sermon with an insert, you know? Where it can be 5 minutes OR 10 minutes. Or two completely different sermons. Or...I don't know. Which, of course, is why I'm not started. I've changed the Acts reading a little--I had to cut all the names out because one of the liturgists for tomorrow is so awful, I wasn't willing to watch that again. I also added in verses 37-47, about what the first church was like.
    I've been pondering what church looks like...and also pondering the connection to the giving of the Torah that we talked about on Tuesday--there was a quote that said something about Pentecost celebrating the giving of the Torah, not the receiving, because to receive it takes a lifetime. I think the Spirit might be the same way for the church--we celebrate the sending of the Spirit, the pouring out, but it takes our whole church's lifetime of action and living together to really see the Spirit's movement.

    Or something.

    I'm running off to the Farmer's Market, and then a stop at church to see if I need to wrap the confirmation gifts or if they came in gift boxes (please, God, let there be gift boxes), and to sign the certificates that I completely forgot about all week long.
    If there's any yummies to be had at the market, I'll bring them back to share! Otherwise, um, help yourselves to Cinnamon Life Cereal, which is all I've got. :-)

  23. SheRev, congratulations, and blessings to your family and little Pearl!

    Margaret, I love shrimp, but I'll admit I don't know what shrimp harpin is. I may need to spend some time looking that up, and recipes for it...all in the name of research and continuing education, of course ;-), 3 interviews. I pray the wind of the Spirit blows mightily in your life this week.

    I have cereal, donuts, milk, and o.j. laid out for all comers, the first of whom were the bunch here for a sleepover last night. One of the cats clearly thinks this is all out for him, as he keeps jumping up to see what tidbits he can find. Help yourselves, please.

    I had some ideas earlier in the week that seemed excellent, and I got a start to the sermon on Thursday while sitting in jury duty, but it seems a lot less inspired now than it did then.

  24. SheRev!!! Congratulations, and welcome to sweet baby Pearl!

    And SB--prayers and best wishes for your interviews this week, and for continuing discernment as you move forward.

    We have two baptisms tomorrow, and its doubly exciting for me b/c the families of these infants are young(ish), new to the church and enthusiastic about becoming part of the church. We're having red balloons and red velvet cake, and it should be a great day.

    It wasn't until I read Tuesday's posts that I realized that even though I've preached every Pentecost since I was ordained, (that would be four now), this is the first time I've had this John text. I don't recall the thought process (or lack thereof) that led us to use John 20 every year on Pentecost at my previous church b/c we never (usually) deviated from the lectionary. But Pentecost is still Pentecost, and I will be drawing from both Acts and John--once I finally get writing.

    I have a lunch meeting in an hour about a ministry that is dying. There are a few people who are REALLY devoted to this ministry and I'm afraid that what they want is for me to fix it for them. Which I can't--and shouldn't even if I could. What I hope I can get them thinking about is that we are a resurrection church, and if we let things that aren't really working die, as hard as that is, perhaps something even more wonderful will rise from the ashes. We'll see how that goes.

    Prayers for all the confirmands this week, too. Without the Rev Gals, I would have no idea that Pentecost was confirmation day for so many of you!

  25. Lots of Spirit activity...a baby (congrats SheRev)...interviews (yeah, SB)...and moving(maybe those boxes will pack themselves Mutah+).

    HEREare my thoughts for tomorrow. I am combining the children's time and "the adult time" (i.e. sermon) all together.

  26. Okay, the beginning - and maybe even the end! - of my sermon is up on my blog. Who knows what will come out of my mouth tomorrow morning but at least I can say I've thought about it! ;-)

    Have a good day, all. I'm back to rest and relaxation.

  27. After several hours of happy distractions in the form of my children and their visiting friends, I am trying to get back to work and wrap this up before my 2:15 appointment.
    Who needs a fresh cup of coffee? Or is it time to switch to Diet Coke where you are?

  28. shrimp harpin is as follows:
    a pound of shrimp cooked, shelled, deveined
    a cup of rice cooked
    a can of tomato soup
    a can of evaporated milk
    1/4 c. dry vermouth or dry sherry
    1/4c. diced onion and pepper, sauteed
    a pinch of mace or allspice

    Mix everything in a casserole (mine is 10x10). Top with sliced almonds and paprika. Bake at 375 for about 30-45 minutes (until bubbling in the middle).

    This is a dish my mom used to make for company when we were little. It is a favorite of mine.

  29. Margaret, that sounds delicious!

  30. SheRev -- Congrats! Does this make Pearl our youngest participant ever in the Preacher Party? I say YES! (also, I was always my mother's "pearl of a girl" b/c of my given name's derivation, so Pearl makes me happy!)

    Just checking in with y'all. I have an article due next week that I'm finally getting around to -- a defense of the Canons of Dordt. I'm a Reformed uber-geek but, not gonna lie, making this thing interesting is a task and a half. WISH my topic were the Holy Spirit!

    I'll do some liturgy/prayer/baptism prep later today and will keep checking in. Blessings to all!!!

  31. Margaret, I just happen to have some shrimp to be used up today- shrimp harpin it's going to be - or as near as I can get in Scotland. Thanks. Just got back from a lovely wedding - complete with nearby pub loudly celebrating a goal during the first prayer. LOL
    I decided to trial my kindle for the liturgy - it worked a treat - excited that I can use it more.
    I'd love to find out more about Finding Nemo and Pentecost, Crimson...

  32. Congratulations SheRev!!!! Blessings to you, Pearl and all of your family.

  33. Oh, my, Margaret, that sounds fabulous and so easy. I always have Trader Joe's shrimp in my freezer, so I think shrimp harpin will be appearing on my dinner soon. Thanks for posting the recipe!

    I am no further on the sermon, but I am feeling virtuous because I beautified the neighborhood by finally getting my front yard roses deadheaded and I was a good steward of creation by taking a bunch of e-waste to a nearby round-up (and helped raise funds for the high school grad night at the same time!). I love it when I can procrastinate by doing good ;-)

  34. okay, certificates are filled out, the plaques ARE in gift boxes (hallelujah), and I got spinach and asparagus and cheese at the farmer's market! I have no idea what I'm going to do with those yet, but I'm sure some ideas will come to me.

    Now I'm burning copies of the confirmand-mentor "soundtrack for our faith journey" onto CDs...and supposedly writing a sermon.

    But really I'm thinking about lunch.

  35. I just took the Myers-Briggs for about the millionth time, for a workshop coming up, and I read most of the questions aloud to the collection of twenty-somethings in the house, who found it very funny, especially the questions having to do with keeping up a conversation indefinitely. :-)
    How's it going out there?

  36. Such fun to read your thoughts and ideas and join in...I burst out laughing when I saw that Purple had recommended pinwheels...I just got back from K-Mart with a bag full. Bought them out. And here I thought I was creative.

    I confess I am really awful with children's story ideas. Anyone know how to frame this baby now that I have these pinwheels and a fan? Holy Spirit like the wind...anything else creative here?

    Congratulations, She Rev. So exciting!

  37. Hey Everyone...the BE3 folks know me so hello to all. The church's art team created a multi-tiered art piece with the word "wind" translated in a multitude of languages. It hangs above the communion table from the brass advent wreath...who knew the wreath could have more than one use. My description is not very good, but trust me when I tell you it looks pretty nifty. Somehow I just gotta tie that piece into my sermon. Unfortunately I seem to have too many preaching angles and I don't want to give up any of 'em. What to do? Well today is the first day the sun has been out in like a month and it's not raining! I'm headed out to the garden!

  38. Wow, there's a lot going on! First of all: YAY and CONGRATS to She-Rev and Mr. She-Rev, and welcome to Pearl!

    Liz, the artwork sounds beautiful!

    Pinwheel peeps: I finally remembered to order pinwheels this year to use for Pentecost. We got them from Oriental Trading and had to assemble them. So I have to use them as the sermon illustration or the folks that assembled them will not be pleased with me! I'm thinking about how the Spirit moves the church like the wind moves a's beautiful, but its true purpose does not come true until the wind blows.

    Or something like that...

  39. We used pinwheels one year...everyone had one (I remember assembling those Oriental Trading Company pinwheels--took a whole afternoon!). During the children's time we had everyone turn toward the aisle and hold the pinwheel above the head of the person next to them, then was very cool. Also, the sound of 150 pinwheels turning is pretty fun. We then talked about the sensory experience of Pentecost.
    During the hymns and liturgy and at one point in the sermon we also talked about pinwheels and how the thing about the Spirit is that she never leaves you standing still--the purpose of a pinwheel is movement, as is the purpose of the church. (or's hard to remember exactly)

  40. Ooh, that last bit about MOVEMENT is very helpful, Teri! Thanks!

    We had a little pizza party to have fun while we put those pinwheels together...but I was surprised, it went pretty quickly! Maybe they have changed them recently. All we had to do was connect the straw to the pinwheel itself (some didn't want to go together, but most were okay).

    We are also using the extra pinwheels as free giveaways for the kids at St. Smaller's chicken BBQ that afternoon.

  41. they sound pretty much the same, but we had quite a few that didn't want to go together easily. We also had to assemble over 300 of them...and I basically did it myself with a little help from other people as they popped in and out of the office that day.

    This year the worship enhancement team has put up some incredible sanctuary decoration...there are photos on my FB page for those of you who can access that. I'll put some up with my sermon on the blog later...assuming I ever get around to writing a sermon. I mean, seriously. The only thing left to procrastinate with is cleaning, and that sounds even less appealing than staring at a blank computer screen. LOL.

  42. Back from my lunch meeting which went MUCH better than I had expected b/c after some preliminary discussion, these folks came up with some good ideas for rejuvenating their ministry on their own.

    Now back to sermonating...I love the ideas about the pinwheels and will try to remember that for next year. And I love the artwork with "wind" in different languages.

    And yes, shrimp harpin does sound delicious!

  43. Congrats She-Rev and welcome Pearl. Congrats to you too SB for 3 interviews.

    I too will have to remember pinwheels for next year. I'm preaching Gen and have 2 short meditations; Babel Version 1 and Babel Version 2. Lots of help from Feasting this week and a few other places, all to come up with 2 short meditations.

    We moved a friend this morning and now its time to edit again, if I can just stay awake. Fun to all.

  44. okay, so I'm getting to work by first listening to all the music for tomorrow.

    I just want you all to know that this is my favorite Pentecost song ever. It's the introit at all three services tomorrow.

    (we also use it for kickoff sunday in the fall...and sometimes for easter...and whenever I can convince the music director to do it!)

  45. ack! I think I messed up the link. sorry.

  46. I am using the Message version of Acts text. My title is What Does This Mean?
    Looking at how Church would have felt then and how it might feel now.
    Also, have a birthday candle, that plays Happy Bday when lit. Will use this with children's sermon to talk about bday of church

  47. I'm done, Done, DONE! Edits tomorrow but that article is off my plate. One step closer to vacation.

    Now I think I'll wander over to church to get a handle on tomorrow's liturgy...

    Keep on keeping on RevGals.

    Teri, I'm loving the song posted!

  48. Hi again y'all: I am going to talk tomorrow -- with the kids -- about learning to speak someone else's language...and from there to the fish (Dorrie? -- Ellen de Generes, anyhow) in Finding Nemo who could talk whale and it sounded weird but the whale heard her, and came (our kids aren't really old enuf for Whale Rider yet)...and then I will talk about how the Holy Spirit gives us new words so other people can understand us...but also helps us to tell the truth when we're scared, and to say "I'm sorry" and to say "please" and "thank you" and "I forgive you"...and then I will ask them what we would sound like if the Holy Spirit didn't help us AT ALL -- the answer being the seagulls in Finding Nemo, who could only say , 'MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE' over and over. There will be wing-flapping etc. and they will go off to SSchool with that thought.

  49. there is a phrase in one of the songs we are singing at the alternative service this week:
    let love be driven like wildfire blown by the wind.

    I think I can work with that.

  50. Crimson Rambler, I like the Finding Nemo example!

    I am a wee bit envious of so many of you who are already finished. I have written a little bit more; at this point, I need to start aiming toward a few points that I promised to include to form a basis for other elements of the service tomorrow. Theoretically, that should make it easier. Realistically, I'm bored.

  51. We're moving on to dinnertime here. I don't think I'll get another look at my sermon until this part of the day is over. I love the Children's message and music and decoration ideas y'all are sharing!

  52. Found a Pentecost prayer by St. Augustine that gave structure to my congregational prayer. It is posted over at my place.

    Now to make some photocopies @ church and other life projects tonight.

  53. Oh! So much excitement today!

    WOOHOOO Baby Pearl! Welcome! And glad you are an alert Pentecost baby!

    Congrats sb on the interviews - I'll be praying praying praying this week.

    And, excitement here is - work day at church this a.m. to prep for an ordination we are hosting tomorrow - VERY exciting and fun and wow lots to think about. I'm like a cross between The Vicar of Dibley and Julie from Love Boat at the moment - trying to rock my liturgical priestly self as well as hostess with the mostest self.

    Anyway, no sermon here but cant write now because off to pizza birthday party for a big almost 8 year old at my house - wow doesnt seem like that long ago I was in the hosp with him, Sherev! It sure does go fast!

    No sermon of any kind yet (or childrens time! what do you do for that? something about ordination, I think....but WHAT?? maybe we'll play dress up with my stoles) Anyway, it'll be an all nighter here for sure tonight - see you lateniters (we'll miss you sherev!) in a few hours.

  54. Just had a request from our property chair to have a "couple of minutes" to brief congregation of the restoration of sancturay project.
    I said sure, but the trouble is he does not know how to make anything brief or has never spoken for 2 minutes (or less). He goes and goes like the energizer bunny

  55. I am way tempted to use the video from to take up half my sermon time. I can do that, right?



  56. 1-4 Grace, give him a couple of minutes at the end so the time pressure is on him instead of you.

  57. I thought I was settling in to write the sermon and then I realized that I forgot to go by the hospital to check on church member. Off I go ... I'll be back later.

  58. I'm back at my laptop with a printed draft, making edits and hoping I wasn't in a bagel-induced fog when I decided this manuscript was essentially preachable. Meanwhile, a ferocious cat weighing no more than 8 pounds has my left arm pinned to the computer. hALP!!!

  59. Meg, what's the link to your blog? I want to check on the prayer, please.

  60. Clearly, SB, the sermon is fine as it is and you should simply hit the print button with your right hand!

  61. Well, just to be on the safe side, I've got my old friend Shrek 2 in the DVD player. When in doubt, listen to Antonio Banderas say anything.

  62. SB - isn't it amazing what a tiny furry creature can do?

  63. Does anyone vaguely, or otherwise, a guy being interviewed on NPR-who knows what show-he studies languages. Written a book. Anyway, his main point seemed to be around the fact that the world is losing languages each year. They just go extinct-never to be used again. Anyone? Anyone? Sigh.

  64. Okay, I'm taking the world's advice and calling it good. It's posted here: This I Believe.
    I think I'll watch the movie anyway. :-)

  65. Okay, dinner is on and there's enough to share! Teriyaki pork tenderloin, whole grain couscous, and asparagus dressed with soy sauce and sesame oil.

    I still haven't made much progress on the sermon beyond the pinwheel illustration. I did go over to church and take care of about six errands that needed to be done there. And I need to write a letter and some thank you notes. All good ways to procrastinate on the sermon!

  66. Sermon avoidance is a wonderful thing...I spent all day digging three raised beds in my vegetable garden! It was a job needing doing, and I did it.

    But, alas, I can no longer procrastinate, so here I am at the laptop. Something I thought about while shoveling and fertilizing this morning was the fuzzy golden glow of sentimentality through which we sometimes read the Acts story -- how we assume that we are somehow lacking in the Spirit's presence or failing to follow the Spirit's lead if our churches and individual experience don't look/act like that 2nd-chapter-of-Acts scenario, and how we sometimes assume that everything was all sunshine and rainbows in the early Church. I want to point out that there's never been a perfect Church; that the Spirit usually moves, not through the Acts pyrotechnics and ecstatic speech but through the hard work of Christians living and worshpping and thinking and even arguing together in community, and through everyday, often unseen/unsung acts.

  67. Sermon is done and posted here (I hope I got the link right anyway!). Comments either by way of encouragement or constructive critism would be greatly appreciated as confidence is lacking somewhat lately (though I have been 'listening' to my own sermon as I write!).

    The children's message will be using a piece of grass (!) and talking about how when I was growing up I could never make it make a noise! Then last week a friend showed me how to do it and it worked. That's a bit like the Holy Spirit - just as my friend came alongside and gave me what I needed so the HS comes alongside to help us to pray and know God and follow Jesus. We often try and do it on our own and just end up getting nowhere until we ask God alongside (well that's the rough gist anyway!)

  68. Chelley I love the grass idea, hmm another day. such wonderful ideas in this place.
    Liz, did you search the NPR site?

    I'm ready to print and perhaps I'll post at my place, we'll see. I am ready to veg. and hopefully to bed early. I didn't sleep well last night.

    Do electrolyte drinks keep you awake?

  69. Great ideas flowing here! Missed you all today, but am also happy that my sermon got written on Wednesday.

    Teri, my sermon is structured around the working preacher video. We don't have technology of any kind (we record services on cassette tapes ...) so I use the text of the video and expand upon it.

    Using birthday squeakers for the children's time - we'll celebrate the church's birthday and encourage people to stay after church for cake and red punch.

    Hoping the Spirit blows your way if you need Her!

  70. Liz that sounds like an episode of Speaking of Faith. I've got time. I'll go search!

  71. Congratulations SheRev!! :D
    Just had a read of the sermons and ideas posted so far... what an inspiring lot you are!

  72. We're on to Shrek the Third at my house, also enjoying cookies dropped off by a family member. Chocolate with walnuts, anyone?

  73. Oh, yeah, SB, pass the cookies!
    I have a brownie from O'charleys and some ice cream to offer

  74. Wish I had some brilliant idea to tie LOST in my sermon tomorrow.
    Anybody got an idea with languages, fire and spirit.
    I would like it to be something that only the LOST fans would catch. Just for fun

  75. Sherev -- you are so AWESOME.

    Chelley -- LOVE that kids time idea. If only I knew how to blow on a blade of grass.....

    OK, I'm back from the birthday party. Fun, but wild time at a run around and play kind of place, which was packed cause it's colllllddd and rainy here. So now, son and husband are working on new presents (legos to build, metal detector to test) and I'm supposed to be working on my sermon. Think I can stay away from facebook? or polyvore - my other current internet addiction?

    Maybe I'll start by making a list of all that people/things we'd like to be praying for. Anyone heard what's happening in Thailand today? Hmm, maybe I should go research.....

    And, I'll go listen to those language links, too. more research.

    Ok, back soon. :b

  76. Brownies? Ice cream? Chocolate cookies? Clearly I need to get on the road! We have some taco meat and shells left, if anyone would like one.

    I am basically done with my sermon, early enough to drive an hour with dh to pick up older son at a beach party. Dh took him to the party this afternoon, so I'd like to keep him company on this trip; due to a sleepover at our house last night, I don't quite trust myself to make the trip by myself and stay awake.

    I discovered in a phone call that I may have taken the sermon further than I need to; we are passing out "Pledge Your Passion" cards to do with broad ministry areas, and it turns out the rector may be intending to do the intro to that, rather than my having it as the end of my sermon. If so, I'll just leave a bit on the cutting room floor.

  77. okay, I wrote something. This is like my 3rd or 4th try at this...I don't know why Pentecost is turning out to be so hard! I think I had too many ideas floating and couldn't settle on just one. I tried.
    It will be too short for the first two services and slightly (like 1-2 minutes) too long for the third service (confirmation). Maybe I should add the video? who knows. sigh.

    I've been on a wordle kick. I can't help it. They're so fun and easy to procrastinate with!

  78. We're approaching 100, but still more to go. Mine is done and posted here. I'll be reading your tomorrow.
    TV catch up and then bed. 'Nite.

  79. Gals and pals, I'm going to hit the sack. I hope you are not up too late! Last one up, get the light.

  80. I have watched the Netflix movie that was hanging around, the Sat evening Lost, and last week's 24. Unfortunately, in all of that research, I found no clear Pentecost illustrations. I guess I'll be forced to work my way through the rest of the DVR now or maybe the Netflix streaming through Wii.

  81. I'm checking in late, as what I thought was merely a polish needed is an all out buffing! I heard the choir that is joining us in leading worship tomorrow give their concert and they are AMAZING!!! I have put the pressure on to get this meditation to match. And so... here I be.

    Also vicar, it had just been too dang long since you and I had done this together.

    I see once again sb has absconded with Antonio and his boots. Gotta keep a better eye on her.

  82. antonios boots are like the Holy Spirit - available to all!

    Ok, got evertyhing polished for my Other Parts (prayers and et) and now I really really really gotta get going on this SERMON.

    it's earlier here, but it's not THAT early!

  83. Sermon is printed, baptism certificates filled in, red Pentecost jacket ironed, and I am about to drink a fruit smoothie and go to bed.

    May the Holy Spirit be with all of us tomorrow!

  84. kathrynzj, you are right, it has been *forever* since you were at the late night party!

  85. KZJ, I feel that about wanting the sermon to match the music! I think that's part of why I dislike my sermon so feels weird and also the music is so much better.

    It's been a long time since I flat-out hated a sermon, but I don't think I'm going to re-write this yet again. Surely the HS will have our backs on PENTECOST, right??


    sigh...i'm off to edit again...

  86. still looking for stuff on disappearing language? here's a good, short one.

  87. HS BETTER have got our back, Teri!

  88. Teri,
    Do you have the lyrics of the songs with you? If you pull some of those lyrics into the sermon it will all look joyously connected and brilliant.

    Also, yes the Spirit abounds. Maybe sleep will help more than another edit.

    Also, could I be more patronizing? Don't mean to, I just want to have your back.

  89. Anyone remember the name of a "tv psychic?"

  90. wait, how did I leave a comment without leaving a comment? weird.

    what I said that apparently I didn't say, was:

    oh do i, and oh ARE there phrases stuck in here and there...

    The trouble is, I just want to sing the songs. I mean, who are we kidding? that's going to be the highlight anyway. LOL.

    I'm working with the tech person right now to see if we can get the video mid-sermon. right around the time I say that we've got everything figured out (implication, no need for HS!)...

  91. I just took some of my own advice. This group that is singing tomorrow is AMAZING. Really my main job is to get the heck out of the way.

    It would be so embarrassing to have the HS have my back only so She can get a better grip to toss me aside!

    I'm walking away from this for now. Blessings upon each of you and the Word we are called to proclaim.

  92. Teri it sounds to me like you have every reason to believe that the Holy Spirit does indeed have your back.

    Kathrynzj, the Holy Spirit as Chancel bouncer, what an image!

  93. We've got Spirit, yes we do! We've got Spirit, how 'bout you?

  94. We've got Spirit yes we do we've got Spirit

    How 'bout YOU?

  95. KZJ, that image is so awesome and so potentially embarrassing (cuz you know when that happens to me it's going to be something like me tripping on my stole or something ridiculous)....
    so, having added the video, I'm calling it good enough.

    but seriously? 97 comments? I'm tempted to comment more, about nothing, just to push us over.

  96. That's right: I have to remember to wear my red shirt tomorrow! It was my granddad's; he got it in the Hawaiian Islands when he was there during WWII. It is a bright red with a gold and black design and I love it; I wear it every Pentecost and feel like both my grandfather and the Holy Spirit are wrapped around me.

    Good night, friends; may the Spirit be wrapped around you tomorrow as well.

  97. Okay, I can't resist the chance to be 100...

  98. Way to go Betsy! ANd thanks for sharing the story of your grandfather and the shirt.
    Vicar, glad you are with me in the spirit too!
    I am closing in, but need a little more meat in the middle. Maybe one Sunday, I'll go vegetarian!

  99. I'm back! It looks like a few people may still be here working away...

    I have 1267 words and they are almost a sermon, but not quite. I took a break to get some ice cream and check in about some last-minute stuff with a colleague, but now I'm really tired and just want to go to bed with things unfinished.

    Having some hot tea with honey. Can I get anyone else a cup? It will help keep me awake.

  100. I'm still here. I kinda got on a roll and now all I need is to tell a particular story about the Holy Spirit so there are no worries for finishing that. the problem is, it's a bit long. That may just be the way it is tomorrow though

  101. I finished up the sermon on the laptop and discovered that the network is down. Thankful for that little flash drive tonight! Everything is almost ready for printing now.

    The bad news is that I'm not all that sleepy. I think I may have had too much caffeine. ugh.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  102. Hey Vicar,
    I am wide awake too! Went to late supper and had lots of ice tea and then a brownie with ice cream!
    Bouncing.Off. The. Wall.

  103. hi gals. i'm up too. not sure why - no brownies or caffeine here. just wired up about a big day tomorrow.

    worried that I have Nothing Red To Wear.


  104. Juniper, I've got lots of red & I'm up anyway ... come on over :)

  105. Is it totally wrong of me to wave at the Preacher Party from the island that rhymes with "wowie"?

    Miss you all. It is lovely here and we are having a great time. And it is only 9:00 PM, so if I WAS writing a sermon I'd have plenty of time left. :)

  106. oh, hey Jules! Waving back atchya :)

    Friends, it's 12:30 here. I'm going to bed. Will have to figure out What To Wear tomorrow...

    Come, Holy Spirit!

  107. Jules,
    Look for call there.You'd have "more tiem " to write sermons.
    To all, after complaints about "don't look good in red, nothing red to wear, or don't have summer reds"
    I switched to flame colors(red, yellow, orange) and opened it up a bit. Blue is a glame color to, but did not put that out there.

  108. Whew. I dozed off there, am still groggy and desperately sleepy (caffeine doesn't seem to be working tonight) and now am heading to bed for a few real hours of sleep.

    I have a sermon now, complete with a real ending! It's a tad long and I hope I don't lose my voice again preaching it. I need to print that and then make a sign for something else. Maybe that can wake until after waking up.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this Sunday.

  109. Blessings upon all.

    Remember if you've got a dog, walk it proud and don't worry. The Holy Spirit has got your back (and She is not a bouncer).

  110. Omigosh, do I need to wear red? Isn't my red stole enough?
    I guess the light never really went out here last night. I hope we'll all be borne up by the Spirit today, however much we slept.
    And really, kathrynzj, no one sends us out the way you do; thanks for coming to the party!

  111. Songbird!
    RED STOLE!!!!! Thank you.
    I don't keep all of my stoles here because of storage issues.
    The red one is back at the manse. As sooon as another church memeber or two arrives and Sunday school gets underway, I can hop over there and grab it!
    Whew! You are a lifesaver. Give yourself a hug from m!

  112. ok, i'm up again. still early here, so have time to finish this int he next hour or so.

    dog= walk it proud, right??????

  113. I know this comment was like a million years ago, but Jules, there is a progressive PCUSA church on Oahu looking for a pastor.

    not that I've spent part of my excessively long winter looking at CIFs for churches in warm climates, I swear.

    Just sayin'.

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