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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five: Disciplines

I so often think I have little "discipline" in my life, but there has to be a certain amount to survive and accomplish anything. Think about the various disciplines you routinely (or semi-regularly) participate in--or formerly practiced. Tell us about five in any (one or more) category(ies) that you feel like discussing.

Here are a few examples, but you may bring up your own, too:

  • Spiritual practices
  • Prayer practices
  • Fitness disciplines
  • Food regularities
  • Sermon preparation routines
  • Artistic or musical practices
  • Practices you wish to develop
  • Which practice was routine for a season?

Let us know in the comments if you play! You may recall that I am the FF person who never can write out the linking formula, so for a complete how-to, click here.


  1. At the moment I'm practicing the discipline of being fully present in these last hours of my vacation, but I look forward to reading others' responses and coming up with my own later. Blessed day, BlogPals!

  2. Brilliant choice for me today, Jan, as I am on retreat--a beloved discipline I haven't had the change to undertake for two years. This is my daily computer-and-phone on check in time for job interview news and a little community support, so I probably shouldn't do a full FF.

    I am celebrating and opening more deeply to some of the disciplines that I have been able to be consistent about, through grace: spiritual direction (my director here is awesome and I hope to do future retreats with her), sacramental confession (preparing now, celebrate tomorrow--hope the Jesuit they brought in is good), and a RevGal meetup (get to meet Robin IRL tomorrow! Hurrah!). And praying for discernment and grace to gently open to the deep love of God/dess by re-embracing the ones I have often not been faithful to: daily intentional prayer, the Office, and the examen. Such a privilege to come away and rest with God/dess, and I will hold our beloved RevGal community in my heart and prayer as we await the outpouring of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost. Your prayers appreciated as well.

  3. Thanks, Jan! here's my play for today and as I mentioned, this would be wonderful to journal and track one's progress. OK, my progress...

  4. I'm not a member, but if I may, I procrastinated working on dissertation revisions by playing here.

  5. I was disciplined enough today to play here.


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